Exercise Ball Racing Is AWESOME 🔴🟡 

How Ridiculous
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22. Stu 2021.



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How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous Prije mjesec
Watch us play GIANT Connect 4 here:
Nahya Azahra
Nahya Azahra Prije 2 dana
Yellow yellow
Welcome to Keke's World
What ok
Rahmat Ullah
Rahmat Ullah Prije 6 dana
Judy is niiiii
Rajkumar jangam Jangam
Eric h
Kiara Kovacsova
Kiara Kovacsova Prije 8 dana
@Donald M. L90l90
Discover Vietnam TV
Discover Vietnam TV Prije mjesec
This is a great fun time for sure
LT Prije 9 sati
@Jesse Firman well i believe in Islam
Jesse Firman
Jesse Firman Prije 12 sati
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Nahya Azahra
Nahya Azahra Prije 2 dana
Langgatan Cotidie
Langgatan Cotidie Prije 3 dana
@TheGamer57 j
Kali N
Kali N Prije 4 dana
YVNG_DAN Prije 24 dana
محمد عبده
محمد عبده Prije 5 dana
مدري ليش شجعت الأصفر 😅😅
Irfan 03
Irfan 03 Prije 5 dana
@Itze Bolanos ,x
Katerin Del Aguila Navrro
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis Prije 9 dana
Red just completely threw the match by missing those shots later on in the video
Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha Prije 12 dana
It shows that if someone has a lead in game/life it doesn't mean you are failled.. It means just try your best with patience you can still win...
Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha Prije 3 dana
@Deepa Parakkal its all about perception and mindset....!!! if it looks cringe to someone its okay......let it be..!! i know.. you know ... we know .... that's all...!!! thanx for your kind support🙏
Dimitrí Quinton
Dimitrí Quinton Prije 4 dana
@Deepa Parakkal no, it's cringe hahaha
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal Prije 4 dana
That *is* kind of inspirational!
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal Prije 4 dana
@Dimitrí Quinton You're cringe, the commenter's just speaking facts
Dimitrí Quinton
Dimitrí Quinton Prije 5 dana
Реальный Prije 12 dana
Классная игра 👍 Очень позитивно 😃
stars and sus
stars and sus Prije 5 dana
@Mayette Baldovino I can't translate it
Mayette Baldovino
Mayette Baldovino Prije 6 dana
maggie Prije 16 dana
*can we just appreciate these shorts make our day interesting*
sophia Rapu
sophia Rapu Prije mjesec
Just shows in life, that it’s not always everyone who starts first, finishes best or wins. So be grateful for where you are in due time you are gonna reach those goals, don’t give up ❤️
Jean Kasakanta
Jean Kasakanta Prije 15 dana
@Nomadic sorry that you are shallow minded
Jean Kasakanta
Jean Kasakanta Prije 15 dana
Thank you for mentioning this ! Exactly what i thought
Olivia Stephenson
Olivia Stephenson Prije mjesec
Jesus she’s a bit sassy 💁‍♀️
Ravi Bawa
Ravi Bawa Prije mjesec
@Rafanda Zoya Budiman j
Pərvanə Rəcəbli
Pərvanə Rəcəbli Prije mjesec
@Sajal Tarofdar qa
Zehra Shah
Zehra Shah Prije 18 dana
Wow! Look so much fun. I would love to do something like that.
Tumaini Anthony
Tumaini Anthony Prije 28 dana
So funny and happy moment guys you always make me smile when I watch you videos.
CrystalPixiedust Prije 13 dana
As the old saying goes "Slow and steady wins the race "
Barbie and Disney Princess World
Yellow and black both are my favourite colour and from the beginning I was in the support of yellow and finally yellow won . No matter all colours are good and the red guy also played this game very well .
Dhani Shadow
Dhani Shadow Prije 11 dana
Kuning masuk apineraka
قناة الرعب The horror
Amazing ❤
👑Malhar👑 Prije mjesec
Any hindi or english is here🙄
AR GAMAR YT Prije mjesec
@Lara Ketlen @ql@()1lq 2iiij III uidai Iran military uuu
Shantilata Mahapatra
@Lara Ketlen iudji
The Deep Thinkers
The Deep Thinkers Prije mjesec
MrBeast World
MrBeast World Prije 17 dana
Can we appreciate all the good work that's so satisfying😊😊🤗🤭
Latoya Jai
Latoya Jai Prije 5 dana
This game look sick 💥
Foodies Goodies N Travel
This is awesome fun for sure !!
Mihaela Kinna
Mihaela Kinna Prije 6 dana
This seems hella fun!I want to play iiit
Brother Mike
Brother Mike Prije mjesec
I can honestly say, I enjoyed watching them having so much fun. This would be a good time for sure.
Yvonne Katie
Yvonne Katie Prije mjesec
@Discover Vietnam TV h he I’m
Gricelda Ramírez mora
@Marieaz Cute lñ
francisco polanco
francisco polanco Prije mjesec
bu ' o @Chris Ascolesi
Khadija Charhoune
Khadija Charhoune Prije mjesec
@Marieaz Cuteثثث
future  @&#*!₩¥@
future @&#*!₩¥@ Prije 22 sati
I love when he throw the red ball at yellow instead throwing it to win
Emelyy Ramoss
Emelyy Ramoss Prije 2 dana
It’s not a mistake✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨
Unexpected Moments
Unexpected Moments Prije 11 dana
Dunkey Prije 9 dana
Love this! Keep it up
dilla donuts
dilla donuts Prije mjesec
Herron really can’t catch a break on these challenges lol
Agung Mulyana
Agung Mulyana Prije mjesec
Makanan mentah
Hanane Benghali
Hanane Benghali Prije mjesec
@Kimput Permana 2y2¹
K. Dex
K. Dex Prije mjesec
@Kimput Permana Golden frog
MusicalJackknife Prije mjesec
@Herzy lol sure
Herzy Prije mjesec
@MusicalJackknife what you’re trying to say is Stanford is an exceptional ball slinger while Brett slings ball occasionally
Charmi Padalia
Charmi Padalia Prije 20 dana
Amazing.. I liked this game 🤩🤗
Nta Michael
Nta Michael Prije 3 dana
What a game of fun,.lovely 🌹 and interesting.
Cindy Ortiz
Cindy Ortiz Prije 16 dana
looks fun! i want to try!!!
Simply Amazing
Simply Amazing Prije 9 dana
Looks soo fun! Where can I get this game?
Fernando Guardado
Fernando Guardado Prije mjesec
This is something I would play 24/7 it looks extremely fun
Gaurav Chandel
Gaurav Chandel Prije mjesec
Bot Hoih
Bot Hoih Prije mjesec
Ha ha
xenogul Prije mjesec
Arzian Abd mohamad
Arzian Abd mohamad Prije mjesec
@Kurnia Rahmadani ⁰⁰
Юлия Гасымова
@Kurnia Rahmadani хххх 11
doliio volay
doliio volay Prije 27 dana
I love this game so amazing 🤩
Familia is THE Best
Familia is THE Best Prije 23 dana
I wish they can say where they got the set? That will be great for the kids..
Sumi Deb
Sumi Deb Prije mjesec
I love this game so amazing 🤩
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Prije 29 dana
Uprising ✌︎︎
Uprising ✌︎︎ Prije 17 dana
as a fellow Australian i love these vids
LUCKY TV1 Prije 15 dana
I love this game 🎮
Berkan Karabulut
Berkan Karabulut Prije mjesec
*This is something I would play 24/7 it looks extremely fun*
Snigdha Joshi
Snigdha Joshi Prije mjesec
@herminia g nieto bruh🗿
herminia g nieto
herminia g nieto Prije mjesec
This is something I would play 24/7 it looks extremely fun
herminia g nieto
herminia g nieto Prije mjesec
This is something I would play 24/7 it looks extremely fun
Anthony Dubose
Anthony Dubose Prije 11 dana
That looks like fun. 👍👍
RAZU FOOD BUZZ Prije 3 dana
I want to play this , amazing 😻
Cynthia Tjipuka
Cynthia Tjipuka Prije 28 dana
Are we going to ignore the contagious laugh of the camera man/commentator? 😂😂🤣🤣😅🤩👌🙏
yabaleki Prije 25 dana
This looks so fun.
Miftah's TV
Miftah's TV Prije mjesec
Very Awesome!
Md Foysal YT
Md Foysal YT Prije 23 dana
Hai dusra Bhag
Anelea1629 Prije mjesec
Das video ist cool von Elena Ambrosi
Subodh Sah
Subodh Sah Prije mjesec
Diana K,T
Diana K,T Prije mjesec
Local Boys
Local Boys Prije 23 dana
Nice challenge.. Nice video.. My mind relaxed😃😃😃😃
Easy Rasmi
Easy Rasmi Prije 6 dana
Great lesson: Never Give Up
Wani Midhat
Wani Midhat Prije 6 dana
Moral:never give up!😍
Butterfly 🦋
Butterfly 🦋 Prije 18 dana
Loved it 😍😂
777Timberwolf Prije mjesec
LOL.... you guys are funny as heck. Keep up the good fun and games going = love them all.
Faze Kp
Faze Kp Prije 18 dana
I just love every second of it . ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍😂
Prije 4 dana
Congratulations 👏 for not giving up.
Liberty Eve
Liberty Eve Prije 17 dana
How do you make the towers!? Super cool!
Amreenmahi Sultana H
Amreenmahi Sultana H Prije 25 dana
I learnt from this is never give up...👍try try try again success will follow u
karolcia 7884
karolcia 7884 Prije mjesec
This shows how to never give up. Always do your best!
Payel Chatterjee
Payel Chatterjee Prije mjesec
@FlipAnimations ffirltwg
Ms.FerretManThing Prije mjesec
@LimitlessIdiot and that's your perspective, if someone found a lesson out of it they are entitled to finding a lesson out of it. Internet is really full of people trying to rain on someone's parade.
herminia g nieto
herminia g nieto Prije mjesec
This shows how to never give up. Alway do you best!
Thi dung Nguyen
Thi dung Nguyen Prije mjesec
@Rebotile Florah 000000
Thi dung Nguyen
Thi dung Nguyen Prije mjesec
@Destwin Eshun 000s
Apurva Palkar
Apurva Palkar Prije 12 dana
Love this game
Amber Kelly
Amber Kelly Prije 28 dana
Good job I'm proud of you
Bigsis124 Prije 19 dana
😂 awesome idea!
Amina Ba
Amina Ba Prije 5 dana
Soo fun 🤩
mrankushtechnical Prije mjesec
But why you are supporting the left one ?
Kailkar Prije mjesec
I was supporting the yellow one
Radhika viche
Radhika viche Prije mjesec
@Francesca Gracie true ..😂
Francesca Gracie
Francesca Gracie Prije mjesec
How do u know that I'm supporting the left one?
Dharmendra Nayak
Dharmendra Nayak Prije 25 dana
This is awesome 😎
Sarah Denovan
Sarah Denovan Prije 5 dana
We’re not gonna talk about how red tactically missed to block gold near the start.
Leah Nillos
Leah Nillos Prije 18 dana
Nice game....i love it....🥰🥰🥰
stephane marbaise
stephane marbaise Prije 14 dana
Amazing ❤️
SuperHuman Prije mjesec
Moral: " When you know you can't win don't let your opponent win either"
SuperHuman Prije mjesec
@Ashish Rana 😂
Ashish Rana
Ashish Rana Prije mjesec
@SuperHuman CIA deletes comments
Anju kunwar
Anju kunwar Prije mjesec
Yeah !! 😂😂
SuperHuman Prije mjesec
HRburn is deleting my replies lol
SuperHuman Prije mjesec
@Lawy Mawy fan of?
Arijit Dasgupta
Arijit Dasgupta Prije 24 dana
Trust me i ws just laughing😂😂... It must b such fun
Dorinha Celestino
Dorinha Celestino Prije 12 dana
💛 Eu sabia que o amarelo ia vencer Eu acreditei no amarelo e consegui
Miss gorgeous 💗
Miss gorgeous 💗 Prije 27 dana
This is amazing 😁😁😁😁
корлан кайыркенова
Very awesome!
everything on my channel
I really appreciate & recognize all you have done 💐 you are really an efficient and organized personality 😀its still lovely to watch a person with a new & different perspective 💝 keep uploading like this excellent contects 😍stay blessed 🙌🏻stay connected
Arjun Mehra
Arjun Mehra Prije 24 dana
Well done 😃
seema 2021 sharma
seema 2021 sharma Prije 15 dana
It's amazing game 😀👍🥰🥰
multiplegamesman Prije 21 dan
you smashed the view count guys! congrats!!
brenda hartsfield
brenda hartsfield Prije 16 dana
That was so amazing
Harmanjot Singh
Harmanjot Singh Prije 16 dana
Slow and steady win the race 😂😌😎
ACE JAI WC ACE JAI WC Prije 14 dana
Awesome 🤩
HiT Boy's CoMeDy⭐
HiT Boy's CoMeDy⭐ Prije 27 dana
I love it 💙💙
Iva Savou
Iva Savou Prije 16 dana
I watch your videos because you’re my favourite HRburnr in the whole HRburn channel app
Hudson Exelby
Hudson Exelby Prije mjesec
Can we take a moment to realise that this is their most viewed video by far!!! Keep it up guys
TuftyTerr0r Prije 15 dana
@anon ymouse Yeah my channel is small with 26 subs and 2,000 view, but half the view are from just 2 shorts.
dtiydr Prije 24 dana
Yea someting is toally not right here, was it aired or something?
jiji j van
Adam Place
Adam Place Prije mjesec
@anon ymouse I think it means more that it is easier to view multiple times. In 20 minutes you can view a 1 minute video 20 times, and a 20 minute video once. Views aren't everything.
anon ymouse
anon ymouse Prije mjesec
There are so many bot comments though! Most viewed videos are shorts, which proves how peanut-brained short attention span people got these days!
Janice Douglas
Janice Douglas Prije 14 dana
I love your challenges can you make more
Shima Hossain
Shima Hossain Prije 13 dana
I wanna play this game 🎮 😩
sgt_rose Prije 11 dana
"it's not a mistake ✨ it's a masterpiece ✨ "
Keith Truesdell
Keith Truesdell Prije 3 dana
So funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JJJ Love
JJJ Love Prije mjesec
I know this is just a game but I also think this can be a metaphor for struggles in life. Look how the yellow player was losing at first and it didn't seem like they were going to win at all, but suddenly he redeemed himself and was victorious. We can look at life that way and say even though things might not be going our way at first, it's important not to give up.
Shahbaz Khan
Shahbaz Khan Prije mjesec
I was thinking same
crystal eyes
crystal eyes Prije mjesec
Wow I thought the same😇
asif nisar
asif nisar Prije 12 dana
I also want to play this game😂😂
نجود الحارثي
كانت البداية والنهاية مختلفة دائماً الرابح من يربح أخيراً😉
DarkestStxrFTF Prije 20 dana
Aimeka Ab Aziz
Aimeka Ab Aziz Prije 12 dana
Just Watching it is fun, magine taking part in this game.. 😆😆
Jellybean Prije 12 dana
“Its not a mistake”✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨
Jellybean Prije 12 dana
“Its not a mistake”✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨
Jellybean Prije 12 dana
“Its not a mistake”✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨
Banking Aspirant
Banking Aspirant Prije 25 dana
Don't judge a book by its cover 👍 I thought that the red ball will win but no yellow ball just changed the game ❤️❤️❤️
EvoEvan Nismo
EvoEvan Nismo Prije mjesec
I never seen this before but this looks fun as hell 😁😁😁😁
Chris Blankenship
Chris Blankenship Prije mjesec
Nice job. I'm talking about the yellow team 😂
Trendy Stars WhatsApp status
Slow and steady wins the race
Vegan Power House
Vegan Power House Prije 2 dana
I need to do this!!!
masterpiece✨✨ Prije 11 dana
its not a mistake its a masterpiece✨✨✨✨
Bots Weekend Covers
Bots Weekend Covers Prije mjesec
You guys have entirely toooooo much fun :)
MEDIA KEEDA Prije 26 dana
Legends wanted yellow one to win
dominica smith
dominica smith Prije 13 dana
Looks like so much fun
Júlio César
Júlio César Prije 4 dana
That looks fun!!!
Cody Quach Do 2022
Cody Quach Do 2022 Prije 16 dana
I love it when yellow wins
Sam Prije mjesec
When he tried to sabotage him it somehow backfired and sabotaged himself
Sona Chandekar
Sona Chandekar Prije 28 dana
@NikeBoyPlaysYT0 9
Zyrja Krasniqi
Zyrja Krasniqi Prije mjesec
Khushi Gandhi
Khushi Gandhi Prije mjesec
Lmao so true😂😂😂😂😂
JELLY Hi :) Prije mjesec
NikeBoyPlaysYT0 Prije mjesec
Im happy that im the 1,000th like in this comment lol
Mhea mae
Mhea mae Prije 14 dana
I love this game ❤️💖💖💖💖💕💕💕
MSKN Mathematics
MSKN Mathematics Prije 20 dana
Unexpected win by gold team
Consoled soul
Consoled soul Prije 18 dana
Slow and steady wins the race😂😎
Merium's Fan Girl
Merium's Fan Girl Prije 2 dana
Amazing game
Mayank Dwivedi
Mayank Dwivedi Prije mjesec
The satisfaction when underdog wins is next level honestly 🤤🤤
#Mou64 Prije mjesec
lazyatbeinglazy games
Except for the fact that red quit even though they could have easily won.
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