Never Spill a Drink again. 🤯 

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21. Stu 2021.



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Mrwhosetheboss Shorts
Send this to someone who always spills their drink 😂 Full gadgets video HERE:
Yahiko Prije 8 sati
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Chaketa Jones
Chaketa Jones Prije 15 sati
Sure but when you did the huge spin my heart was racing those are some good shoes I was like " oh no pls work pls work" lol 🤣🤣😭😭
felice Prije dan
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Utli Scarlet
Utli Scarlet Prije dan
Check out action labs vid on this for the full science
sri sexy💘
sri sexy💘 Prije dan
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snoww ball
snoww ball Prije 2 sati
It work with water in bucket too
Kur Prije 3 sati
Now try tripping over with it
RonitForbidden Prije 3 sati
Idk why his looks and talking accent is like mrbeast
p pHerse
p pHerse Prije 4 sati
Im taking physics and i didnt come here for ptsd D:
08waltew Prije 5 sati
Why is this guy wearing LeBron 18 lows lol
Lisset Garcia
Lisset Garcia Prije 6 sati
Just let it fall to the floor and the cups should jump back up and spill the liquid
Leo Sandelin
Leo Sandelin Prije 7 sati
yeah this is not an unamusing parody at all, good job boss! Hmm I wonder if anything could be done to stop you from doing stuff like this? Honestly. Please tell me.
Wahmageddon Prije 8 sati
Lids will literally do the same thing.
? Prije 8 sati
EVERYONE LOOKUP "Gematria Effect News 24"
shork Prije 9 sati
Di.Hiddleston Prije 9 sati
"the drinks can never be spilled" you've obviously never met me
l Prije 9 sati
Push on it
john wong
john wong Prije 9 sati
You sound like the little lad😳
Gacha_dawg Prije 9 sati
imagine someone actually spilled it
FrazzledMango Prije 9 sati
Not really impressive, I did this with a bucket
Monique Trujillo
Monique Trujillo Prije 10 sati
Boseph Prije 11 sati
I know some dumb people who can spill it
Owzaeer Prije 11 sati
You knew it worked because you tested it with tea the other day
Cullodena Writes
Cullodena Writes Prije 12 sati
I used to do this with a bucket when I was a child. The trick is the speed not the gadget.
Sergio Loko
Sergio Loko Prije 12 sati
raiixz Prije 13 sati
what if i just throw it..
KenjiShu Prije 13 sati
Damn I need that
AK Jay
AK Jay Prije 13 sati
So what if i get on it?😳
FireAssassin06 Prije 14 sati
Plot twist: the shoes used to be white, he was making the product look good after his shoes were dyed
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony Prije 14 sati
You are watching… a master at work
RaXXo Prije 14 sati
Idk why but when I was younger I used to fill buckets with rainwater and spin around with it just cuz I found it cool that the water didn’t "fall" out, or I didn’t spill
T Perm
T Perm Prije 14 sati
My brother has the exact same hoodie
Kevin Stobb
Kevin Stobb Prije 14 sati
I love your sweatshirt
Mystical jammy854
Mystical jammy854 Prije 14 sati
we all know someone who could manage to spill it
Till Müller
Till Müller Prije 15 sati
Oh wow…. I mean, did you never play with a bucket at 4 years old? Go on with selling stuff whats invented 5000 years ago. Obviously mankind cant grow. One of the reasons you can see here.
GM Prije 15 sati
Now dropshippers run to market this product.
BitViper Prije 15 sati
Lies, man didn’t try going forward. He only went from side to side
Zayan Ansari
Zayan Ansari Prije 15 sati
you take a bucket of water then spin over head like ou did and same thing works
Justchill Man
Justchill Man Prije 15 sati
Throw it across the garden
Lepau ;
Lepau ; Prije 15 sati
When the phones aren’t working anymore
Matthew Dooley
Matthew Dooley Prije 16 sati
Stayed up there for quite some time too? Does this mean that if I just hold it up there the glasses would affect Ely be glued to them?
Derek Carr
Derek Carr Prije 16 sati
Center* Say cen Now say Tre CenTre? Cen Ter Center.
Brenda C
Brenda C Prije 17 sati
That guy was so lucky that it work
Evie & Benny Ponies
Evie & Benny Ponies Prije 18 sati
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Prije 18 sati
Just so everyone understands, centripetal force works in a circular motion. It doesn’t work by swinging the tray side to side like he demonstrated before actually swinging the whole tray in a circle.
Fatou The Slytherin
Fatou The Slytherin Prije 18 sati
smuglife64 gaming
smuglife64 gaming Prije 18 sati
PJ Broke
PJ Broke Prije 18 sati
These could be useful for servers at restaurants
Buğra Nacar
Buğra Nacar Prije 19 sati
Turkish tea carrier:Amateurs
Nesto Prije 19 sati
I'll still find a way to spill it
r3D did iT im not imposter
Throw it in the air
ggarcia393 Prije 19 sati
This video sponsored by Aveeno lotion. Peep the knees.
Christian Balane
Christian Balane Prije 19 sati
Impposible to spill the water* That man who want to upsidedown the water: :)
yoav pavel
yoav pavel Prije 19 sati
זה הכוח הצנטריפוגלי זה לא קשור לכלי
Ramon .S
Ramon .S Prije 19 sati
Me watch the short *oh wow so cool * Also me *what is on your hoodie sir *👁️👄👁️
maria medina
maria medina Prije 20 sati
itsbrad_bot Prije 20 sati
Jolt it
james 26
james 26 Prije 20 sati
What is it your first day in earth. How is this even shocking?
Expo Lopez
Expo Lopez Prije 20 sati
Dope hoodie
Dumpling Prije 20 sati
Are used to use this with grocery bags
Kostas Mihalopoulos
Kostas Mihalopoulos Prije 21 sat
Kristina Shufelt
Kristina Shufelt Prije 21 sat
My mind is broken
Anh Babo
Anh Babo Prije 21 sat
Put it upside down
☆Lunastarwolf kat☆
👏 😮
Mashups by Dex
Mashups by Dex Prije 21 sat
The ending rotation takes advantage of g-force. You can do that without the special holder and with a bag full of items, not drinks. Just rapidly spin it over your head and not a single item will drop out of it.
mibber121 Prije 21 sat
the main part about this tray isnt the centrifugal force, its that the sway of the tray means that the cups dont bob awkwardly back and forth making the drinks spill like they do when you walk while holding them
Bluue Prije 22 sati
Brand New Glass Brand New Clothes Brand New Pants would be a good gamble
Sarisha Das
Sarisha Das Prije 22 sati
You find this tray at every indian dhaba ... What a new discovery
Crown Ghost
Crown Ghost Prije 22 sati
Fam I swear dis is the guy apparently made his own religion like tf
Branden A
Branden A Prije 22 sati
Where were these when I was a server 😭😭
LUKE777 Prije 22 sati
I have those shoes for basketball
MAYRA LITUMA Prije 22 sati
Waris Khan
Waris Khan Prije 23 sati
Akas Ahmed
Akas Ahmed Prije 23 sati
I used to do this holding a glass and throwing it in the air. The trick was to catch it upright. Heck we all used to do this as kids...
fofo syrie
fofo syrie Prije 23 sati
The west ist wild ppl in the east has been using this for decades And they r calling us third world countries
Byro Gaming
Byro Gaming Prije 23 sati
Bartender’s would have fun with this
Okami Prije 23 sati
Trip and let go of the gadget
Laur'l Flake
Laur'l Flake Prije 23 sati
You ordered the cups to shape The Hogwarts Crest 😱😱😱
CelticG Prije 23 sati
Upside down
sips tea
sips tea Prije 23 sati
It's the same with bags
Nedd Flanders
Nedd Flanders Prije 23 sati
The ol bucket of water swinging over your head trick. I guess he never learned simple things from childhood
fzjr12 Prije dan
I need one
Hydra Otaku
Hydra Otaku Prije dan
Freddy FuFu
Freddy FuFu Prije dan
Weird for adults be surprised by this.
Leon Marshall
Leon Marshall Prije dan
Filled with jelly
This is so useful for my bro , he always spills water like always
Wanna B Musician
Well it's obviously spill able if you make it go up then leave it there
kkvvllj7 Chophi
kkvvllj7 Chophi Prije dan
Wow so cool 😎😂
Matt Waffel
Matt Waffel Prije dan
I don't think inspector gadget would have this installed in him. There for this is not a gadget. It's just a drink tray.
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav Prije dan
Indian kids:::I've done this when iwas 3 lol 😂
im done with my life
JReid Prije dan
Guhly muun
name gamer
name gamer Prije dan
Fake glass
Cl0uf Prije dan
We should give these to restaurants, so that the waiters never spill the drink again.
Furretly Prije dan
congrats on learning about centripetal force
Rem Veel
Rem Veel Prije dan
Now, imagine a bracelet that could transform to that device and can accommodate regular drinking cups. That would make my life easier.
Now try it with Wine Glasses
From The Mars
From The Mars Prije dan
Well that explains it. You never had a childhood 😢
bananaSlayer Prije dan
That scream tho 😭
tisha Prije dan
dairy queen blizzard seen out of business since this video
Bläk Kneit
Bläk Kneit Prije dan
Extra Mental
Extra Mental Prije dan
Just smack it downwards - the axis that it cant control
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