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Assigned to a freighter escaping the destruction of Harvest, two Marines confiscated alien energy shields while defending passengers from an enemy boarding assault. Their heroics led to a technological breakthrough that accelerated the development of the Master Chief's defense system.


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1. Stu 2021.



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Installation00 Prije 2 mjeseci
That was emotional! I love it. Narratively exploring the components of Master Chiefs armor piece by piece. I am a Happy 00.
Beregond Prije 2 mjeseci
I love your channel, man.👍❤
SonicSanctuary Prije 2 mjeseci
ayyyyy its our boy!
Autocons_and_Lifeline Prije 2 mjeseci
Installation has enter the chat
Justin Fleming
Justin Fleming Prije 2 mjeseci
We expect a complete Master Chief armor lore breakdown by the end of the week, sir
Jstowe56 Prije 2 mjeseci
It is even better if you can understand ASL, it is not just the hands communicating, the emotion in the face is all the grammar they have. It was perfectly done
HaloFollower Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah this was really beautiful. Really excited to see more of these 👏
Overland117 Prije 2 mjeseci
@ZanZanMan lmao accurate asf
ZanZanMan Prije 2 mjeseci
Halo follower here and today we are going to be talking about the scare on the man's throat and how it could impact the hole halo franchise as we know
Jek 458
Jek 458 Prije 2 mjeseci
Make a video about it mate?
nassim 117
nassim 117 Prije 2 mjeseci
StarSilverInfinity Prije 2 mjeseci
Pathos Prije 2 mjeseci
This did a rare and special thing: it took something we take for granted in the games and gave it emotional weight. I plan to be lost in Infinite’s story, but I like to think every now and then when I hear my shields recharge I’ll take a moment in the back of my mind to think “Thanks, David.”
Richard G
Richard G Prije 18 dana
David Dominguez put it down. RIP compadre
Eric Boone
Eric Boone Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mastnaer Ceef he’s an elite spy! Sound the alarm!
Mastnaer Ceef
Mastnaer Ceef Prije 2 mjeseci
My name is David. Means a lot.
MonteMind Prije 2 mjeseci
Thanks David.
Zarry Prije 2 mjeseci
bro why this comment almost make me cry. god damn.. thank you David.
stallfishy Prije 2 mjeseci
"For us, the storm has passed... the war is over. But let us never forget those who journeyed into the howling dark and did not return. For their decision required courage beyond measure; sacrifice, and unshakable conviction that their fight... our fight, was elsewhere. As we start to rebuild, this hillside will remain barren, a memorial to heroes fallen. They ennobled all of us, and they shall not be forgotten."
Logan Whitney
Logan Whitney Prije 2 mjeseci
@Marquis Crawl It was in Halo 3's ending
Luis F
Luis F Prije 2 mjeseci
@The family also known as Hellboy
The family
The family Prije 2 mjeseci
@Marquis Crawl fleet admiral terrace hood
Valter Fara
Valter Fara Prije 2 mjeseci
@Marquis Crawl Lord Hood. Right now in Halo lore, the head of all UNSC forces.
Marquis Crawl
Marquis Crawl Prije 2 mjeseci
Who are you quoting?
Weneed Better games
Weneed Better games Prije 2 mjeseci
“It’s just a game” but this honestly probably relates to veterans. This trailer is called unspoken but I am speechless
Richard G
Richard G Prije 18 dana
@John Doe ok and the other guy was Dominguez. A hispanic. What's your point?
Taewoo Suh
Taewoo Suh Prije mjesec
It indeed seems to have
Jim Mulholland
Jim Mulholland Prije 2 mjeseci
@John Doe so he's black ? And I'm white , were all brothers?
Oddball Prije 2 mjeseci
@Manuelomar2001 Go to the comments by new. Lots of morons are saying that this is "woke" or some shit
Jerorawr XD
Jerorawr XD Prije 2 mjeseci
Halo was always more than a game. It's a love letter to human tenacity in the face of imposing odds, the harsh reality of war, and our own weakness of flesh and blood. Chief may be invincible, but that's because he has so many tenacious and beautifully human people behind him, doing what we do best. Surviving, sacrificing, innovating, and making tough calls.
Mint Blitz
Mint Blitz Prije 2 mjeseci
Love the storytelling, excited to see where this leads in the next month
Quicksilver Prije 2 mjeseci
Magos Numenius
Magos Numenius Prije 2 mjeseci
@DarthKai The Bold silence, the name of that cursed thing shall not be spoken!
Chronicle Indy
Chronicle Indy Prije 2 mjeseci
No one cares what you think loser
JustSippingTea Prije 2 mjeseci
@Michael Kiely hes referencing what doctor disrespect said
JustSippingTea Prije 2 mjeseci
@HeatSeekerGaming not deaf hes just lost his ability to speak because im guessing he was grazzed by like a needler or plasma bolt or just shrapnel
Reginald Uy
Reginald Uy Prije 2 mjeseci
The armor suits you... but you should never hide its mark. The armor you wear is a testament to sacrifice. From those who died during its testing to those who sacrificed to bring its components to bear... The suit is forged from titanium... but it is tempered in blood. The brute called it a tomb... and _he is right._ It is a tomb of unknown soldiers - a monument to hope and loss - guarded by the sentinel who resides within. It represents all they gave and all they were. It represents what you must give... and what you must *become.*
Tamás Pákey
Tamás Pákey Prije 7 dana
@ClergyOfFergy It would make sense if Arbiter was already in the game, because the brute who called the Chief's armor a tomb was Escharum So Arbiter also semi-inspiring Chief to fight Escharum would make sense.
RawpeR Prije mjesec
Nice my dude, and a nice little Halo 2 throwback.
Nugnug Caveman
Nugnug Caveman Prije mjesec
Cheesy, but I love it.
A. Taylor
A. Taylor Prije mjesec
I hear Halsey saying this
Jim Mulholland
Jim Mulholland Prije mjesec
The tomb of the unknown Soldier
ChocolateMan Prije 2 mjeseci
The Covenant was and remains terrifying beyond belief. As a super soldier in a power fantasy, you don't quite understand the pure horror of facing these literal *aliens* in battle. Sangheili (Elites) - 7 ft 4 in-8 ft 6 in. Incredibly agile bipedal reptilians with surprising strength and musculature. Their energy shields allowed them to easily reach close quarters combat with the average marine, martial arts being a style of combat the majority of their species was trained in since the day they could stand. Their four mandibles, clawed tetradactyl hands (two opposable thumbs per hand), and digitigrade legs (backwards facing knees) made them an extremely monstrous sight to behold and their lethal plasma-based weaponry very uncomfortable for humans to hold. Indigo blood. Jiralhanae (Brutes) - 8 ft 6 in-9 ft 2 in. Extremely muscular and powerful beasts, a combination of bears, rhinos, and gorillas with even larger stature. Possibly based on the mythical giant man-eating humanoid beast, Grendel. They have evolved massive fangs and claws. Despite their primal ferocity, they can possess human-grade intelligence, allowing them to create ballistic and explosive weapons that crack bone and impale flesh. They are known to rip the severely undersized marines limb from limb and sometimes release tortured prisoners of war to chase them down in a hunt and eat them alive. Purplish-red blood. Mgalekgolo (Hunters) - 12 ft 1 in-12 ft 3 in. Behemoth amalgamations of dozens to hundreds of dog sized alien worms. Sporting a nanolaminate (Covenant spaceship hull armor) shield the size of a man on one arm and an embedded explosive fusion gel explosive weapon on the other, even a squad of marines has little hope of taking on these walking tanks. The worst part: they always come in pairs. When one of these "bond brothers" is killed the other begins to berserk. They could flatten a human head or rib cage beneath their foot. To vocalize, the gestalt vibrates all of the worms together to create a low frequency noise that is more so felt than heard. Phosphorescent orange blood. Yanme'e (Drones) - 5.83 ft-6.75 ft. Human-sized coleopteran (beetle-like) insects with four proportionate wings and guns. Their compound bioluminescent eyes give them incredible vision. They communicate through high-pitched clicking noises and, occasionally, through the rubbing of their wings. Often encountered in large, flying swarms, Yanme'e tended to construct massive, building sized hives on human colonies, typically underground, during a Covenant invasion, in a matter of hours. Made with a variety of materials including but not limited to mud, wood, saliva, and feces, these house a hyper-intelligent queen quite possibly the size of a truck. Yanme'e are known to fly over their enemies and pick them up with their enemies with their sharp feet or hands to either bring to their hive to be eaten alive or drop to their death. Light-green blood. Kig-Yar (Jackals and Skirmishers) - 6 ft 2 in-6 ft 8 in. Slightly taller than the average human, these birdlike-saurian boast three diverse subspecies. Ruutian (Halo 1-3: ODST/Reach/Infinite jackals) and Ibie’shan (Halo 4-5: Guardians jackals) are the two most commonly encountered subspecies, both tending to wield large, circular, and resilient energy shield gauntlets on their wrist, though may also be encountered without the shields but with a larger plasma-based sniper weapon instead; their enhanced senses makes them frighteningly adept marksmen. These two subspecies are known to possess energy cutlasses in case an enemy gets too close. The third subspecies, T’vaoan (skirmishers) are much more agile then the former ones, allowing them to make leaps to incredible heights and sprint around their opponents quickly. Some ranks of this subspecies will possess smaller energy gauntlets on each wrist. All three are nimble and predatory. Their razor-sharp teeth and claws allow them to kill humans with ease, of which they will then devour. Light-purple blood. Unggoy (Grunts) - The only known Covenant species that is shorter than the average human. However, they often reach the height of the typical marine. They are somewhat akin to crustaceans, sporting a rigid exoskeleton with numerous barbs and protrusions, though they also have some skin exposed. Unlike the rest of the Covenant species, they breathe methane gas instead of oxygen, so their armor includes a large backpack extending off of them to store methane that feeds into their face masks. Though typically cowardly and unthreatening alone, the Unggoy reproduce at alarming rate, with 5-12 offspring per egg clutch, each one only taking 5-8 years to reach adulthood. As a result, they are deployed in mass numbers that can quickly overwhelm even the strongest the UNSC has to offer. They are also known to be extremely violent, with the first UNSC casualty of the Human-Covenant War being Harvest militiaman who had his stomach ripped out by a paranoid Unggoy’s claws. Phosphorescent light-blue blood. A single bolt from a plasma weapon could burn a hole through a human body if not protected by armor. Covenant ships possessed extremely durable energy shielding and several enormous energy projectors that could reduce a planet’s surface and human’s body to glass in an instant. Especially in the latter half of the war, the Covenant had an insane numerical advantage in vessels, personnel, and raw materials.
Gilang Putranto
Gilang Putranto Prije 26 dana
I know I'm late a month but thank you for the summary brother. Never forget, ye.
Chinese Covid Anal Swabs
Imaging fighting brutes and elites. Humans are manlets compare to those freaks and could crush our skulls. LOL
1 Ztype
1 Ztype Prije mjesec
Skirmishers are like jackels, except racist
ChocolateMan Prije mjesec
@mirahsan2 Average height is prolly around like 6ft
mirahsan2 Prije mjesec
Makes you wonder right, 26th century humans, how tall could we get without heavy augmentation
Conner Jenkins
Conner Jenkins Prije 2 mjeseci
It puts into perspective how long it took the UNSC to develop energy shields for Spartans even with the Jackal shield technology. The date in the top right said January 17th 2526, and it wasn't really till the 2550's that Spartans got energy shields if I'm not mistaken. Yes things like the prototype suit and sabers had shields but all of that was still long after this recording. Edit: I really love the detail that his voice is a bit robotic sounding while the program is still reconstructing his voice, and that robotic quality goes away once the reconstruction is complete.
Mike Foukarakis
Mike Foukarakis Prije 2 mjeseci
They used the tech for Red Team's shields in Halo Wars as early as 2531. The tech wasn't fully ready until later though, that's true.
Andre Thompson
Andre Thompson Prije 2 mjeseci
Showed this to my 14 year old, at the end he looks at me, looking hyped, and says "are you CRYING?". I mean I am, but I don't know why. Maybe it's the music, maybe it's that I have hope for this franchise again, maybe it's because I'm recovering from a near-death car vs. pedestrian accident. All of it, probably. Cherish the good stuff, guys. You just never know.
Marco Cortes
Marco Cortes Prije 8 dana
@Tony Rojas Remember, just because others have gone through worse, doesn’t mean you are not important. But don’t let those thoughts take over or believe in them. Remember God put you on this earth for a reason. To God you are someone he is proud of creating, that is why you exist, to give glory to him by living here and doing his will. And as far as those depressive thought, The Bible says to stay alert, for the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Don’t let him win. In a place where you are alone, with thanksgiving, pray to God for help and humbly repent and he promises he will answer if you believe he will do it.
Tony Rojas
Tony Rojas Prije mjesec
same feels, but with my depression, really puts you in perspective and makes you realize others been through worse, veterans in the real world... survivors of pain, mind or war, we all can relate , i think thats the power of being older, mature and of loving halo.
Adam Hartswick
Adam Hartswick Prije 2 mjeseci
As a combat-wounded amputee, this really hit home. That was extremely touching and real. Thank you for portraying the humanity in us warriors. I’m over 30 now and have been playing/reading Halo stories since I was a kid. EDIT, adding more detail: I lost 4 brothers in combat the day I lost my legs. I’ve said the same thing to 4 sets of parents. 343 seriously must have some amazing people on the story writing team.
Tally hall
Tally hall Prije 14 dana
Thank you for taking your own risk for your country and many other lives sir, I hope you have a good life
Victor Saenz
Victor Saenz Prije mjesec
This sounds exactly like what us vets say about our closest friends we lose. 343 must have some really good insight into our military culture. From the terminology they use in the books and how they portray troops in the lore
Super_battle_droid Prije mjesec
Thank you for your service
Watersage Prije 2 mjeseci
Was a 68W here. Thank you brother for what you did and I agree 100%, they did an incredible job with this.
Mrhank01 Prije 2 mjeseci
Thank you for your Service
Jack Torrence
Jack Torrence Prije 2 mjeseci
Showed this to my friend’s dad. Who is a retired marine. He cried remembering how he had to tell his friend’s family of the sacrifice his friend made. This most definitely hits close to home for veterans
Habib Ainun Syifa F
Habib Ainun Syifa F Prije 2 mjeseci
THIS is why I always try to save marines in every game. The story is not just about super soldiers... It's about the relenting human spirits.
[Hold my Apple juice]
[Hold my Apple juice] Prije 2 mjeseci
Luke M
Luke M Prije 2 mjeseci
Representation without it being ham-fisted. Doing it in sign language was such a good idea, I love it.
Peanutgallery4 Prije 2 mjeseci
It's really not hard to have representation without being hamfisted, it's just a matter of not doing something, as well as not having an overrepresentation of what would logically exist in a situation. The sign language was a good choice for this short since it gave it a little more flavor than just a guy recording a death message in a room.
Palmdoggg Prije 2 mjeseci
As cringy as some people find the influence of video games on major life decisions, I know that Halo was one of the biggest inspirations for me to join the military. As a former active-duty Marine, I love seeing Marines play a stronger part in the Halo universe, so thank you 343 for your contributions in such a way. Also love that you're rethinking some of the uniforms to reflect Marine Corps traditions (like the gold chevrons with the red trim over black fabric). I hope you incorporate even more of this! Because the Marine Corps loves carrying on traditions like that, to the point that after 500 years I'm still skeptical of major uniform changes lol 😆
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Prije 2 mjeseci
I also like how they used the old way of showing rank of lance corporals by having one sleeve with double chevron and the other blank as this is the old unsc before 2552
Aono Prije 2 mjeseci
It's carried on from Halo 2 and Halo Wars UN peace keeping Marines also have the silver chevron and flags of their countries. UNSC and UEG in Halo games carry that tradition forward.
FoxyDubz Prije 2 mjeseci
This gives me heavy Halo 3 Believe vibes. Just like the soldiers in the museum, holding the Covenant weapons. Ya love to see it👏🏻
poopoopeecheck Prije 2 mjeseci
It reminds me of the deliver hope a little bit but more of the believe
Nelson Nguyen
Nelson Nguyen Prije 2 mjeseci
That was the best! It gave me hope that a good live action was coming soon… and then it never did.
MrCoolSmoovie Prije 2 mjeseci
A guy doing sign language…is as impressive as the Halo 3 marketing campaign to you?
Nathaniel King
Nathaniel King Prije 2 mjeseci
@AbyssalSoda it strays from the Halo Bungie once had. Regulars all becoming Spartans. Tech that anyone can wield. It’s lost it’s path. I just hope the story is good… 🤷‍♂️
AbyssalSoda Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nathaniel King If woke culture wasn't a thing I wouldn't believe that. But atleast if this was done for woke culture it was done right since they pit the guy as a soldier you lost his ability to speak. That's atleast giving a role to someone who fits the bill, and not typical woke BS of picking someone completely unqualified to meet the woke quota. Halo always been pretty diverse with it's sub characters and even settings so it fits in fine.
Ryan Sikkema
Ryan Sikkema Prije 2 mjeseci
Plot twist: It wasn’t a jackal that killed him, master chief drove off a cliff after telling him he was safe.
Isaac Allen
Isaac Allen Prije 2 mjeseci
likes are at 117
FcknScrewby Prije 2 mjeseci
I can not believe that such a simple piece of promotional material delivered such a plethora of emotion that I was brought to tears. I'd thought that these stories and feelings could only move me through long and patient delivery, but the execution of this clip was so wonderfully done. I'm proud to live to see Halo become what it was to me again, and to see you all at 343 make it so. Thank you.
Jon Prije 2 mjeseci
Chief is the culmination of humanity’s collective sacrifice for hope
Andrew Wawia
Andrew Wawia Prije 2 mjeseci
“Dear miss and mister (insert name), your son/daughter was melee’d in the back by the Master Chief for his sniper rifle. Give the UNSC your next born for service”
Mistah Fox
Mistah Fox Prije 22 dana
@Skebaba He's talking about Halo CE campaign, when you couldn't trade weapons with Marines...
Skebaba Prije mjesec
WDYM? Ain't all Halo MPs (at least post-Halo 4) SIMULATION PROGRAMS?? Hence why they canonically justify Forge existing, and all that shit
Niraj Prije 2 mjeseci
@The Signless I genuinely never did. In reality, I tried protecting the NPCs as much as possible. Painful though.
Arbiter Prije 2 mjeseci
Playing Halo 3 on legendary yesterday, the mission where you have to take out scarabs with marines on mongooses. Holy shit it was infuriating. They die instantly, kill themselves and you, and can't aim for shit. That mission....
The Signless
The Signless Prije 2 mjeseci
@E.R. Don't lie, we've all done it at least twice.
SILVER SPADES Prije 2 mjeseci
If they came out with a Halo show on Netflix I wouldn't leave the house
PurpleOwlAnimation Prije mjesec
@Cali it’s Paramount
Raimy Mohamad
Raimy Mohamad Prije mjesec
i'd rather have HBO, Apple, or Amazon do it. Never Netflix. They have a higher rate of screwing things up than the others.
Brandon S.
Brandon S. Prije mjesec
Forward unto Dawn
BIBBO Prije mjesec
I thought paramount was the one making the show
Crypto Chris
Crypto Chris Prije mjesec
they did so enjoy watching your tv shows all day
Infinite Barking
Infinite Barking Prije 2 mjeseci
Everyone who worked on this video must be proud of themselves. The music, writing, acting, visuals were all solid
Shadow Prije 2 mjeseci
I've had Halo Infinite pre-ordered since the day it became available for pre-ordering. The first Halo game I played was 3, mainly cause I was too young to have experienced 1 and 2. When Halo 1 came out, I wasn't even a year old yet, and when Halo 2 came out, I was 3 years old. By the I was got into FPS games, I was around 6. Then I got my first Xbox 360, Halo 3, in 2008 and experienced Halo for the first time with Halo 3 a little under a year after it came out. While I didn't grow up playing the Halo franchise cause I didn't play Halo 1 and 2 until the MCC. However, I did spend the majority of my childhood playing Halo 3 and Halo reach. I'm turning 21 a little after Halo Infinite releases. This is exciting for me because the Halo that I loved and experienced when I was young. Halo 3 and Reach. Halo Infinite gave me the same feeling when I played those games. To say my expectations are high for the first time in a long time for a Halo game is a nice thought.
olsaan Prije 2 mjeseci
Same i'm 21 on the month it comes out and i'm so hyped
Santo Bell
Santo Bell Prije 2 mjeseci
The emotion shown in his face and with his hands deserves an accolade, I don't know who he is but I would watch anything he's in... This type of thing here is why Halo feels more than a game when it's done right!
Corey Brundige
Corey Brundige Prije 2 mjeseci
Jamal Ajala, I believe is his name. My gf didn't recognize it as ASL, and based on what I could find of him, might be British Sign Language. He did a great job -- and hope I'm crediting correctly.
sivrahc Prije 2 mjeseci
They’re doing something special with this Halo. It’s a culmination of everything that is Halo whilst bringing us into the future of Halo games. This is beyond exciting I feel so much joy that stems from childhood til now with all the goodness Halo has shared with me and many others through the years. It’s been a wild ride and I think that special spark Halo used to have is coming back big in December
Crypt Cr3ature
Crypt Cr3ature Prije 2 mjeseci
These are the stories of the people behind many of the reasons Master Chief is who he is: this tells of a young man who gave his life to retrieve the alien data used to later create the very armor shields that have saved Johns life a million times over. Their sacrifices are part of what's made him the legendary Spartan he is. This calls back to the many brave people we've lost fighting for the comfortable lives we enjoy today, not just in the military but also police forces, firefighters, first responders, doctors, medical staff and the list goes on, including those in black ops we'll never know of. We aren't an island, we stand on the ashes of those who've toiled before us and have them to thank for being here. That 343 touches back to the faceless people who've had a hand in shaping our favorite Spartan (in universe) is going in the right direction and I look forward to seeing what they have to show us going forward.
RazerSparkPrime Prije 2 mjeseci
When it said he will always be my brother, I really felt that. Just thinking about brothers arms protecting each other, and would sacrifice for the other if that is the only way. Very touching storytelling and amazing emotional performance by the actor. It felt as if it was real, and people can better connect to a story that feels genuine. Great marketing halo. Thank you for the feels.
Dumb Best
Dumb Best Prije 2 mjeseci
This has to be one of the best, most emotional pieces of Halo media that there is. Well done, 343, well done.
Rocket Launcher with Infinite Ammo
It is really not that often that a game makes you feel genuine emotion, in spite of what people say, but I actually welled up watching this, emotionally shattering in the best way. Well done to the team that made it.
Rocket Launcher with Infinite Ammo
@Cerberus I have played it, many times, and it’s great, not saying that emotion doesn’t happen in games, just that often in reviews and stuff, people talk about how characters and storylines gave them the feels, and then I don’t get the same experience out of them, maybe I’m made out of cement, I don’t know. I think people just sort of overplay the emotion card in games, but this moved me, and I know it’s technically not a game, it’s a promo video, but if something from the halo universe can choke me up they’re definitely doing something right.
Cerberus Prije 2 mjeseci
Play the mass effecr trilogy
John Lambert
John Lambert Prije 2 mjeseci
This is a really good return to Halo’s live action trailer’s it’s always been a way of telling small stories within the universe of Halo and you guys have really learned so much and I’m glad you now fully understand what makes Halo special and the fact that everyone at 343 is working so hard to get even the smallest of details right.
John Lambert
John Lambert Prije 2 mjeseci
@Zerby Exactly! They actually feel human and I can’t quite think about how many franchises get that right
Zerby Prije 2 mjeseci
It's not just that it's the smaller stories but that it's the human stories. While I understand lots of people don't become invested in the universe, having this levity really is what makes this series special compared to others. The human nature of the characters is what binds not only the UNSC but the world as a whole. Having the stories that remind us what Chief is fighting for makes us want him to succeed even more.
Lil Bagel
Lil Bagel Prije 2 mjeseci
Mike Schwartz
Mike Schwartz Prije 2 mjeseci
i’m such a sucker for their whole grey and gritty, super-serious vibe. they’ve been at it for 20 years, and it gets me every time; has me nostalgic for the ad campaign for Halo 3 and Reach
Jayji Prije 2 mjeseci
The actor did an amazing performance. dude really sold the emotions through the signing. This gave me such nostalgic feelings and I cant wait to play this game. My fingers are crossed the story holds up to the energy its gathering. Im walking into this campaign open minded. please dont drop the ball 343, haha I want to love halo again 👏
Cory Peterson
Cory Peterson Prije 2 mjeseci
This right here. This is why after all of these years I still love Halo.
Jake Maisel
Jake Maisel Prije 2 mjeseci
This truly is an example of the phrase “you can’t please everyone”. @halo you would know that better than most. Y’all did a fantastic job on this trailer, it’s the perfect amount of giving fans more lore without spoiling anything plus a beautiful nod to the contents of Halsey’s Journal from over 10 years ago. The music is amazing, the acting is extremely well done, and the fact that y’all are listening to us and care about little details like this says a lot. Thank you.
Hawkie Prije 2 mjeseci
Never would have expected 343 to have me crying at 5am in the morning.
Sarojini PN
Sarojini PN Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm glad that 343i is trying to show the side of a marines emotional turmoil. This feels like a true successor to bungie's halo games. Good job, 343!
Anjaney Asreet Rout
Anjaney Asreet Rout Prije 2 mjeseci
@Taylor Lee For Congress IIRC it was never really stated specifically that only the jackal shields obtained by Spartans was used to create the Mjolnir shield system. Bungie just never went into full detail in the first place. So yeah, 343 didn't really change anything.
OMaM ARMY Prije 2 mjeseci
You're safe now
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen Prije 2 mjeseci
@Taylor Lee For Congress this is not 343 making up things, this is literally what Bungie said back in the day. Check Halsey's journal that came with the limited edition of Halo Reach, it literally said in there about the shield tech that marines, not Spartans, captured that led to a breakthrough.
Taylor Lee For Congress
Taylor Lee For Congress Prije 2 mjeseci
@ChocolateMan In Eric Nylund's Halo: The Fall of Reach, there is a scene early on in a museum at, I believe Sigma Octanus. Master Chief and Blue Team encounter some jackals, kill them, and wear their shield gauntlets. They then encounter Hunters for the first time, and Master Chief loses his shield gauntlet by taking a fuel rod cannon shot to the shield directly. There's an artifact being scanned, and Master Chief kicks the scanner over. At the same time, Captain Keyes is intercepting the scanner's signal, and later Cortana discovers that the scanned object was transmitting a signal with coordinates. These are the coordinates that Cortana uses to find Halo later on.
ChocolateMan Prije 2 mjeseci
@Taylor Lee For Congress When, where was that stated
Watersage Prije 2 mjeseci
Was a medic in the Army, ended up getting medically retired after getting injured while in Afghanistan. Lost brothers over there and parts of me I won't get back. Grew up playing Halo with my pops and friends. I never thought something they would make would hit this hard. Thank you for putting into words how many of us feel and showing the humanity inherent in all of us.
TheFaux Prije 2 mjeseci
Till Valhalla, brother. You live on in their name.
Wesley Nichols
Wesley Nichols Prije 2 mjeseci
Truly amazing, I am in awe. I couldn't imagine something like this ever happening, but it did. And I'm so glad 343i has done this. The soul of the franchise, is back, and might I say, improved from what it was in 2010. I have always loved Halo, and I always will, but now I can stop looking to the past for emotional stories, and I can look to the future, 343, if you keep this up, Halo's future is sure to be, infinite.
Delta 4491
Delta 4491 Prije 2 mjeseci
Its quite sad to know that this kind of stuff can actually happen, not the fighting aliens but losing friends who are worried about someone besides themselves
KiingToaster Prije 2 mjeseci
Damn, but this just makes me want a game where you play as normal marines trying to support master Chief like odst.
Lord Cthulhu
Lord Cthulhu Prije mjesec
Yeah halo needs a triple AAA story based side game. Maybe 3rd person horror style.
Lahis Prije 2 mjeseci
ODSTs are hardly normal marines. They're the closest thing an adult volunteer could be a to a spartan before the Spartan-IV program.
Phoenix Prije 2 mjeseci
Well it could come true as infinite is the last mainline halo title for a while
MEXIcAnBnR Prije 2 mjeseci
That would be sick, seeing master chief fight a brute or elite on the side while youre taking in jackals and grunts like youre a side character on dragon ball z and gokus powering up.
Beatyofeet32 Prije 2 mjeseci
An actor I don't know, playing a character I'm not familiar with, talking about a fictional marine I've never heard of just generated so much emotion. It's incredible what can be accomplished through art when you simply care about what it is you're creating.
Movie Slayer Reviews
Movie Slayer Reviews Prije 2 mjeseci
YEEEESSS! Thank you! As a film maker, I approve
Benjuicyy Prije 2 mjeseci
343 Went from producing 2-dimensional characters like Fireteam Osiris (minus Buck) to making us heavily feel for characters we literally just got introduced to, like the pilot of Echo 216 and this marine veteran
Linus L
Linus L Prije 2 mjeseci
Boss Redd77
Boss Redd77 Prije 2 mjeseci
This was a masterpiece of storytelling.
Rambo-Cambo Prije 2 mjeseci
That's what art does for me - the infinite capability to form emotion through medium is beautiful
CaptainJackMorenzo Prije 2 mjeseci
To David Dominguez and Chris Preston, two that gave so much in the name of humanity; that took the Promethean's fire that helped our strongest warriors endure our darkest hour.
Kody Lukens
Kody Lukens Prije 2 mjeseci
Wasn’t expecting to tear up watching this, but wow. Really glad 343 is exploring some deeper aspects of Halo beyond fun shooty stuff.
Jesse Tate
Jesse Tate Prije 2 mjeseci
that was full of emotion, and great story telling. I could feel chills on my arms from the story, actor, and music. very well done. That felt like Halo and I appreciate this kind of love put into Halo, in all areas, so thank you, and I can't wait to see more^-^.
D2RCR Prije 2 mjeseci
Halo’s storytelling has made a huge comeback recently. This is so well done.
Halo Canon
Halo Canon Prije 2 mjeseci
Wonderful storytelling! I can't wait to see what comes next!
Autocons_and_Lifeline Prije 2 mjeseci
The Cannon is here
Derek Cox
Derek Cox Prije 2 mjeseci
@Matthew Arenson Imagine the game from SGT Johnsons perspective like in the book Contact Harvest. The problem with Halo is it recycles the same blueprint over and over again that's what made Halo ODST so refreshing.
Matthew Arenson
Matthew Arenson Prije 2 mjeseci
@Derek Cox 5years of back and forth sounds like a great battle worth telling
Derek Cox
Derek Cox Prije 2 mjeseci
The story of Harvest has so much potential if they just made a game surrounding that and the books it'd be an easy homerun for the gaming industry.
gimptoast Prije 2 mjeseci
Halo 3 Believe and The ODST and this, they are great and everything, but the games never at any point EVER touched on the quality of emotional storytelling, which is wildly depressing. Video games are still suffering from B-Movie performance/story. There are very few games with real emotional moments that draw you in.
Marx TheSocialist
Marx TheSocialist Prije 2 mjeseci
What is so great about this in comparison to the old halo 3 promotionals is the fact that here Master Chief is only mentioned in writing, the true story is about the sacrifices of the marines. This is a great progression. In the Halo 3 promotional videos, Chief is described like a god among men, the ultimate saviour, and it fits with the theme of the first trilogy, Master chief being the sole hero, someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty and risks it all in order to save humanity. Whereas here, the marines sacrifice is highlighted ( which it was in the old videos aswell), but in a way where chief is not the sole hero, they got that tech while doing something else, it just happened to be a breakthrough, and what they really were fighting for was humanity and humans. Considering Halo 4, 5 and the overall direction 343 is taking, it seems like they want to stray away from the overglorification of Chief and show a more human side to him, his personal fight with Cortana and his struggles of emotional attachment which extends to showing the stories of marines and their hardships. The end goal is always protecting humanity, but now it is not shown as "Finish this big fight in order to save humanity", now we see the small struggles, a detailed look at how the UNSC is fighting for humanity, and what the cost of that fight is, both for Master Chief and the marines.
aAxiioSs Prije 2 mjeseci
This. We need more of this. Brings more life into Halo. It’s not just about being a super soldier destroying the enemy. It’s about hero’s who sacrificed their lives to make sure humanity survived. I love this. Just like how I loved the Halo 3 Believe trailers. Become.
Nova Leader
Nova Leader Prije 2 mjeseci
Never stop world building like this its outstanding
Michael Howson
Michael Howson Prije 2 mjeseci
This man destroyed me in his first thirty seconds on screen. Legit cried into my Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Got damn he can act!
Slipstream Space
Slipstream Space Prije 2 mjeseci
The feels are hitting me like it did with the "Humanity's Museum" trailer from Halo 3. The marketing team is killing it !!! I am Starting to BELIEVE
Lolhomee Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't believe.....become. :)
Activate the rings?
Activate the rings? Prije 2 mjeseci
@Casey Collier thanks for the polite explanation, appreciated
Activate the rings?
Activate the rings? Prije 2 mjeseci
@mrmxypltk You're clearly not an adult. and I have no idea what forknife even is, dipshit
Richard Savolainen
Richard Savolainen Prije 2 mjeseci
@LordBeef21 who cares
LordBeef21 Prije 2 mjeseci
Believe and Become. Idk about anyone else, but I feel like Halo is tapping a little into it’s spiritual overtones. Like, believe in Me and Become like Me is pretty much literally what Christ says in the sermon on the mount.
ProwoodStuff Prije 2 mjeseci
This is done perfectly, the cinematography in this is perfect. We all can't thank you enough for keeping the franchise rolling, happy 20 years! Here's to 30!
Emilio Chavez
Emilio Chavez Prije 2 mjeseci
This has a better story and character development than all of Halo 5.
Asap Bunny
Asap Bunny Prije 2 mjeseci
*Insert chad Graig*
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto Gonzalez Prije 2 mjeseci
Insert npc wojack*
Gavin Greenberg
Gavin Greenberg Prije 2 mjeseci
this almost feels like a spiritual successor to landfall, since it shares that same theme of people sacrificing everything to make master chief just a tiny bit stronger.
Josh J
Josh J Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how it shows the emotional side to the story. Each of these stories show the sacrifice that many have made to help make Chief stronger and to serve humanity. This was amazing!
The Monologuer
The Monologuer Prije 2 mjeseci
Damn this made me tear up, not just because of how well made the trailer is, but because they nailed the emotions of halo that we haven't seen in a long time. Not only doing that, but also making a realistic scenario that some military folks can relate to.
paul thomas
paul thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
Now this is art. Beautiful story telling that brings forth real emotion.
Aperture Digital
Aperture Digital Prije 2 mjeseci
This genuinely brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderfully acted short.
RND3 Prije 2 mjeseci
This is the "Believe" ad for a new generation of gamers, and for halo. I think we forget that many people will grow up to look back on these ADs, like when we look back on believe.
GoongaGinga Prije mjesec
@Crypto Chris Congrats on being wrong.
Crypto Chris
Crypto Chris Prije mjesec
Lol no not even close
GoongaGinga Prije 2 mjeseci
Never looked at it like that. . . . . Sad how time passes
Vast Prije 2 mjeseci
The fact that I don’t even know them… and I already care about this character and “ David “ GOOD JOB 343, the characterization is so well written, really bringing us back to the halo 3 level marketing days
Vast Prije 2 mjeseci
@Gumpy Cognac 👍
Gumpy Cognac
Gumpy Cognac Prije 2 mjeseci
Couldn’t have said this better
John Peacekeeper
John Peacekeeper Prije 2 mjeseci
Third time's the charm.
Diego Aponte
Diego Aponte Prije 2 mjeseci
Freaky Prije 2 mjeseci
@The JFO show I always knew the Chipmunk cinematic universe was connected to the Halo universe
Luke Peverelle
Luke Peverelle Prije 2 mjeseci
This was nothing short of amazing. The sheer emotion the actor invoked, all without saying a word himself. Well done.
jodysin7 Prije 2 mjeseci
The acting of this guy is incredible. I teared up watching his face during the story.
Oprime 007
Oprime 007 Prije 2 mjeseci
God the emotions in the mans face, the music and the voice combined made for a heart wrenching video that absolutely breaths the emotions of Halo, the deaths of millions of humanity, the endless sacrifices of thousands of heroes and the pain of those who survived through it all. This reminds me so much of the same heart stabbing emotions in the "Believe" series of trailers. Brovo, absolute brovo!
Splarkszter Prije 2 mjeseci
Congrats to the actor, those facial expressions full of emotion. I liked it, I hope this is the minimum quality that the HALO Live Action series will have.
Kabba45 Prije 2 mjeseci
343 got this one down...not gonna lie hit me right in the feelz I'm so excited for this game....the trailers now this. It truly does feel like a revival of the halo franchise And the date at which this entry is logged as 2526 01 17 Id love to see more short story type stuff like this all it did was pull me into wanting to see more of these two marines lives.
Adam Sulkis
Adam Sulkis Prije 2 mjeseci
They can bring me to my knees emotionally and put me in tears just by having a guy tell a story in sign language.
Machta Shmacta
Machta Shmacta Prije 2 mjeseci
This is crazy, I was getting secondhand sadness just watching this guy doing sign language. His expressions really sold it. 👌 I'd love to watch a full-length movie covering the story.
Igneo Burnz
Igneo Burnz Prije 2 mjeseci
Makes me almost feel like the “Believe” trailers are back. More emotional and hyped than ever before.
Gavin _197
Gavin _197 Prije 2 mjeseci
I love seeing all the little bits of history that helped lead up to the Master Chief. Between this and Reach, it really makes Chief sound more like a testament to humanity with how much was sacrificed for him.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Prije 2 mjeseci
Man, this hits surprisingly hard. Major "Believe" vibes.
0ne Cloud
0ne Cloud Prije 2 mjeseci
Very well done 343 ! I can feel the passion behind this.
Y0uR 4v3R4g3 H4l0 F4g
Y0uR 4v3R4g3 H4l0 F4g Prije 2 mjeseci
This feels like it comes straight out of the 2007 era. Simply perfect.
UberNick Prije 2 mjeseci
The music and narration gave me so many chills, Beautiful stuff
Levi ackerman Titan
Levi ackerman Titan Prije 2 mjeseci
@Josi Clark Did u find it?
TheeYellowDart Prije 2 mjeseci
Yup, it was damn perfect. Moved me!
Plazstic Prije 2 mjeseci
@Olk Man it definitely was a large factor, i could only see blood being the other reason if not for the flood, but even then halo's blood has always been cartoony
Plazstic Prije 2 mjeseci
@mandon hw2 didnt have a closeup of infections tho
Sammy William
Sammy William Prije 2 mjeseci
Same I actually tear up when I hear the Halo them it's more than just a video game or a book series or a comic book or merchandise is a story of survival of death of loss of pain of suffering and it's the most beautiful yet most tragic story I have ever heard remember the Fall of reach remember their sacrifice
Muk1R1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Beautifully done guys, absolutely loved this 🔥
Alex Ciccone
Alex Ciccone Prije 2 mjeseci
Man I'm watching this at work and I shed a tear for that man, and for the family. But if there is one thing we know it's this. David may be gone, but heroes never are forgotten and legends never die.
Vicki Y. Forsyth
Vicki Y. Forsyth Prije 2 mjeseci
That was unexpected. That was full of emotions. I’m not crying.
Soul Rose
Soul Rose Prije 2 mjeseci
The emotion and story that was given here actually mad me feel for the marines of halo and the veterans of our world amazing work
Exilon0193 Prije 2 mjeseci
This guy is a great actor. In less than 4 minutes you could feel what he's going through and his emotions.
Albert Allison
Albert Allison Prije 2 mjeseci
His Actions Spoke more than any words can convey.
DocWolph Prije 2 mjeseci
Actions speak louder than words.
Void Prije 2 mjeseci
They probably casted a deaf actor for the physical performance and a voice actor that fits with him. Deaf folk communicate heavily with body language and facial expressions in addition to the sign language, so it would only be natural to cast someone that's deaf.
Mikecycle Prije 2 mjeseci
exactly what i was thinking its like he was really there
Triscitt Prije 2 mjeseci
And he didnt need emotion in his words to show how he was feeling
Travis VanAlst
Travis VanAlst Prije 2 mjeseci
This campaign better be as good as these minisodes. Between this one and “Project Magnes” I’m getting real invested into the lore again. Excited to see how they can invest the masses into the campaign again after H5.
Schimyping Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how they're bringing back the full immersion of the universe. It makes thing feel like they're actually happening. This is what i love most about the franchise
Cesar Espinosa
Cesar Espinosa Prije 2 mjeseci
this was so beautiful, thank you guys at 343 and everyone involved for making hit home
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson Prije 2 mjeseci
This is about as powerful of a trailer as I've ever seen, from anything. It's easily up there with Believe and Deliver Hope. Well done 343. This was a gem to put in the archives. NOW FOLLOW THROUGH. Don't give us this hope and dash it all for the sake of some misguided vision or goal. You are just like us - fans - so don't ruin this not just for us, but for yourselves.
Frostfog Prije 2 mjeseci
I actually teared up at this. These are the exact emotions I'm looking for in Halo, 343 is really nailing it this time!
Rokor Prije 2 mjeseci
@LegionaryWithAGladius no current war is honorable so no thanks
Jack Colson
Jack Colson Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh god it's 2007 again. Everyone's an emo again.
The Harbinger
The Harbinger Prije 2 mjeseci
@kemet Mau Go back to pre-school because it looks like you still dont know English.🗿
xbox is better
xbox is better Prije 2 mjeseci
@kemet Mau gaystation loser spotted
Sam Prije 2 mjeseci
@LegionaryWithAGladius Only people who grew up on halo understand. Its more than a game, its an experience, a whole big family of Spartans. Ive made most of my friends over halo irl and forgive the emotion, were just happy halo is reviving itself along with the community.
Lina Ward
Lina Ward Prije 2 mjeseci
Simply perfect. It doesn't even look like if it was a game. The way that the man is "speaking" involves you in a nostalgic environment and makes you feel his sadness and misfortune. Not to mention the background music, the narration, and that little detail like sign languague, it's really touching. I'm really looking forward to playing this game.
Box Tank!
Box Tank! Prije 2 mjeseci
I visualized both the initial charge and the medical evacuation from his gestures and expressions alone...
You know it’s a good halo trailer if you’re tearing up by the end
Recent Rogue the protag
Recent Rogue the protag Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm not even gunna lie about tearing up. They did a good job with this. A great job
ericrodriguezx2 Prije 2 mjeseci
This was beautiful. Absolutely brilliant, heart felt, and inclusive. Thank you for this.
Evil Merlin
Evil Merlin Prije 2 mjeseci
This is why I love the Halo series. So much back story, so much detail. So much... Humanity.
Keenan Prije 2 mjeseci
And then recent campaigns that take massive dumps on all of it.
A big fool
A big fool Prije 2 mjeseci
Well after the war not that much humanity
Rapid Action Animations
Rapid Action Animations Prije 2 mjeseci
You said it perfectly.
Matoro342 Prije 2 mjeseci
Truly amazing content. Powerful acting. It makes you realize the chief knows he's wearing the sacrifice of countless lives, and their hope rests in him. This is what Halo is about.
A Human
A Human Prije 2 mjeseci
As long as we aren’t getting Halo 5-ed, meaning all these amazing ads will not be anything like how good the game’s story is. This is really great
no name
no name Prije 2 mjeseci
Damn, they can't do a live action trailer without making me cry WTF
The Silent Skull Breakers
this is one of the best live-action ads we have seen from halo. we need more of this short stories, but in the future it should have a little bit more action. maybe virtual reenactment of battles and helmet footage to bring more of a "believe" campaign vibe while fitting lore-wise
Jamie Wardle
Jamie Wardle Prije 2 mjeseci
The way they manage to create so much emotion about the death of just one marine, while the whole story is being told by an emotionless computer voice... amazing. I really love it when they explore the 'human' side of the UNSC.
King Nova
King Nova Prije 2 mjeseci
@Jferrer1310 especially since humanity was losing for much of the war. dozens of planets glassed. trillions killed. although in the end we did way more damage.
Neel Rana
Neel Rana Prije 2 mjeseci
Its very interesting when you think of the in game conflicts and how it changed. First Halo drops you into the Human-Covenant war but some of the extended material like the Fall of Reach book, Hunt the Truth, and Forward Unto Dawn movie show the conflicts between the UNSC and the Insurgents in the outer colonies. Really makes you consider all the regular people and what Master Chief means to them.
Take12music Prije 2 mjeseci
Hunt the Truth was Amazing. H5 wasn't. I hope they carry this energy over into the game
James Ortiz
James Ortiz Prije 2 mjeseci
I wouldn’t exactly call the voice emotionless. It carried its own.
TehCakeIzALie1 Prije 2 mjeseci
The actor really carries this. Fantastic juxtaposition of the emotional expressions with the calm computer-generated voice.
Falkrim Prije 2 mjeseci
Definitely gives the impression that it’s inspired by the ‘veterans’ stories from the Halo 3 Believe marketing campaign, bravo.
Michael Walters
Michael Walters Prije 2 mjeseci
The actors they chose, and probably the director of the shorts too, did an excellent job delivering a really emotional, heart-wrenching performance. These are really something. I know it's only halo, but these characters expertly, dramatically express the core of what they're feeling, and these are feelings we all can identify with at an almost primal level. Well done!
another graphics designer
Came here expecting cool armour animations and tech design, not to bawl my eyes out
AjJustAj Prije 2 mjeseci
Very well done, got a little emotional ngl lol. I’m ready for a new era of Halo, bring back the nostalgia, bring back those times I had fun with my friends at 2am playing custom games. Just one more time 🙏
MrMoustacheNinja Prije 2 mjeseci
Holy hell. This gave me chills. Without saying a word you could see all the emotion in that guys face. This was incredible. I need more of this
SajuukCor Prije 2 mjeseci
I lost my friend this year. We first met through Halo CE. I cried watching this video thinking of him.
Ninjababy Prije 2 mjeseci
“It is upon all of which unspoken that tragedies are built”
optiTHOMAS Prije 3 dana
Wow! Loved the music! Very emotional. I like when we get to see the hard work and effort of the unsc soldiers, the heroes that don't get the attention they deserve in halo! I love the military story telling aspects of halo, and I feel it can make a great show or movie if done right! There's tons of live action trailers like this made for halo, and each one so damn good! I hope we get some more!
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