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For this weeks video we did a little compitioin with our hombres to see who could make the best enchiladas! We wanted to prove our selves to be wifey material!! We both had no idea how to make enchiladas so we had to work with our partner to make our own recipe! Let's just say, we did not expect the results.. Hope you guys enjoyed the video and got a good laugh!!
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Louie's Life
Louie's Life Prije godine
Are you Team BBL🍑 or Team Chile🌶 ??!!
vkook Isshook
vkook Isshook Prije 2 mjeseci
@s a n d r a ggdgui
Elizabeth’s_life Prije 2 mjeseci
Team bbl🍑
xxhearts_daisy Prije 4 mjeseci
U know i gotta pick bbl
Elianie Prije 5 mjeseci
bbl baby
Ashly Ortiz
Ashly Ortiz Prije 5 mjeseci
Diego Luna
Diego Luna Prije godine
I love how Victor and Fern are the ones taking everything serious while Louie and Laura out here having a blast
Brenda espinoza
Brenda espinoza Prije 5 mjeseci
Beat the Challenge
Beat the Challenge Prije 8 mjeseci
@CHEPERON victor
Ana Prije godine
@CHEPERON I think it’s Laura fiance
CHEPERON Prije godine
Who’s the tall guy ?
Jonathan H.
Jonathan H. Prije godine
Period man ! 😂😂🤍
Jackie Luna
Jackie Luna Prije godine
Laura: “ I don’t cook, I don’t clean”🥳😆 Louie: “But let me show you how I lost this ring”🤣 Now that made me spit my drink, hasta se me salió por la nariz 😭😅
Riel Prije godine
@Jasmine Molina 7:12
Jasmine Molina
Jasmine Molina Prije godine
Me trying to rewind but can’t find that part 😭😂, timeline?
aaliayhs 💕.
aaliayhs 💕. Prije godine
soooooo ... we not gon talk about how louie was saying “bit it” then switched it to “biden” 😂😂😂. i died.
Mari Hipolito
Mari Hipolito Prije 8 mjeseci
Dude Im so stupid I re watch that part so many times and I'm just getting it now🧍‍♀️
O . K
O . K Prije 9 mjeseci
xd steph ツ
xd steph ツ Prije godine
@Dayanara Aniceto Carranza yeah they’re :)!
ItsMar Prije godine
@sofie v 5:19
sofie v
sofie v Prije godine
where in the video?
Michelle C
Michelle C Prije godine
Evelyn yesirr
Evelyn yesirr Prije godine
broo Luis humor and laura’s laugh makes everything funnier😂.
Kyria J. Ortiz
Kyria J. Ortiz Prije godine
SHOOK BITCH Prije godine
Frrr he always laffin with her 🥺🥺
Henessy Gonzales
Henessy Gonzales Prije godine
Shell S
Shell S Prije godine
e dont look at my playlists
itsssyoyo Prije godine
Louie, “that is not 1/4” Laura, dramatic turn, “it’s a quarter” 😂💀 the chiles reaction 😂
Oh HaNi
Oh HaNi Prije 11 mjeseci
Louie really brings out the laughter in ppl.. Laure is always laughing lmao and I feel like the type of person Louie is, he brings out a more comfortable and relaxed side from other ppl. He's always making them laugh.
Lesli Martinez
Lesli Martinez Prije godine
Laura: so there’s 4 quarters there’s only 1 quarter Louie: so 75 cents Laura: yea 😭😭😭had me rolling
Karen Espinoza
Karen Espinoza Prije godine
the fact that he forgot to add salt and didn’t realize until the chiles were seasoning theirs lmao😂
LVE FAMILY Prije godine
Petition to get Laura a new laugh ❤️
Kat.ex3 Prije 5 mjeseci
@AxxL 😂😂😂 what??
Diana Santiago
Diana Santiago Prije 6 mjeseci
Irais Vargas Perez
Irais Vargas Perez Prije 7 mjeseci
Angel Marie
Angel Marie Prije 8 mjeseci
No thanks, I laugh when she does it's so contagious. Well, in my opinion lol
Jasmin Sandoval
Jasmin Sandoval Prije godine
Noooo i love her laugh it make me laugh
Yuridia Gonzalez
Yuridia Gonzalez Prije godine
“Me as a life lesson” and “Me as a mess up” should be printed on to shirts 😂😂
Karina Amezcua
Karina Amezcua Prije godine
Lmaooo I died when louie said “ PERIOD alright let’s go get some real food “ 😂🤣
Melissa Palacios
Melissa Palacios Prije godine
It’s so cute how fern is new at all this HRburn thing but the amount of support he has for Louie is literally goals🥺😭😭
Jazmin Jaime
Jazmin Jaime Prije godine
Laura: “it tastes like onions” Me: i wonder why 😂
Monica Saldivar
Monica Saldivar Prije godine
Okay but louies humor is one of a kind he always has everyone around him and everyone watching him cracking upppp😂
Kyle Lifestyle
Kyle Lifestyle Prije godine
@Ayveh Great working from home as usual. I'm Kylie from London and you?
Ayveh Prije godine
@Kyle Lifestyle Good and it's going by fast, thank you! How is yours?
Kyle Lifestyle
Kyle Lifestyle Prije godine
@•kåwåîî bėår• Hello Mary 👏 nice to meet you, How're you doing?
Kyle Lifestyle
Kyle Lifestyle Prije godine
@Ayveh Hello Ayveh 👏 How is your day going?
Neutral Commentor
Neutral Commentor Prije godine
@Areli • hmmm
Leslie Reyna
Leslie Reyna Prije godine
9:14 look at Louie’s boyfriend when he burnt his hand on the blender🥺 I love you guyssss💜💜
Javier Osorio
Javier Osorio Prije 10 mjeseci
Ikr he was about to grab him
Sophia Cassandra Gomez
Ik it was soo cutee
Blu1 123
Blu1 123 Prije 6 mjeseci
Louie neverrrrr fails to make me laugh 😂 I love him❤️❤️
JoannaMarie Gomez
JoannaMarie Gomez Prije godine
I have not laughed this hard in my life. I have a two pack after this video. Everyone’s laugh, especially Laura’s, is super contagious🤣😂. And Louie’s persona is life for me.😌
Heavenlys Mama
Heavenlys Mama Prije godine
“What kind of water” LMFAOOOO ME COOKING I FELT THAT😂😂 my fave collabs 😍
Heavenlys Mama
Heavenlys Mama Prije godine
@Ree yes! I believe it’s the LVE fam! She has another video with Loui that’s just as hilarious 😂
Ree Prije godine
The other couple has a channel? I didn't watch yet lol
Karla Martinez
Karla Martinez Prije godine
Victor: "i learned more because i watched you guys mess up" Louie: "me as a life lesson" Lmfaooooooo meeeeeeeee 😭
Aleksandra Cano
Aleksandra Cano Prije mjesec
@Carolina Magana honey I don’t know who you call a loser but definitely not louie
Izzy Jey
Izzy Jey Prije 3 mjeseci
Carolina Magana
Carolina Magana Prije godine
LouLou Lou
LouLou Lou Prije godine
You guys are so funny. I love Laura's cute laugh. She is so down to earth!
Yazmin Arenas
Yazmin Arenas Prije godine
I didn’t learn how to make enchiladas but I learned to learn from peoples mistakes and I can say that’s more than enough 💛💛 thanks victor
Dianne V.
Dianne V. Prije 11 mjeseci
“It taste like onions” “Pos si u put a pound” 😂😂😂😂 I love Laura’s laugh and whenever you guys do video together !! I’m always laughing nonstop💀💀
Gis Prije godine
“If we can’t make it we can buy it” I’m dead 😂😂😭
Arianna Rodriguez
Arianna Rodriguez Prije godine
Kyle Lifestyle
Kyle Lifestyle Prije godine
@Rocio Santos Hello Santos 👏 nice to meet you, How're you doing?
ashley ramirez
ashley ramirez Prije godine
For real though 😂😂😂
Aiidee Trevino
Aiidee Trevino Prije godine
Omg yesssssssss 💗💗💗
olga U
olga U Prije godine
marivlogz Prije godine
Ania Rodriguez
Ania Rodriguez Prije 11 mjeseci
Idk how many times I've watched this video since it was posted. Probably one of my favorite cooking videos with all 4 of you🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets Prije godine
Watching Louie alone makes me die laughing (in the middle of the night). He is so funny 😆
Masuma Uddin
Masuma Uddin Prije godine
Omg Laura has been laughing throughout the whole video 😂😂😂 her laugh is cute ❤️
Maria Diaz
Maria Diaz Prije godine
Laura’s laugh is so contagious 😂❤️
Marisol Urbina
Marisol Urbina Prije godine
Can we just talk about how adorable Chile is... like he’s literally the emoji “😄and🥺”
Marisol Urbina
Marisol Urbina Prije godine
@Frank Castle don’t act dumb cuz I could ask you the same question, only difference is I don’t call it crap 😆
Ashley Martinez
Ashley Martinez Prije godine
@Frank Castle why do u even bother to comment-
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Prije godine
Why do you watch this crap
Kaitlyn Garcia
Kaitlyn Garcia Prije godine
Cayla A
Cayla A Prije godine
Eunice Adame
Eunice Adame Prije godine
Me seeing Louie happy with her chile makes me so happy too :)
Camila Ortiz
Camila Ortiz Prije godine
9:39 Laura: is all good Louie: no Everyone laughing 😂 it was so funny 🤣
Donna Prije godine
Had a rough day and watching Louise videos always makes me laugh 😆
A shot everytime Louie made us laugh... love ya Louie! 😂😘
Sarahy Prije godine
Who else loves Laura’s laugh😭
Legend gamer
Legend gamer Prije godine
Noelia Rodriguez
Noelia Rodriguez Prije godine
GG Escobar
GG Escobar Prije godine
she funny af and louie hell funny and lauras bitch i love them all
Paola Arjon
Paola Arjon Prije godine
Meeeee I love her laugh that’s how I Laugh
Kim Prije godine
It makes the video funnier 😭🤚
Josey Martinez
Josey Martinez Prije godine
I love when Laura and Louie make videos!! 😭😂I’m always laughing hard lmao
Katya Fuentes
Katya Fuentes Prije godine
Love how Laura is always laughing when she’s around Louie y’all are best friends fr !!! ✨🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️
Soleil Lopez
Soleil Lopez Prije godine
La risa de Laura fue todo lo que escuchamos hahah😂 los amooo❤️
Jennifer Salazar
Jennifer Salazar Prije godine
Laura’s laugh is everything 😂❤️
Esly VazVal
Esly VazVal Prije godine
Louie: “so how much is a quarter pound?” Laura: “there are 4 quarters so one is like one quarter” Louie “75 cents???” HahahA THIS MADE MY NIGHT... a quarter is 25 cents 😂😂
Daisy Ochoa
Daisy Ochoa Prije godine
Omg I was cracking up
Maya Carrillo
Maya Carrillo Prije godine
and after louie said "75 cents?" Laura was like "yeah" lmao
Dalilah Villalpando
Dalilah Villalpando Prije godine
I honestly loved this video, her laugh is so contagious shes so funny I had to watch it all
Aimee Demaree Garcia
Literally one of my favorite videos! Their friendship reminds me of mine and my brothers. We mess around way too much. 😂
Cassie Manzello
Cassie Manzello Prije godine
I love y’all together 😂 Y’all Joke around the way me, my sisters and cousins do 😂
Ofelia Alvarado
Ofelia Alvarado Prije godine
Marlene Garcia
Marlene Garcia Prije godine
Louie “ bite it, bite it, Bite it, BIDEN, BIDEN” 😂
angela rodriguez
angela rodriguez Prije godine
@Frank Castle why do u care
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Prije godine
Why do you watch this crap
angela rodriguez
angela rodriguez Prije godine
@Maritza Martinez 5:19 :)
Jocelyn Castellanos
Jocelyn Castellanos Prije godine
It’s when Laura was cutting the onion 😂😂
Kym Glamour
Kym Glamour Prije godine
I heard bite him😂😂😂
Maria Garcia Lara
Maria Garcia Lara Prije godine
I was laughing so hard !!! 😂 the way Louie did paper, scissors, rock 😂💀 You had to smear some of the Chile on to the tortilla and fry it for a better taste
Lucero Espinoza
Lucero Espinoza Prije godine
I love love their vibe and Laura’s laugh is a whole mood
Klaritza Valdez
Klaritza Valdez Prije godine
I loved this video especially cause Louie learned how to cook something new❤️
LifewithMiss_anel *
LifewithMiss_anel * Prije godine
Laura’s laugh is priceless lol I love you both together 💜
Ariana Hill
Ariana Hill Prije godine
Laura’s laugh is one of those laughs that if anyone else had it, it would be annoying but with her it’s contagious 😂
Ana Villegas
Ana Villegas Prije godine
Lauras laugh teminds me of the TikTok meme of the hispanic lady being interviewed and is ask te gusta la paleta? And she starts to laugh
Didi Armenta
Didi Armenta Prije godine
omgg that’s too accurate 😭
stephanie rodriguez
stephanie rodriguez Prije godine
Ayleen Carrillo
Ayleen Carrillo Prije godine
I love how fern looked so protective over Louie when he got burned with the water from the blender but he couldn’t help cuz Laura was in the way😂
Angelica Lizette Delgado
Angelica Lizette Delgado Prije 3 mjeseci
Louie never fails to make everyone in his videos laugh 😂😂 all his jokes are hilarious 😭
Pau Lina
Pau Lina Prije godine
The guys are always serious 😂😂I love how the girls were having fun 🥰😂😂😂
ilse osuna
ilse osuna Prije 11 mjeseci
LAURAS LAUGH IS MY FAVORITE EVER 😂😂😂 literally dying from how much more funny her laugh makes every joke
Vanessa Miranda
Vanessa Miranda Prije godine
Okay but Laura’s laugh made the jokes 10x funnier 😂😂 I love her laugh
Heather Gonzalez
Heather Gonzalez Prije godine
Love y’all’s friendship and Laura’s laugh!!! 🥰
Isabelle Flores
Isabelle Flores Prije 8 mjeseci
Everytime im sad I come back to louies video cause they make me laugh. Thank you Louie❤️
Jailene L
Jailene L Prije godine
My boyfriend in the distance asks “who’s laughing like a chipmunk” LMAO
Farielovedust Prije godine
@Wavy naecO yep no hate just saying her laugh is kinda annoying after a while like .... okay girl we get it ...
Wavy naecO
Wavy naecO Prije godine
@Farielovedust I love her but she is literally over laughing, it's just too much laughing lol almost to the point that it don't even sound like she's genuinely laughing anymore at some point you know? she just laughing to laugh lol no hate she's cool ❤️
Misty Le
Misty Le Prije godine
Farielovedust Prije godine
Is kinda annoying 😂😂
Sarah Chavez
Sarah Chavez Prije godine
Same 😂
leilani ortiz
leilani ortiz Prije godine
Laura’s laugh is so contagious !😂😂💕💖💞
Joanna Reyes
Joanna Reyes Prije godine
Louie + Laura = Double Laughs 😂😂 Love y'all 💜💚
soleil burrier
soleil burrier Prije godine
ive watched this video like 7 timesss ! this was by far the funniest one with louie and lauraaa , i love videos with them together lol they are so good
RipJaw X
RipJaw X Prije godine
This might be the first HRburn video ever that i didn’t skip a single second of😭😂🤚 this was too funny lmfaoooo
Angie Lizama
Angie Lizama Prije godine
Everyone, let’s not skip louie’s ads so we can get him new couches ☺️🤣
Mariah Morales
Mariah Morales Prije godine
Ayveh Prije godine
Yes and the view count also helps him get sponsors!
@Monique Aljehani he also doesn’t have couches yet lol
Monique Aljehani
Monique Aljehani Prije godine
I think he meant new camera cause it was blurring out or did I not catch it
Jasmine Emara
Jasmine Emara Prije godine
Laura constantly laughing was my entertainment 😂
veronica sanchez
veronica sanchez Prije 8 mjeseci
Laura:I don’t cook I don’t clean Louie:let me show u how I lost the ring😂hasta mi agua sale de mi narise 😂🤣😅
Francine L.
Francine L. Prije godine
Omg this one had me in tears from laughing so much. Love Laura’s laugh 😂,
zionKai _
zionKai _ Prije godine
Louie! You are hilarious, seriously. Thanks for making me laugh.
Marissa Romero
Marissa Romero Prije godine
Louie: that’s not 1/4 Laura: it’s one quarter Vic: it’s literally the same thing IM DYINNNGGGG 🤣😩🤣🤣😩😩🤣😩
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Prije godine
Why do you watch this crap
Vana'e !
Vana'e ! Prije godine
I seen this comment at the time they were saying it lmaooo
Carol Alvarez
Carol Alvarez Prije godine
9:49 how victor and laura laugh is so funny to me and it crazy to think laura was pregnant during this ❤️😭
I’m just a pup
I’m just a pup Prije mjesec
Her laugh tho ugh
Seleena Xo
Seleena Xo Prije godine
I will forever love Lauras laugh !!! you guys need more vids together y'all are the best when together !
Perla Jaracuaro
Perla Jaracuaro Prije godine
This is so funny I literally couldn't stop laughing 😂 I love them together
kylie sollima
kylie sollima Prije godine
i need more videos with louie & laura these two are hilarious i love them
Alondra Tafoya
Alondra Tafoya Prije godine
Laura: One quarter only Louie: So... 75 cents ? 💀💀 louie is such a mood 🤣💞
Leilani Reina
Leilani Reina Prije godine
Literally such a mood!🙌🏼🤣💖btw I have a channel & any support will be appreciated💕
Andy Zavala
Andy Zavala Prije godine
I need more videos with Laura! She's so much fun
Melissa Garcia
Melissa Garcia Prije godine
We personally don’t boil the onion. You blend it in raw. We cook the tortilla on the Comal then roll it with your ingredients inside. Then fry it and pour your sauce over it and let it simmer for it to cook completely.
Through My Eyes
Through My Eyes Prije godine
I love how Laura laughs for anything 😂😂
Dana Karen
Dana Karen Prije godine
Laura’s laugh makes everything 10x funnier 😂
Dalena Lopez
Dalena Lopez Prije godine
Couldn’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣 Louie: “Me as a life lesson” Laura: “Me as a mess up” 😂😂
KING JERMARCUS Prije godine ☀️!
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Prije godine
Why do you watch this crap
Perry Fam
Perry Fam Prije godine
We are trying to make a name for our family on HRburn. Could you possibly check out our channel?
Shell S
Shell S Prije godine
e dont look at my playlists
LifestylewithLiz Prije godine
Yoo!!! Ya'll made my day! Ya'll are hella funny together! Ya'll definitely got that chemistry to bounce the fun energy off of one and other lol
Karen Jimenez
Karen Jimenez Prije godine
Had me laughing the whole time 😂😂 most definitely have to make more videos together 😌
Kelsey Prieto
Kelsey Prieto Prije godine
Laura’s laugh is everything 😍🤣
Melanie Rangel
Melanie Rangel Prije godine
Yalls laughs are so contagious I love it🤩
Yadhira A.
Yadhira A. Prije godine
louie: “that is not one fourth” laura:“ one quarter” that’s how you know they aren’t good with math 😂😂
Dallana Puente
Dallana Puente Prije godine
MJC vlogs
MJC vlogs Prije godine
This video was so funny😂 hopefully Louie and Laura do more cooking videos together 😂 ❤️
Michelle Molina
Michelle Molina Prije godine
We can agree that Laura and louie are the best duo😭
Yvette Marquez
Yvette Marquez Prije godine
I had to rewatch this video 😂😂 you & Laura together always keeps me laughing 😂💀
Priscilla Vazquez
Priscilla Vazquez Prije godine
Laura’s laugh is so contagious 🤣🤣
Rebeca Medrano
Rebeca Medrano Prije godine
Louie & Laura are the bad kids in school and Chile and Victor are the smart kids actually trying 😂
fanny meraz
fanny meraz Prije godine
I love your friends🥰 they are such a good sport and good vibes.I was literally laughing through out the whole video asta los cachetes me duelen🤣.
Stephanie Duran
Stephanie Duran Prije godine
Love it, Laura's got the best laugh
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Prije godine
Louie and Laura need a Chanel together. Every time they collab me hago pipí de la risa. Their Chanel can be called “the baddest nalgas”
Joliza Badillo
Joliza Badillo Prije godine
I swear y’all never disappoint 😂❤️
Keilyn Prije godine
“ I don’t cook, I don’t clean, but let me tell you how I lost this ring ” I CANT WITH YOU LOUIE😭💀💀
Izamar Solis
Izamar Solis Prije godine
Omg I love to laugh 😂 but with this video I cracked up so much I love it you guys are hilarious and love the relationship you guys have as friends love it 😊
Cristin B
Cristin B Prije 11 mjeseci
I was laughing 90% of the video. Also, I’m totally Laura, laughing every 5 seconds 🤣
Cristina Soto
Cristina Soto Prije godine
Omg Laura’s Laugh made it so much funny and Louies humor made it so much funnier 😂😂
Sabrina Shields
Sabrina Shields Prije godine
I had to subscribe. Louie's personality and humor is eveything!
Kim Florean
Kim Florean Prije godine
Victor and Fernando taking the cooking very serious vs Laura and Louie messing around all the time is MEEEEEEE!!😂😂💀 love you’d guys!💜💜💜
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Prije godine
Why do you watch this crap
Perry Fam
Perry Fam Prije godine
We are trying to make a name for our family on HRburn. Could you possibly check out our channel?
Shell S
Shell S Prije godine
e dont look at my playlists