SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME: "Break the Universe" 

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24. Stu 2021.



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LUNITIC WILL Prije mjesec
so it seems we got the 'redeemed' Doc Ock for this one, which I find to be really cool. hope he can guide peter well.
Z M Prije mjesec
@Jorgon The Anachronist no, he actually team up Holand Spider until the end, we just saw he got attacked by Electro in this trailer. probably the other 2 invisible of the final fight are Doc. Oc and Goblin (or Venom).
PaavanPlayz Prije mjesec
Well sometimes it sounds like that
PaavanPlayz Prije mjesec
Also electro says your gonna take this away from me
M 606
M 606 Prije mjesec
Will we get a redeemed sandman ?
Infinite Prije mjesec
@Samonella there’s no way that these villains are post thier own movies. Connors is still the Lizard after all
Blue Glitch
Blue Glitch Prije mjesec
Dr.Strange: They all died fighting Spiderman Bully Maguire: I missed the part where that's my problem
Owen Prije mjesec
Actually no they didn't. Sandman, Electro and The Lizard never did. Tbh I doubt Electro can even die cos Energy can't be destroyed.
Dean1l Dean
Dean1l Dean Prije mjesec
ThotbreakMeek Prije mjesec
@SpideR Man_Jr 😂😂😂😂
Royal Royal
Royal Royal Prije mjesec
Aw.. Look at Stephen Strange, Jr. Gonna cry?
Tommy Wilson
Tommy Wilson Prije mjesec
crumbed Prije mjesec
"They're starting to come through" is probably going to be "the we need kong, the world needs him" for the movie.
Big.Boi_v1 Prije mjesec
Turns out it wasn’t
Lakshyaplayz Prije mjesec
@Sudha Rajesh same XD
Siluna King Kaiju
Siluna King Kaiju Prije mjesec
Yep, no damn doubt
Arjun Sudheesh
Arjun Sudheesh Prije mjesec
Oliver 626
Oliver 626 Prije mjesec
@SUGC shit kong would have also been dead if Godzilla didn’t spare him
Amaan Afroj
Amaan Afroj Prije mjesec
" I can't stop them." Yeah you can't stop pizza time
Bully Maguire ❶
Bully Maguire ❶ Prije 8 dana
@Yusuf daniswara true bully maguire moment 😏
Yusuf daniswara
Yusuf daniswara Prije 8 dana
@Mercer 1st that's what your friends said to you, if you had one
Yusuf daniswara
Yusuf daniswara Prije 8 dana
@Darkvader 2319 cultist? Your parents didnt give you enough attention
Bully Maguire ❶
Bully Maguire ❶ Prije mjesec
@Mercer 1st gonna cry?
Mercer 1st
Mercer 1st Prije mjesec
So not funny.
Voltrex Prije mjesec
God the whole Electro vs Spidey fight in the woods is giving me Shattered dimensions vibe, Its literally the same area as in the game
Shadowstorm5000 Prije mjesec
Shattered Dimensions was the first game I got the platinum trophy for. I loved playing with 2099 and Noir.
Anime Master
Anime Master Prije mjesec
I think it's intentional
Mustafa Umair Nuhad
Mustafa Umair Nuhad Prije mjesec
It's the same thing. The movie and The game!
Johnny Darko
Johnny Darko Prije mjesec
Yep. Same old bullcrap weve seen a dozen times before. Big pass for me.
Demon Timing
Demon Timing Prije mjesec
Yeah I loved Shattered Dimensions, only OG’s know about that
Agent Sarcas
Agent Sarcas Prije mjesec
"They're coming and I can't stop them" gives me goosebumps
Burgo Prije 29 dana
@SquareBoxHead universes* not even universe haha
Agent Sarcas
Agent Sarcas Prije mjesec
@Jonathan Benavidez I don't hear it, sorry. Do I have to watch it in x0.25?
Jonathan Benavidez
Jonathan Benavidez Prije mjesec
This line seems to be two different lines edited together. You can hear the weird cut in editing to mash them together.
Ooxb j
Ooxb j Prije mjesec
@Agent Sarcas the emotions in those lines . Cant wait
Montana Prije mjesec
@MrGamebus oh man cant wait to see them too. Hopefully they'll be done right this time, because the fox fantastic 4 movies were pretty dreadful lol
Bader Muhammad
Bader Muhammad Prije mjesec
"You're not gonna take this away from me" -Electro referring to his new character design that has a decent haircut
Owen Prije mjesec
To be fair. He had his hair cut removed when he got fried. Blue Electro was better btw.
FEZZY Prije mjesec
@hanna banana !! Whatever his wearing prevents him from being blue again
Cameron h
Cameron h Prije mjesec
@hanna banana !! cause it was butt ugly lmao
hanna banana !!
hanna banana !! Prije mjesec
question: wasnt electro in the amazing spiderman 2 fully…electric? like he was transparent as we saw electricity running through his body…why did they change his character design??
Dare House
Dare House Prije mjesec
I thought the same thing
Amaan Afroj
Amaan Afroj Prije mjesec
"They all die by the hands of spiderman" This is all the confirmation I need
Unknown Cheeseburger
@northsize I beleave That is Harrys goblin!
@Gplgs funny, I never said I did.
Seizoo Prije mjesec
@OGraphicsHD why do u think green goblin will be Spiderman's ally? Are u crazy?
アイエテリン Prije mjesec
@OPswordfighterr most prob
OPswordfighterr Prije mjesec
@アイエテリン the lights on his arms are red, meaning that they somehow regained control. I'm guessing that after doctor strange captures him the arms will lose control
Hazama Hojo
Hazama Hojo Prije mjesec
‘They all die fighting Spider Man’ Me: ‘I’m pretty sure Sandman just left after explaining the truth to Peter in Spider Man 3’
Big fat cheese
Big fat cheese Prije mjesec
Bruh this so true
Deathmare Prije mjesec
@Robert Currie he didn’t sacrifice himself not this one yet
The Dark Floyd
The Dark Floyd Prije mjesec
I think they are different variants of the characters. I think Doc and Green Goblin will be the only true incarnations.
Deathpool_04 Prije mjesec
@X Reload X But that’s why I said that he didn’t die there…everyone is being pulled from before they died. Not specifically from when we last saw them. He was pulled from after the events of SM3.
X Reload X
X Reload X Prije mjesec
@Deathpool_04 that’s why I said I think sandman was taken right after he was taken into the sewer as the mud
Chris Prije mjesec
I actually had a nightmare of Sandman last night. He was kicking my ass. I guess you could say he was putting dirt in my eye.
Alexander Backert
Alexander Backert Prije mjesec
Gonna cry?
Uzair Ahmed
Uzair Ahmed Prije mjesec
9ja Gist TV
9ja Gist TV Prije mjesec
Joke Reviewer
Joke Reviewer Prije mjesec
@Kiya Lee Levy Runaya Finally someone with a legitimate sense of humour.
Freddy Pedraza
Freddy Pedraza Prije mjesec
I had the same dream but change the 'k' for an 'l'
Sidd Vivek
Sidd Vivek Prije mjesec
Peter: "there has to be another way" Mr.Ditkovich: *give me rent*
Nick Moleta Official
The Dragon Killer
The Dragon Killer Prije mjesec
You'll get your rent when you fix this damn multiverse!!
Raghuraj Singh
Raghuraj Singh Prije mjesec
@I Animate Stick Figures but I am too Lazy you need some dirt in your eyes
I Animate Stick Figures but I am too Lazy
I Animate Stick Figures but I am too Lazy
@Supremax67 I missed the part where that's my problem.
Doctor Jones
Doctor Jones Prije mjesec
"They're starting to come through." He truly makes it sound like evil villains are coming through dimension portal. A throw-away line, delivered on a silver platter by a true actor. Bennawich Gunderpatch, you are amazing.
Orange Juice
Orange Juice Prije mjesec
At 0:09 the "we need" is a different voice and "need to send them back" is of doctor strange. The we need sounds like tobey's spiderman.
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales Prije mjesec
I have just love you
FAUXCUS Prije mjesec
it's just really shitty editing
phantomtkid1412 Prije mjesec
Sounds like James Franco
Rajvir Prije mjesec
Goood catch
Isaac LeFevre
Isaac LeFevre Prije mjesec
@Yankiss Maybe they left these errors in on purpose, just to tease the fans.
Teens Of Denial
Teens Of Denial Prije mjesec
"You're not gonna take this away from me." He sounds so deep and static, I fucking love it.
Burgo Prije 29 dana
He sounds even better in the actual movie especially in the theatre!
Dortman24 Prije mjesec
you could say he sounds "Electric"
Pedro de Araújo
Pedro de Araújo Prije mjesec
Electro's voice sounds so badass
Marland Prije mjesec
@James sounds more like he did in TASM2. His voice was pitched down once he got his powers
Brev Prije mjesec
Nah sounded way cooler in TASM 2. Now it sounds dumb
Unknown _
Unknown _ Prije mjesec
This elector looks weak. One headshot & then he's dead
Alex H
Alex H Prije mjesec
@James its different i liked the one from the previous trailer better
Abhi 10
Abhi 10 Prije mjesec
Space Age Shakespeare
“They’re coming through, i can’t stop them!” Strange is talking about Ditchkovics of all the universes coming for rent 😮👏👏👏
zzzzzzzzz Prije mjesec
@Rohith Ratnam If he makes a cameo in this movie, I will literally die. This would automatically make this movie better than The Godfather to me.
Eduard Beatch
Eduard Beatch Prije mjesec
@Rohith Ratnam “WHERE’S MY MONEY???”
Rohith Ratnam
Rohith Ratnam Prije mjesec
imagine he makes a cameo lmao
Aman Studios
Aman Studios Prije mjesec
Anybody else spotted the Arc Reactor in Electro's chest 👀
Kip Z
Kip Z Prije mjesec
@sammy i agree that spiderman is his own hero i wish he was but in the mcu they always gonna have them together which is sad
Pierre In
Pierre In Prije mjesec
@moomer I like many characters from DC comics too (like John Constantine). But Batman is a shitty emo character for sure, just like Bucky/Ronin in Marvel.
Emmanuel Gomes
Emmanuel Gomes Prije mjesec
Don’t be so surprised with the arc reactor it’s old tech now both tony and vanko created it with scrap don’t you think electro might have got the tech from somewhere.
moomer Prije mjesec
@Pierre In Everything you’re saying about Batman is just obviously wrong lmao. I can tell you’re just a blind Marvel fanboy lol.
Rakistang Pinoy
Rakistang Pinoy Prije mjesec
Does any of you here played "Amazing Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro" in Ps1? If you play that game, you know what is the purpose of that already.
Sifu Toph: Master of Eye Rolling
Ever notice that Sandman's the only villain that Raimi's Spider-Man tried to actively kill, and is ironically the only survivor
Kymmy Wingo
Kymmy Wingo Prije mjesec
The plot twist is that Goblin 2.0 died instead
Alexander Backert
Alexander Backert Prije mjesec
My mind is blown.
Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar Prije mjesec
"They are starting to come through" This line is alone can make the fans believe that they are in movie 😌😌😌
Bxrry Prije mjesec
this is about to be crazy
BushSeed Prije mjesec
This is probably the most hyped I ever been for a movie
Jadesworld Prije mjesec
I want to see a LOT more of electro. He seems to be a very mysterious character so far but he looks sick. Very excited for this movie!🕷🕷🕷
Nehal Bino
Nehal Bino Prije mjesec
Wait I didn't see this electro anywhere 🙂
Laurent Prije mjesec
watch the amazing spider-man 2
Eryk Melgaard
Eryk Melgaard Prije mjesec
Spider-man (2002) is probably my favorite super hero origin story movies! Spider-Man 2 is one of my favorite super hero movies of all time and I sure hope we see Tobey in No way Home.
Fearninja828 Prije mjesec
@Brian Towbridge and here we have a salty MCU fanboy who doesn’t appreciate the classics
Alexander Backert
Alexander Backert Prije mjesec
@Brian Towbridge I'm sure they will be in it, but only for the final fight.
heart_of_a_daedra Prije mjesec
@miraculous Lucy i just watched and thought it was 100% too - however that channel has a history of fakes. If it’s a fake, it’s very, VERY convincing
miraculous Lucy
miraculous Lucy Prije mjesec Watch it three spidey I saw
heart_of_a_daedra Prije mjesec
@Eryk Melgaard what source? how do you know? i hope to see the other two but there is no concrete evidence yet
Scrap! Prije mjesec
I realise that in the first trailer when Ock smiled and went “hello Peter” he was probably smiling cuz he was genuinely happy to see Peter, thinking that he was either alive or that Peter had died
Wizard Suth
Wizard Suth Prije mjesec
I suspect he caused some damage hoping to lure Spider-Man and was pleased it had worked.
Cryptic Prije mjesec
Just when you thought Wanda vision broke the dimensional seal, now a spider-boy breaks the universe in it
LionelTribby Prije mjesec
The fact that Spider-Man is gonna fight doctor strange over the morality of wether or not it’s ok to kill doc ock while green goblin, electro, sandman, and the lizard trash the city is the most amazing plot I have ever heard in my life
Tanvirul Islam
Tanvirul Islam Prije mjesec
I feel like there's gonna be a second part to this movie just to bring the other spidermen and put the entire story together... Just like avengers did with their last movie
Rudi Prije mjesec
"They are starting to come through and I can't stop them" is exactly what I'm thinking after a few beers.
Ozwrth Prije mjesec
The REAL thing that broke the universe, are these trailers. They’re INSANE
Food tasting mission
So they all died already.. Spiderman and the Ghosts coming for this Christmas 🎅🎅
Somraj Das
Somraj Das Prije mjesec
"You're flying out to the darkness to fight ghost" Doc🥺 Giving goosebumps
TheDullNull Prije mjesec
I honestly can't wait for this to come out
androssteague Prije mjesec
I never thought I'd see Jamie Foxx in this franchise again. The lack of blue face serves him well.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije mjesec
This is probably the most hyped I ever been for a movie
Harvey 10K
Harvey 10K Prije mjesec
"They all died fighting spiderman" Sandman: "am I a joke to you"
Notorious Prije mjesec
Everytime Strange says ”We need to send them back” in these trailers it always sounds so edited.
carl, consumer of reality
Every line in every Marvel trailer ever is edited to high hell to sound cooler
Josh Madeyou
Josh Madeyou Prije mjesec
most of the things he says sounds edited in the trailer
Thanos Prije mjesec
Randy Candelario
Randy Candelario Prije mjesec
That’s because it is edited
PastaBell Prije mjesec
Imagine disliking this masterpiece
Paul Bunions
Paul Bunions Prije mjesec
Chill it's not even out, the dialogue is far from being a masterpiece
Chris From SouthAus
Chris From SouthAus Prije mjesec
Any one else notice the "They're starting to come through, and I can't stop them" had a different background to the one in the trailer. I think it proves the theory that the line is from earlier in the movie, I.e. the train scene, and they edited in the background, from the statue of liberty scene, to misdirect viewers into thinking Strange is in the final battle.
James A
James A Prije mjesec
Oh shit! This sentence is now in the daylight, very mysterious
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Prije mjesec
"You're flying out to the darkness to find ghost" Doc🥺 Giving goosebumps
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Prije mjesec
"You're not gonna take this away from me." He sounds so deep and static, I fucking love it.
SanraS Uzumaki
SanraS Uzumaki Prije mjesec
tomimn2233 Prije mjesec
Spiderman:"There has to be another way" Strange: "There isn't" Spiderman:"No no I mean, they died from fighting Spiderman, right? So Spiderman has to kill them, but does it have to be me?" Strange: "Of course it has to be you! You're the only Spiderman in this...oh wait, I see what you mean."
RAES Prije mjesec
Pretty sure that when Strange says “They all die fighting Spider-Man” he means the other Spider-Men, not Tom
Flumbz Prije mjesec
Ive never really got excited for a spider man movie but this has up the game
Callum Bell
Callum Bell Prije mjesec
This film could end up being my favourite film ever!
Fais Faizal
Fais Faizal Prije mjesec
"They're coming, and I can't stop them!" Spidey: "I missed the part where that's my problem"
Andrew The Great
Andrew The Great Prije mjesec
I dont think otto is going to be a villain in this movie, it seems hes the redeemed version of himself from the ending of spider-man 2. This is my theory: he will come off as a villain hence the fight on the bridge. But as we've seen in multiple trailer peter (Tom) loses the start suit based on the trailers, and rather the arms of doc ock become upgraded and he is no longer controlled by the arms. And tries to help all of the spider-men and dr. Strange. Venom may make a cameo appearance or come towards the end of the big fight to help and we may get vulture and scorpion and even then that would still be 5 Villains. I'm assuming there will be a shocking appearance of someone new in this movie. A villain we haven't been introduced to in either of the spider-man movies.
Dylan Young
Dylan Young Prije mjesec
@Rodrigo Al Tejera why does the venom part sound like drugs lol, end credits venom 2 show the multiverse breaking transferring venom to hollands universe
Pierre In
Pierre In Prije mjesec
The Morlan (and his "inheritors" family), is the biggest Spiderman villian who has actually killed many Spiderman. I bet he is the one they will bring, but that sounds too dark for MCU.
Andrew The Great
Andrew The Great Prije mjesec
@Rodrigo Al Tejera 😂😂
Rodrigo Al Tejera
Rodrigo Al Tejera Prije mjesec
You started rightly but the venom part sounds like you’re doing drugs lol
depresso Prije mjesec
First rule of watching a marvel film trailer or teaser: *never trust the trailer or teaser*
David Wang
David Wang Prije mjesec
Would be funny if the invisibe characters in the construction building scene in the trailer was just a completey fake, never shows up in the real movie and we get no mention of the other universes spider-men.
Caleb Janus
Caleb Janus Prije mjesec
Yeah the tone will be totally different and jokey the whole way through.
Key so toxic
Key so toxic Prije mjesec
Is it okay that I'm more excited for this movie than Christmas
Space Age Shakespeare
I’m fine if Tobey comes in and takes over the movie 👏👍 And then just kicks Holland out and continues as Spider-Man 😴👍
tonyStorks Prije mjesec
I feel like Peter does not want all of them to die so he will help them fix the conflicts with other spideys in their respective worlds, so they can all dance at the end. I'm starting to feel a bit suspish anout this one.
Gabriel Halford
Gabriel Halford Prije mjesec
I've got a feeling they're going to have a shot that reminds everyone of staring out the window on a car journey imagining themselves spidermanning through the trees and pylons, dashing along the barriers like sonic the hedgehog. if so, yes...
Ch :-p
Ch :-p Prije mjesec
Jynx V!xa
Jynx V!xa Prije mjesec
Its really annoying if flint marko is the same sandman as the raimi trillogy because that universes sandman redeems himself and realises that he doesn’t need to be a villain he can get the money he needs to support his family without being the bad guy. So if they say “hehe sandman be bad” im gonna be big sad
cat Prije mjesec
“They're starting to come through” HOLY SHIT!! DOM TORETTO!!! Family💯💯
G M Prije mjesec
I love how the just compiled every extra scene from the TV Spots to make it into another trailer, that way fans can stop asking them for a new trailer until the movie drops XD
shani yan
shani yan Prije mjesec
This is probably the most hyped I ever been for a movie
frank bad
frank bad Prije mjesec
they’re starting to come through might not be about the villains but rather tobey and andrew
Jack Evans
Jack Evans Prije mjesec
From this trailer I kind of feel like it is just Holland and Cumberbatch as the main heroes because I can honestly see those two together beating the sinister six. Strange alone is one of Marvel's most powerful characters and Tom Holland's Spiderman is getting more powerful and powerful with suit upgrades and we see him here with Strange's magic.
FEZZY Prije mjesec
But his not gonna fight them. He wants Spider-Man to fix it himself who will eventually get Tobey and Andrew to help him out
Cinematic Discussion
Literally none of the bad guys in the Andrew Garfield movies die, just the good ones
dentrobate54 Prije mjesec
I haven't been to the cinemas since Endgame... this just may lure me back!
Ulasi Arinze
Ulasi Arinze Prije mjesec
Tobey: I am not going to reveal myself in any trailer until Marvel fixes this damn door
Emi Prije mjesec
Asad Hussain
Asad Hussain Prije mjesec
Bro when he says “there has to be another way” I bet that’s when they figure out that they can bring the other Spider-Man too, so the movie will start out as Spider-Man alone vs all the villains
FrBlank Prije mjesec
"but sandman doesnt die" what if he gets pulled into this movie after he is presumed dead by black-suit spider-man?
Bobby Swanson
Bobby Swanson Prije mjesec
so happy that electro still has the voice effects
Cassie Prije mjesec
This is probably the most hyped I ever been for a movie
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Prije mjesec
Who is the person at the start of the video saying “what’s happening?!”
SEBASTIAN 07 Prije mjesec
They bought back the electro voice 🔥
Sly Prije mjesec
At this point we’ve seen so many bits of the movie it’s like we already watched 40% of the movie
Saurav Choudhary
Saurav Choudhary Prije mjesec
0:23 Goblin's new look is cool.
DementisXYZ Prije mjesec
"They're starting to come through and I can't stop them" is to this movie what "We are an unusual couple" was to Wandavision.
Screenplay App
Screenplay App Prije mjesec
"Run it by us" is a good line.
Dream Prije mjesec
He doesn’t break the universe he breaks the internet
Prathmesh Pakhale
Prathmesh Pakhale Prije mjesec
Doc Strange's dialogue sounds like a Mysterio plan
Sohail Ahmed
Sohail Ahmed Prije mjesec
"We Need Spideys, The World's Need Them"...😃
Marakami Sadaneo
Marakami Sadaneo Prije mjesec
I can't believe I'm too desperate for any drop of No Way Home content.
RK-GAMER Prije mjesec
how can I tell DR Strange that not all the villains died fighting Spider-Man without breaking his heart and making him look like a fool?
Joey Rozic
Joey Rozic Prije mjesec
A round of applause for Mork and Tobeyinthemcu!
Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.
In Loving Memory Of Stan Lee (12/28/1922-11/12/2018)
Gp Muthu Rasigan
Gp Muthu Rasigan Prije mjesec
The hype is inevitable 😌
Gp Muthu Rasigan
Gp Muthu Rasigan Prije mjesec
@Rithik Jachin setha payalae suma irula 😂
Rithik Jachin
Rithik Jachin Prije mjesec
Jaaman star rasigars🔥🤣
Entity Edge Network
Entity Edge Network Prije mjesec
This looks sweet, only movie I'm going to this year.
Mister Jay
Mister Jay Prije mjesec
Every time I see Electro, I just think of the boss fight back in Ultimate Spiderman on the ps2 when you play as venom for the mission. Get him wet with the fire hydrant and then throw a car at him😂😂
Kushal Shrivastava
Kushal Shrivastava Prije mjesec
Electro looking so badass omg
Siam Abedin
Siam Abedin Prije mjesec
when peter (tom) says “what do you mean” he may be responding to the questions “there are others out there” meaning the other spoder men ( andrew and tobey specifically )
Sedition Case
Sedition Case Prije mjesec
I promise you there will be 4 Spidermen by the end of the movie. I have a feeling Miles Morales will make an appearance.
Batman1234 Prije mjesec
I like how people on Twitter were literally crying about spoiling the movie for them with TV spots a few days ago even when those were leaked
Maruf Raja
Maruf Raja Prije mjesec
How will he defeat 5 villains by just having one partner? Let the legends answer
Maruf Raja
Maruf Raja Prije mjesec
@Alcohol Free bro my theory is fully right 😌 first time i am feeling happy because of my right theory
Gacha hell
Gacha hell Prije mjesec
@Thunder From the earth there is definitely a sixth but he's pretty much hidden from getting spoiled to the audience and also maybe the real boss , I mean it's stupid as fuck to think marvel came up with an idea of 5 villains yet didn't come up with a sixth to complete the sinister six tradition
Thunder From the earth
@Alcohol Free there's no sinister 6 in this movie
Abhi 10
Abhi 10 Prije mjesec
@Alcohol Free dont think hes gonna come as the 6th villian in nwh
kallu Rathore
kallu Rathore Prije mjesec
He can defeat 100 with the plot armor
Incognito Miguel
Incognito Miguel Prije mjesec
As much as I want them to be in there it makes no sense from a story telling perspective to throw in Andrew and Tobey unless it's for like a minute of screen time
TheMarionick Prije mjesec
“Break the universe.” Peter and Doctor Strange (who is possibly Mysterio): “Don’t mind if we do.”
TheArchaeus Prije mjesec
Mysterio is dead bruh
Jornk Lonkitt
Jornk Lonkitt Prije mjesec
That didn’t happen after the final battle. That was early in the movie.
James Taylor
James Taylor Prije mjesec
@Amir Baraki No, he is very much alive. We see him at the end of far from home at the airport where Peter lands back in the US. He walks behind Peter wearing a hat and on the phone. The movie isn’t on Disney plus so I don’t have a time stamp but he is very much alive.
Amir Baraki
Amir Baraki Prije mjesec
Mysterio is dead
Gabagool Ovahere
Gabagool Ovahere Prije mjesec
Can you imagine heading in to the cinema to watch this without having any knowledge of the plot, without seeing any trailers, not knowing who is starring in the film etc. Now its like getting a blueprint to the film lol no surprise factor
FrozenJedi Prije mjesec
@Gabagool Ovahere Fair point lol
Gabagool Ovahere
Gabagool Ovahere Prije mjesec
@FrozenJedi lol I mean i personally would have never known that Peter breaks the multiverse, leading to all past spiderman movie villains returning, including Toby maguire and garfield, shit I might aswell of read the script at this point (joking)
FrozenJedi Prije mjesec
I mean all we really know is that the sinister six is gonna be in it and that Peter broke the multiverse. The trailers just make it seem like a lot, but it's really just reusage of the same clips with a few new ones thrown in that reveal almost nothing.
Maximiliano Sànchez
do you imagine, that at the end, in case of spiderverse, the ending would be like the shattered dimensions one, every spiderman saying that he's the best, but in these case all 3 movie spider man at the same time, swinging to the fourth wall.
ebenezer mura
ebenezer mura Prije mjesec
Ok Iam convinced that both Tobey and Andrew are going to be in this movie.
saun4455 Prije mjesec
it seems Electro’s hair has made a full recovery in this film 😂
Abominatrix650 Prije mjesec
Electro's voice is SO GOOD!
Dank Tempsey
Dank Tempsey Prije mjesec
I'll fix this timeline when you'll fix the damn door!!!
Deb Pramanik
Deb Pramanik Prije mjesec
Spiderman(Tom) asking Electro: "Why are you so angry with Spiderman (Andrew)?" Electro: "He didn't came to my birthday party".
Axtro Prije mjesec
0:11 Electro is so badass
GZilla311 Prije mjesec
"They all die fighting Spider-Man." Even Sandman and the Lizard, who didn’t?
Renegade Prije mjesec
0:12 “you’re not gonna take this away from me” - 🤖
Alpaca Boi 7
Alpaca Boi 7 Prije mjesec
I'm glad that Doc Ock is somewhat trying to help Peter send them back.
Melodica Prije mjesec
Strange: I have to send you to sony universe Spidey: There has to be another way Strange: There isn't!!!
Sai Satwik
Sai Satwik Prije mjesec
When he says I can't stop them, it is sunny behind him whereas in trailer it's night.
Shawn Mendes - It'll Be Okay
Pregleda 4,5 mil.
An Evening with Pete - SNL