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2. Stu 2021.



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Dracoflare 21
Dracoflare 21 Prije 2 mjeseci
Zane: Don't worry KC, we'll be responsible parents! _proceeds to give Aphmau a death ray_ XD
Kenzie_plays Prije 2 dana
Zane: gives Aphmau a death ray Aphmau: WEEEEE WOOOO
siddiqa rizwan
siddiqa rizwan Prije 19 dana
@Kashif Faridi sai wut
Kashif Faridi
Kashif Faridi Prije 19 dana
@siddiqa rizwan plz now i am geting angry
siddiqa rizwan
siddiqa rizwan Prije 20 dana
@Kashif Faridi Wut
Kashif Faridi
Kashif Faridi Prije 20 dana
Sofia Mungid
Sofia Mungid Prije 11 sati
I love how she wants to make us happy every day even though she is going through something 💛
•Clover Mxter•
•Clover Mxter• Prije 8 sati
I love how everytime when aphmau is a kid,her parents are Kacey and Zane
Avelyne Bernardo
Avelyne Bernardo Prije 2 mjeseci
*Aphmau screaming in The secret base and then me forgetting to turn my sound off* and how does the cake appear in her room lol
Melissa Rivers
Melissa Rivers Prije 12 dana
I love how all her videos start with her being hungry
Rob Tuersley
Rob Tuersley Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how she wants to make us happy every day even though she is going through something 💛
johnny cubillo
johnny cubillo Prije 13 dana
Julie Ornelas
Julie Ornelas Prije mjesec
Pls like me
Julie Ornelas
Julie Ornelas Prije mjesec
Projit Prije 2 mjeseci
To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 10k I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams..
Mali Mania
Mali Mania Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes I agree
∆ Bean_Boi ∆
∆ Bean_Boi ∆ Prije 12 dana
Zane: Here. How about I give you a early present, here's a *Death Lazer* Aph: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
∆ Bean_Boi ∆
∆ Bean_Boi ∆ Prije 6 dana
@Maylee Starr Yes Yes, it's the right thing to do.
Maylee Starr
Maylee Starr Prije 8 dana
Nothing can go wrong there giving a child a laser
♠️   Bee  ♠️ Road to 1k!
“This is so much fun! I can’t wait to drivee! Weeeeeee!” Got me :)
ฐกฤต เขื่อนเพชร
D@Rj Pmanantan Jb Iz jfhdkfd
Rj Pmanantan
Rj Pmanantan Prije 5 dana
Ivy and India
Ivy and India Prije mjesec
“Oh don’t worry KC we’ll be responsible parents” and then “ok lil on here’s a DeAtH rAy” 🤣
Rose plays # wolf gang
KC: she can be our little child! Zane: ok fine .
[sugar_berry]🍦🍇 Prije 12 dana
Facts are spoken
johnny cubillo
johnny cubillo Prije 13 dana
Hannah M
Hannah M Prije 25 dana
2 seconds later Wait NOOOO
JZane Prije mjesec
OgLood ★
OgLood ★ Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm not gonna lie This channel going to be lit in the future!!!🔥
Sahara Prije 2 mjeseci
Aphmau: is that cake for me Zane: nope cake isn’t for babies It gets me every time
Shantell Pate
Shantell Pate Prije 2 mjeseci
Marina P
Marina P Prije 26 dana
When I see mods like this, Jealousy hovers over me
Doodle Pip
Doodle Pip Prije 12 dana
Yes! I love KC and Zane as Spies! They played their roles so well! 😍💖
Pure Vanilla Cookie
Pure Vanilla Cookie Prije 9 dana
Jackson Yuill
Jackson Yuill Prije 10 dana
During one of her jumps there's Zane sitting in the corner and you can see it if you pause it at just the right time
Jonny Frese
Jonny Frese Prije 2 mjeseci
KC in every video Aphmau is a baby: Let’s adopt her Zane: Why always why
163oeverly Joseph
163oeverly Joseph Prije 3 sati
Zane does look cool without his mask.
Social4nxiety_ Prije 11 dana
It’s so cute how the dog has a little suit 😮🤭
Amirrific gamer
Amirrific gamer Prije 12 dana
I love how even tho Sylvana and Zack are playing minecraft with Aph but Zane and KC are still her parents
★Annie★ Prije 8 dana
"that's our little girl" So cute 😭💞💕
Adair Dominique Le Pere
*me just realizing that aphmau's outfit looked like th totally spies one*omg
Ashley Knox
Ashley Knox Prije 17 dana
Me laughing about Almost EVERYTHING this video says.
BonnieTheBunny Prije mjesec
7:24 this is what every kid is going to get in the future 😂
arianna coffie
arianna coffie Prije 11 dana
Kessada Jack
Kessada Jack Prije 5 dana
Haha it is so funny when aphmau said is that cake me and Zane said nope cake are not for baby🤣🤣🤣
Ava Khalila Salvador
I like how Aphmau said that she's going to be hungry soon but she has full bars of food
Debra Marriott
Debra Marriott Prije 5 dana
Aphmau: these lasers are so easy to get through Ein if he was here : ahh this is so hard
randy zhao
randy zhao Prije 2 mjeseci
Finally Zane’s mask was gone! I’ve been waiting so long!
Haylie Rios-Zuniga
Haylie Rios-Zuniga Prije 2 dana
Zane: worry kc, we will be responsible parents Gives her a death ray and sends her to a dangerous mission
Jonathon Williams
Jonathon Williams Prije 2 mjeseci
I like how Zane and kc just find her and turn her into what they are
🦌Christmas🎄 Prije 2 mjeseci
Omg I haven’t watched u in soooooooooooooooo long thank u for making me happy
Mahwish Aitesam
Mahwish Aitesam Prije 4 dana
When Zane take up his mask he is cuteeeeee
Charlotte Ging
Charlotte Ging Prije 11 dana
XD when zane said but how about a new toy and he pulled out a rocket launcher looking gun it was so funny i laughed all night XD
One Them
One Them Prije 10 dana
How she said it’s probably something bad and then just went in there now that is pure funniness
johnny cubillo
johnny cubillo Prije 13 dana
I just love the part where Aphmau says: *gasp* is that cake for me!?! Zane:nope cake is not for baby's.
johnny cubillo
johnny cubillo Prije 13 dana
Potato Boba
Potato Boba Prije mjesec
Nobody going to talk about how zane ISN'T wearing a mask?
🌸BellaBlitzi🌸 Prije mjesec
When it shows the first technical difficulties picture I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around Zane hugging a pillow with Kawaii Chan on it
Melody Prije 2 mjeseci
This vid reminded me of my favourite tv show when i was a kid called spy kids
Melissa Close
Melissa Close Prije mjesec
little aphmau you look so cute in that outfit it so cute and adorable
Creshawn Morgan
Creshawn Morgan Prije 2 mjeseci
She sounds so cute when she's a baby
♥︎Jᴇʟʟʏ ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ♫
I used to watch you when i was 6!! Congrats you have grown
Kayo-San Prije mjesec
How Old Are You Now?
Brittany Ruvalcaba
Brittany Ruvalcaba Prije 2 mjeseci
I was laughing so hard I fell off my chair and hit my head on the wall and started choking and of course my head had a bump
xJelly_gachax Prije mjesec
First time I’ve seen Zane without his mask XD
Itz Rebecca
Itz Rebecca Prije mjesec
Everyone focusing about how cute KC’s outfit is Me; WHATTTT ZANE WITHOUT MASK
Susana Quezada
Susana Quezada Prije 2 mjeseci
Pierce: *looks at aph* Also pierce: *predents not to notice* Aph: eek! Pov of aph: HE SAW ME HE PROBALLY SAW ME BETTER HIDE IN MORE!
Lupita Jiménez
Lupita Jiménez Prije 2 mjeseci
Dayna Agatha M. Villa
Lovin how its always zane and kc adopting her
Pokèmon Plushie squad
Pokèmon Plushie squad Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how Zane and Kc are always Aph's Parents
Adrian Aristizabal
Adrian Aristizabal Prije 12 dana
johnny cubillo
johnny cubillo Prije 13 dana
So true
Coding Queen
Coding Queen Prije 23 dana
Not always but 99% and they're so cute together
siddiqa rizwan
siddiqa rizwan Prije 23 dana
Yep zane pov: Here a is deathray for are you! Me: totally responsible parent trp
Dixie _10
Dixie _10 Prije mjesec
Christopher Hartman
Christopher Hartman Prije 14 dana
I love the line, "Blasting Off Again", like Team Rocket from Pokemon.
Cruzin with Kal
Cruzin with Kal Prije 14 dana
yeah I realized that as well
Jason Skinner
Jason Skinner Prije mjesec
The part I love most about this video is that the puppy is wearing a bow tie!!!!!!!!🐺🐶👔
Niurvis Gomez
Niurvis Gomez Prije 11 dana
Right after
johnny cubillo
johnny cubillo Prije 13 dana
So true I love it
Nikki Vickers
Nikki Vickers Prije mjesec
finally zane without his mask
kaysen bihner
kaysen bihner Prije 6 dana
Zane: No Cake cake isn't for babies. also Zane: Here how about a new toy. The new toy: Rpg
Congrats reaching 12 M lol
siddiqa rizwan
siddiqa rizwan Prije 24 dana
aph in almost every adopted by video:PUPPY!
Lauren Polzin
Lauren Polzin Prije 2 mjeseci
Dude is this just me or does Zane look older without his hood on?
Susan Mitchell
Susan Mitchell Prije 9 dana
"Technical difficulties we'll be right back" at 7:27
Jonathan Amaro
Jonathan Amaro Prije mjesec
I really love her videos and it's funny too
Lola Butter
Lola Butter Prije 26 dana
Tell Kc that every time I watch you she’s the one asking the questions and also the first to like say “Let’s adopt aphmau!” Or something but I love your videos!
ꨄDonut's Channelꨄ
I REALLY Need To Tell Aphmau Something About A Little Game This Game Is A Little Bit Like Minecraft But It Is Called Craftsman
SASSY BUT SWEET Prije 29 dana
In the thumbnail zane is looking really good
Marko Sivak
Marko Sivak Prije 5 dana
F.X97 Prije mjesec
Zane:*doesn't wear his mask for the whole video* Me:"That's so UNNATURAL" KC:"That is like this since I kissed him on the cheek yesterday" Me:"1.still unnatural, 2. SHIP" *Later* Me:"Kim instand of doing crimes with Pierce, do want to BORROW MY BOOKS, I kept forget to read because of OP lazyness?" Kim:"Ohhhhhhh- Books!"
Timothy Coats
Timothy Coats Prije 2 dana
I saw someone in the background and I think it's pircer or kim
cocofgh Prije 6 dana
It's nice to see Zanes face
Arwen Bopst
Arwen Bopst Prije 2 mjeseci
Aphmau:aahh I get a spy outfit! Zane: but we have to conserve trate on her spy skills
Kathy Madden
Kathy Madden Prije mjesec
Aphmau I'm the biggest fan and I always watch your videos London
danchel deuz
danchel deuz Prije 17 dana
Laura Morin
Laura Morin Prije 11 dana
I just love this series 😍
Life Of Erica
Life Of Erica Prije 2 mjeseci
Aphmau: Shes got a grappling hook she’s a crazy lady Kim: I’ll show you crazy get over here!! According to Zane babies can not eat Cake but can go around doing dangerous missions- sounds about right
Omar-Bre Morey
Omar-Bre Morey Prije mjesec
Eleni Sparkles
Eleni Sparkles Prije mjesec
I love how aphmau and her friends use rocket launchers against Ein and Kim
TolerantZero842 Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey aph been subbed for a long time just bought merch! It came in the mail today itssss werewolf cat! Oh and how the family🙂
Zeek Hurse
Zeek Hurse Prije mjesec
Life lesson Aphmau You can't just randomly adopt people that's kidnapping
YTTheGreatest08 Prije 10 dana
o hey now i know how to get in their base.
Slush heart the wolf
Kc: Aww she’s so cute can we keep her. Zane:fine
Daizy Karim
Daizy Karim Prije 9 dana
Lol lovebirds
Lana Ginns
Lana Ginns Prije 12 dana
Jelly baby
Jelly baby Prije 19 dana
@Siinead Slattery hah
HenryNotFound Prije 20 dana
Siinead Slattery
Siinead Slattery Prije 22 dana
Ql A allllllll lll l L L l ll L aall
{ƭօɢǟ~ƈɦǟռ} #RoadTo200
Zane And KC Are The Best Minecraft Parents You Could Ever Ask For
Catbunnyc Prije 5 dana
Love the Pokémon team rocket reference!
Soaptisserie Prije mjesec
Zane looks weird without the thing covering his mouth
Zeze TV
Zeze TV Prije 8 dana
17:54 also for this part ummmm not much but I would say "... you know I could still move my hand right because it's minecraft logic soooooo....... YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS TO RUN"
TJ Prije 2 mjeseci
The thing that kept distracting me is the fact that Zane isn't wearing his face mask but he's usually wearing
Eva Strang
Eva Strang Prije 2 mjeseci
Zane: don’t worry we will be responsible parents! 2 seconds later gets her death ray Me: aww, I wish my parents were like that
Jonny Lucas
Jonny Lucas Prije 21 dan
Jonny Lucas
Jonny Lucas Prije 21 dan
Krystie Bartlett
Krystie Bartlett Prije 28 dana
@Bacon me
lacersbug Prije mjesec
@Bacon elora Please roblox
Sloane Prije mjesec
What is robucks
DMILL523 Prije mjesec
Thank you for the idea of the plushies aph, I don’t know what would happen if you did not have them thanks for the idea of the reindeer cat plush. I am a HUGE fan of yours.
Darren Guthrie
Darren Guthrie Prije 5 dana
I love it so much
kali awesome
kali awesome Prije mjesec
"blasting off again" anyone who has watched pokemon will get that XD
Diella's toy and gaming fun channel
Zane looks nice without his mask
ZoroPlayz Prije mjesec
Gamer Visveish
Gamer Visveish Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how every adopted by video of u r s start with hello does anybody have some food even tho u r hunger bar is full
Soso Oeur
Soso Oeur Prije 2 mjeseci
Snowpaw🌌 Prije 2 mjeseci
Bahhahahhahahaha true!
icarry 05
icarry 05 Prije 2 mjeseci
icarry 05
icarry 05 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mya Asconeguy uj
icarry 05
icarry 05 Prije 2 mjeseci
MimiGaming Prije 2 mjeseci
Aphmau: OH IS THAT CAKE Zane: nope cake is not for babies
Kalyn Miller
Kalyn Miller Prije 6 dana
The Soldier's a Spy!!!!!
White Vanilla
White Vanilla Prije mjesec
When i heard blasting off again, i was like "POKEMON!!"
Lottie Curry
Lottie Curry Prije 2 mjeseci
The front of it it looks so cute
Zenaida Billones
Zenaida Billones Prije 2 mjeseci
Haha i laughed when zane said its time for you guys to bounce!
Jojo Moss
Jojo Moss Prije mjesec
Meina gao
Meina gao Prije mjesec
I like it when aphmau petted a dog
Gius - Eligius Jayben G. Reyes
aphmau i love your adopted videos
Did any one see Zane when aphmau was jumping on the skinny rocks
Ner Santiago
Ner Santiago Prije 6 dana
Bro finally we see Zane's LIPS!... Which is a straight line...
Clarice Pritchard
Clarice Pritchard Prije 22 dana
Hey, kc you know that Zane is all ways weird to you so he loves you and has a crush on you.😊🤩😍🤭
Clarice Pritchard
Clarice Pritchard Prije 22 dana
Kaytlyn G
Kaytlyn G Prije 2 mjeseci
Can we appreciate that Aphmau is always thinking of different ideas about posting? And that she posts EVERY day?
Projit Prije 2 mjeseci
To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 10k I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams..
Cathy Semigak
Cathy Semigak Prije mjesec
It’s funny when Zane said it’s time to bounce
Haziz Madon
Haziz Madon Prije 2 mjeseci
"You might not be old enough for cake but what about a new toy/rocket launcher"-Zane 2021
Yograj Jagdeo
Yograj Jagdeo Prije 2 mjeseci
Kasey : Zane we should adopt the her /zane : yeah wait what but Kasey were spies
arianna coffie
arianna coffie Prije 25 dana
i never ever saw zane without his mask. and the BABY IS CRAZY!!!
Sophie Theboomer
Sophie Theboomer Prije 14 dana
15:36 MaYbE I WaS BeInG mEaN tO tHeM bY wAnTiNG SoMuCh CaKe... them: BuT thEY aLso HAve a SeCRet PlAyGrOuNd ThErE nOt ShArInG WiTh yOu... aphmau: >:OOOOOOOOOOOOO
Aqsa Mahmood
Aqsa Mahmood Prije 2 mjeseci
APHMAUUU!!!! I FINALLY GOT ONE OF YOUR MERCH HOODIES! Not know but will come next week!! i love u and the merch,can u plz make a video where u make Jason/Aaron Jealous PLZZZ
Dylan's amazing fx
Dylan's amazing fx Prije 10 dana
For the first time Zane doesn't have his mask on