Game Theory: FNAF, Goodbye Father (FNAF Security Breach Predictions) 

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FNAF Security Breach is nearly upon us! Before it arrives, I want to see if I can predict all of the twists and turns and, most of all, the ending. Today I will tell you about the future of FNAF, the end of Afton, and the rise of a certain, pigtailed animatronic. Prepare yourselves, Theorists!

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0:00 - Intro
1:24 - The Game Theorist $1 Million Challenge For St Jude Is COMING!
2:27 - Back to FNAF!
4:59 - Don't Miss Our New FNAF Theory Wear!
6:40 - What will happen in FNAF Security Breach?

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Pedro Freitas, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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23. Stu 2021.



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Kayla Sicilian
Kayla Sicilian Prije 5 dana
Matpat please pin this comment 🙂
Yurrie Prije 5 sati
MonoPlayz ;D
MonoPlayz ;D Prije 3 dana
Tape girl from Help Wanted might be vanny
Weird stuff Found here
YourAverageJoeShmoe Prije 3 dana
Wow. A lazy comment!
Sad Duck
Sad Duck Prije 2 sati
Stell Woll studioes watching like: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN
Nina Bošković
Nina Bošković Prije 2 sati
I don't know why but this episode was so funny to me, Mat was really sassy
Coffee Cartoons
Coffee Cartoons Prije 2 sati
Kakuzu is confirmed for the new game!
Phoenix PH
Phoenix PH Prije 3 sati
Music Man.
NekfinixFree Prije 3 sati
Well how about theory glamrock freddy got malfunction?
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
Let’s be honest everyone I love how excited Matpat gets when his theories are right
duck Prije 4 sati
Hard read.
[FRANKIE] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
I love how excited MatPat gets when one of his theories is right. It's like getting a question right in Kahoot
Hi matt
dReliq Prije 4 sati
I'm trying to watch this theory series in order but the Playlist is random. Does anyone have a Playlist in order?
×jAxZy sTaR×
×jAxZy sTaR× Prije 4 sati
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Matpat please pin this comment
《 • UwU bby • 》
Hello,Venom is that U?!
Iron Math
Iron Math Prije 5 sati
Thomas the dank engine
"Dababy theory" 15:20
UnevenYT Prije 5 sati
DaBaby Letts goooo
Yurrie Prije 5 sati
Nat Tan
Nat Tan Prije 5 sati
Hey, the video language is wrongly set to Korean, so the auto-generated subtitles don’t work :(
[ Billey ] H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
Matpat please pin this comment
Scythe Production
Scythe Production Prije 5 sati
Muuuusic m a n
AlonzI Prije 5 sati
Hold on markiplier finally gets to redeem himself for his trumpet solo in high school :O Those who know, know
Anigaming 2019
Anigaming 2019 Prije 5 sati
considering how MatPat has been correct for the past games, i wouldn't be surprised if he is right AGAIN
[Marghreta]-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
I love how Matpat is so enthusiastic over "MUSIC MAN" over any other character. I have a feeling where gonna see an over abundance of that one clip lol.
Lisa Ferrando
Lisa Ferrando Prije 6 sati
make a yugioh theory on film threoy dm
fun time Diaz
fun time Diaz Prije 6 sati
You know you haven't seen everything when MatPat said "Shheeeeessh"
ASTER KITING Prije 6 sati
maybe austin should make a theory why the blood is black
Sandra Lopez
Sandra Lopez Prije 6 sati
5:40 sheesh
Ender Commando
Ender Commando Prije 6 sati
once i heard corpse husband reading child books i choked on water
RainyDaisies Prije 7 sati
The tentacles look like wires ngl-
JPSuperNinja Prije 7 sati
“MUSIC MAN!” Matpat-2021
Devious Prije 7 sati
wasn't... charlie also found in a trunk in an abandoned house? - Well... og android adult charlie before Baby assumes her identity.. Yea...didn't get my head around The Fourth Closet either. AND THE PROBLEM IS I PAUSED THE VIDEO AND MADE THIS COMMENT AND THEN PRESSED PLAY ONLY FOR MATPAT TO SAY IT
Mile Clemets
Mile Clemets Prije 7 sati
My only problem with Vanny being the Nightguard is that their voices sound different.
FastApple Prije 7 sati
Security Figgas
Charity Perdue
Charity Perdue Prije 7 sati
William didn't get scooped Micheal afton got scooped that's how ennard is in Micheal bc he got scooped and he is using him as a suit
Ab Prije 7 sati
Biggest collab of the year? #teamseas
Revenix Prije 7 sati
I really REAALLY hope Fredbear’s is in the game!
Pvt Watcher
Pvt Watcher Prije 8 sati
Leave it to Matt to spoil the game before it begins😂😂😂
Aboyzing Prije 8 sati
MUSIC MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aboyzing Prije 8 sati
when ever Mat Pat says MUSIC, I know the next word is MAN
Purp_Cream Prije 8 sati
Ngl at the end of the first teaser i thought its just static
Squibka Notty
Squibka Notty Prije 8 sati
I think the tentacle might be ennard or nightmarionne or like maybe circus baby cause of the way she kills. But I'm like 5 minutes into the video so who knows
sabbath Prije 8 sati
at this point these theories are actually impressive. or concerning. both maybe
sabbath Prije 8 sati
damn shawty baby becoming crona?? ok pop off i guess
Aaron Alvaro lee 2A
Aaron Alvaro lee 2A Prije 8 sati
Its so funny when he put him saying MUSIC MAN😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AishahCraftz Prije 8 sati
Where's 'Monster in the comments Part 2: Just Some Guy Without a Mustache'?
leland wentz
leland wentz Prije 8 sati
I think the tentical monster might be enered from sister location
AishahCraftz Prije 8 sati
That 'ruining your childhood since 2011' was our childhood
AishahCraftz Prije 8 sati
Security Breach: Yet to be released MatPat: So this is how it ends...
A guy without a moustache
Hi mat pat i would appreciate it if you could pin this comment Thanks
Jasminh Craddock
Jasminh Craddock Prije 8 sati
babe wake up, matpat posted a new fnaf theory.
Franjieh Tiu
Franjieh Tiu Prije 8 sati
this guy makes sheerlock homes look like james carter
Catana Play
Catana Play Prije 8 sati
matpat shouting Music Man will now become a meme
LXW arts
LXW arts Prije 8 sati
Sponge Lantern
Sponge Lantern Prije 8 sati
Guys, its been almost 8 years.
kfcroc18 Prije 8 sati
Are you sure that it is a tentacle? Because it looks more like a cable to me. 7:12
Kid_with_an_em Prije 9 sati
isnt like, the kid we’re playing, the crying child?? I saw his ironic two strips shirt in one of the trailer, stop?? idk 🛴, i think i saw someone say this as well.
glitchkiller872 Prije 9 sati
Poor Zombie
Poor Zombie Prije 9 sati
The live game theory should be the last color/player 4
Grayzo105 Prije 9 sati
I wish I could donate money but I’m broke😢 Also another theory is that it is not a tentacle it is a group of electrical cords from a new animatronic
Bob Wilson
Bob Wilson Prije 9 sati
Music man is huge wow
Christian Moses Ambita
Hey mat what is the gender of cassidy because in novel she's a girl with black hair and in game he's a boy with blonde hair
AWJ Gacha
AWJ Gacha Prije 9 sati
This gave me nightmares last night about the baby tentacle controlling the afton bunny
XxAvAxX Prije 9 sati
My parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said game theory merch.
WhiteEyedMob Prije 9 sati
Unfortunately my exams are happening from 7th to 16th+ December I am sad can’t play security breache at launch :(
Christian Haynes
Christian Haynes Prije 9 sati
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Prije 9 sati
So the Afton Amalgamation was "Salvage" all along
Marc the spook guy
Marc the spook guy Prije 9 sati
I kept thinking of Danny Devito saying “I am the trash man”
Some random guy on the internet
4:37 i know I’m not caught up too much on fnaf lore but i have a feeling thats ennard because he’s a masked animatronic with wires all over the place and that looks like wires to me
The Mask
The Mask Prije 9 sati
I'm just thinking I think sooner or later matpat is gonna find a way to connect mario and fnaf some how I mean that sounds like a crazy idea he would do and that's why I like him he's very unpredictable sometimes
TheCreepypro Prije 10 sati
another day another fnaf theory
Some random guy on the internet
Can anybody count how much he said M U S I C M A N
Xian_99 Prije 10 sati
If this series ever ends, can you do a Genshin Impact theory series (there's quite alot of lore in Genshin, no spoilers tho)
Boss 332
Boss 332 Prije 10 sati
you need to make another full fnaf video but just for what we know now
kaidenlikesfood Prije 10 sati
also the arms litterally have paws how do you think its music man
freddy and the drip chicken
Jose Galvis
Jose Galvis Prije 10 sati
The tentacle is bill cypher
kaidenlikesfood Prije 10 sati
from fnaf 2
kaidenlikesfood Prije 10 sati
remember those legs you thought it was music man right? matt well i think it was mangles legs
SeventhGnome Prije 10 sati
Jokes on you, scott just designs his games based on your vids
Bernice Trapp
Bernice Trapp Prije 10 sati
Bernice Trapp
Bernice Trapp Prije 10 sati
NK Artizan
NK Artizan Prije 10 sati
Everyone just spam *MUSIC MAN* when matpat uploads
Vaishnavi Negi
Vaishnavi Negi Prije 10 sati
I think that tactical you are talking about are wires
Pan .c0nfetti
Pan .c0nfetti Prije 10 sati
Never would I think I would be watching a video of someone explaining why in the final fnaf game were gonna fight a giant trash rabbit controlled by a fat clown known as "Circus Baby"
Theresa Gelhar
Theresa Gelhar Prije 10 sati
Avery Logan
Avery Logan Prije 10 sati
"With yellow..eyes..?" Wow, can't believe she would join the dark side of the force. Smh what a loser 😂 Lmfao
sharky games
sharky games Prije 10 sati
heres a food theory i dare mat pat to try, the food of five nights at Freddy’s and the ingredients!
Electric Headphone Gaming
How can you ruin a childhood if YOUR that childhood? I must know
O5 Council
O5 Council Prije 11 sati
Ah yes a perfect thing to listen to because i cannot sleep
BudgetBlade Prije 11 sati
That freddy suit tho is pretty suspicious like it will be a plot twist if that suit is assisting us player to establish dominance over other animatronics and after defeating last boss Trash Afton, Freddy suit will crush us inside for his biggest obstacle has been eliminated so he no longer needs us. It's just a theory hehe so don't look to deep into it.
Ana Gagnon
Ana Gagnon Prije 11 sati
Ever thought about that instead of tenticals, it could be wires stuck together? Just a thought.
FlameXD Prije 11 sati
FNAF Security breach: Release Me who still thinks is still the sister's location era: what?
i- Prije 11 sati
Tabari Luke
Tabari Luke Prije 11 sati
anyone else gonna rewatch all of matt's fnaf vids before security breach
boom 350
boom 350 Prije 11 sati
watch as every one will take this as fact
benyopad Prije 11 sati
Me: "A mech suit where have I seen something like that before..?" Fallout: "Ahem.."
THEREALxXakaJosiah Prije 11 sati
I don't like the thumbnail
Mariachi Rat
Mariachi Rat Prije 11 sati
I have watched your channel for 6 years and i am now realizing that your channels are not name game theory or film theory or food theory it's the "The Game Theorists" i even saw the original video of you promoting food theory the day it came out and always thought your channel been named game theory, my mind is blown
F.O.X_company Prije 11 sati
Ma birthday is this week yay
We made this game SPOOKY.
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