Was this staged or nah?  

Ray William Johnson
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Still better than flying Spirit ✈️

(source vid is by Trevor Jacob on YT)


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7. Sij 2022.



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z Prije 11 dana
I feel sorry for those people who are easily "influenced" by this Chancer.
un canal random xde
un canal random xde Prije 9 sati
@💿Whitesnake enjoyer💿 sup
A Lonesome Wolf
A Lonesome Wolf Prije dan
Influencers and cancer go hand in hand
JimmyPlayz204k Prije dan
Cam Maddock
Cam Maddock Prije 3 dana
I feel sorry for anyone who refers to themselves as an influencer
ワイフ素材 Prije 3 dana
@Brian Griffin ASMR who ray?
Nick. Prije 6 dana
Engine failure is absolutely no reason to abandon a plane, you’re trained as a pilot to glide it and find a suitable spot to land. Even if he escapes all fines he most likely will have something happen to his license
Just some dude
Just some dude Prije 14 sati
@maxdrags3 this thing can glide for hundreds of miles at the altitude I can assume it was at.
Nadir Sinaloa
Nadir Sinaloa Prije 19 sati
@Nick. I don't want your FAA license anyway 😂
Nadir Sinaloa
Nadir Sinaloa Prije 19 sati
@Nick. lool imagine taking it so seriously and assuming everyone is from the US.
Zombie Sazza
Zombie Sazza Prije 19 sati
@Nick. that’s if he even passes the simulation training, imagine how horrified the check pilot would be if he said he was gunna parachute out instead of declaring a mayday, trying to figure out what the problem was, and making an emergency landing!
Nick. Prije dan
@Nadir Sinaloa and that’s why you’re never getting an FAA license. If you can’t even rely on your skill from countless hours of training to glide the plane to safety just give up
PotatoPilot16 Prije 8 dana
As a pilot. The first thing we have pounded into our head is that you can ALWAYS look for a place to land a plane, even one like that which is capable of flying at slow speeds which gives you lots of clearance for landing at small areas.
Youmu Konpaku
Youmu Konpaku Prije dan
"captain goes down with his airship"
Mr PumperKnuckles
@Dio_VR that’s if the plane isn’t capable of recovery…
Mr PumperKnuckles
@RT when you fly a plane in many states it’s required for you to carry a parachute with you some even wear it while flying just in case all depends on the person in that case. There are laws that outlaw permitting of flying without a parachute onboard the plane.
Bluenose Prije 2 dana
I am a student pilot and even I can see many safe places to land, especially in such a small plane
Florensdsdw Prije 2 dana
I mean the first thing to do is to try to start the engine
Garrett Mattox
Garrett Mattox Prije 7 dana
As a commercial pilot and flight instructor, the steps you take when you have an engine failiure include Finding a place to land, troubleshooting the engine (this takes a couple minutes) and obv declaring an emergency, (among other things) none of which he did, even if this isnt staged (which it is) he atleast violated regulation 14 cfr 91.13
Tylerrr Prije dan
@Salty Cracker you have a device that can look it up and find it easily
NeoLeo Media
NeoLeo Media Prije 5 dana
FAR/AIM is a book to glaze over.
Salty Cracker
Salty Cracker Prije 5 dana
@K. O ah, i see.
K. O
K. O Prije 5 dana
@Salty Cracker § 91.13 Careless or reckless operation. No person may operate an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another. (b) Aircraft operations other than for the purpose of air navigation.
Prayush Thagunna
Prayush Thagunna Prije 5 dana
@Salty Cracker maybe a rule or something that a pilot must follow.
Jason Grech
Jason Grech Prije 8 dana
He's fucked. Especially the shout out to his sponsors and the fact he has 8 cameras set up strategically. You're 1000% correct on this one bro
Igk916 Prije sat
@Shauka Hodan go pros send the footage it records to an app on your phone so you can lose a go pro and still retain the footage from the lost camera.
deesine Prije 23 sati
Not a huge felony. There will be fines.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije 3 dana
It’s even more funnier once you realize there would’ve been no way for him to recover the footage from the rubble after the crash, but somehow he does😹
Parker Stimson
Parker Stimson Prije 12 dana
Being a pilot, even when an engine quits we are trained to fly it to the ground safely.
Branden B
Branden B Prije dan
@i Adrien0704 you can’t, that mountain likely had trees and rocks and at a slanted angle would likely cause the tires to blow on impact
i Adrien0704
i Adrien0704 Prije dan
I don’t think you can land in a mountain
Your Average Otaku
Your Average Otaku Prije 4 dana
@JW OZ yeah for dire emergencies and as a last ditch effort. Not the go-to solution
Branden B
Branden B Prije 6 dana
Small planes like that can stall out VERY easily.
Gambit Prije 7 dana
@JW OZ only military planes typically have ejection seats for if they are getting shot down
Big Photo Energy
Big Photo Energy Prije 9 dana
His height, the fact half the interior is pre gutted, the fact the engine cowling is gone etc. Could go on. I'd like to think that he chose a good place for it to crash. Possibly private land.
Big Photo Energy
Big Photo Energy Prije 19 sati
@Nicole Symonds nah he's 6ft. Every white guy that says he's 6ft is always 5"11
Nicole Symonds
Nicole Symonds Prije dan
His height? The "influencers" personal height? Or the planes altitude?
Big Photo Energy
@What The Truck ....bruh. Your name is my response. Three miles... what the truck man
What The Truck
What The Truck Prije dan
@Big Photo Energy try three miles from an airport.
Spare 6 Keystone
Spare 6 Keystone Prije 2 dana
FAA regulation does not care where your aircraft is. Necessary and proper clause of the Constitution gives them jurisdiction to prosecute you for aviation violations, even if they occur on private land with the permission of the property owner.
Jumpin Jahosafet
Jumpin Jahosafet Prije 6 dana
You would never bail over engine failure in a fixed wing plane (or in 99.999% of circumstances). You’d just catch a glide path to a safe landing area.
C T Prije 16 sati
Exactly! He was way to high to abandon his plane.
David DeLaney
David DeLaney Prije dan
@Sam Schellhase depends on altitude and distance from the shore. Every pilot should know the best glide speed for the airplane they are flying and the first thing you do with an engine out is to pitch for best glide so as to make sure you have the most time to evaluate your options.
Sam Schellhase
Sam Schellhase Prije 2 dana
Honest question, what if you’re over water? Like flying over Lake Michigan, can you still glide all the way to one of the shores? Are there ways to attempt water landings in a single engine, Cessna-type aircraft?
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije 3 dana
This guy’s hair is everything!!!! 😂
patrick veal
patrick veal Prije 4 dana
Considering he went up alone and the fact that it's a regulated aircraft he would have to possess a pilots license. In turn, that means that he knew how to safely land the plane or at least crash it without life threatening injury. That's definitely staged. And while there's no footage from the final camera because it could have been severely damaged in the crash
Daniel Aaron
Daniel Aaron Prije 8 dana
Lots of Forced Landing options behind him which you can see when he jumps. Also he didn't even try to sort out the aircraft (i.e. set best glide rate), you can see him pulling the yoke to make the aircraft come closer to the stall so the prop slows down and doesn't windmill (which majority of props will do when engine has stopped). The dude had his license meaning he would know all of this basic safety information and a lot on the legal stuff too. If this isnt staged I would be very shocked.
Ryn McKin
Ryn McKin Prije 12 dana
I love how the plane showed the slightest malfunction and he decided to just yeet himself off of it instead of even try to control it lol
Barry Homeowner
Barry Homeowner Prije 2 dana
Oh no, the cigarette lighter stopped working! Jump out!
Tunewar K.
Tunewar K. Prije 5 dana
He is probably confused if its real life or just Gta....
Ryn McKin
Ryn McKin Prije 5 dana
wow i wasnt expecting this to get 10k likes lol..thank you!
your_local_enby Prije 5 dana
@CocaCola Grunt ah yes, my friend is sleeping, murder them.
scott rogers
scott rogers Prije 5 dana
Bro for real lol and idk if he realizes there’s more variables that put you at greater risk with the parachute than guiding the plane down
Erica Terrorize
Erica Terrorize Prije 7 dana
The dude was also flying with a parachute on which is something he’s never really done in his vids . He knew he was crashing that day .
Austin Pullan
Austin Pullan Prije 8 sati
@NeoLeo Media Not never! I had a friend that was flying for air to air photography. MX removed the door entirely, and he wore a parachute while flying. Edit: but this dude had no reason to have a chute, and it was definitely staged.
NeoLeo Media
NeoLeo Media Prije 5 dana
It’s something pilots never do, ever.
Vac Prije 3 dana
It’s even more funnier once you realize there would’ve been no way for him to recover the footage from the rubble after the crash, but somehow he does😹
Austin Pullan
Austin Pullan Prije 8 sati
He had a fire extinguisher strapped to his leg, you can see it in some of the stills. Most likely for recovering his footage.
Sean Farrand
Sean Farrand Prije 18 sati
More funnier
FriendlyFire Prije dan
Imagine a commercial jets engines failing midair and the pilots are just like "Welp the engines stopped. Good luck" and jump out lol
LightRealms Prije 9 dana
As a pilot, there is no part of me that believes any part of that video is legit. All entirely staged. And every single person in the aviation community who I've seen talk about it agrees.
Bribe Prije 9 dana
FAA is definitely going to pound town on his ass. Aviation is heavily monitored and everything you do is logged, I'd love to see the aftermath on this.
Bessie Warner
Bessie Warner Prije 5 sati
The planes prolly insured
Bessie Warner
Bessie Warner Prije 5 sati
I'm betting it's a rc plane that crashes but id need to see the original video first
Andrew Prije dan
@J F there will always be a Vegan to cry about the ants.
MtDewsgood youtube
@Chaka Is life nobody cares
Ty Johnson
Ty Johnson Prije dan
@J F most definitely not
Roddy Prije 8 dana
So the Cessna had enough time to where he can land safely, he could’ve tried to flip the flaps up and just slow his airspeed. So 100% he did it on purpose jumping
B Pace
B Pace Prije dan
Not a cessna. Taylor made.
Just a Goose
Just a Goose Prije 2 dana
@Kyle Gilbert you can literally land these things on a 100 foot space of even remotely flat land. If you're in a total engine failure situation then you take what you got not just jump out lol
Kyle Gilbert
Kyle Gilbert Prije 4 dana
he was over a mountainous region no good place to land
apollo wellstein
apollo wellstein Prije 3 dana
Even if an airplane's engine stalls, they're designed to keep gliding and be recoverable. He's high enough in the air that he had a ton of time to attempt to recover it.
As a commercial pilot and flight instructor, the steps you take when you have an engine failiure include Finding a place to land, troubleshooting the engine (this takes a couple minutes) and obv declaring an emergency, (among other things) none of which he did, even if this isnt staged (which it is) he atleast violated regulation 14 cfr 91.13
Dark Horse Paratrooper
If he's a certified pilot, which he must be, he would know that plane can glide to the ground. FAA certainly knows.
The Aviator
The Aviator Prije 12 dana
As a pilot, I’m glad this guy is getting popularity for being an awful pilot so the FAA can do something about it. Y’all should watch Swiss001 analysis and other pilots reviews on this “event”
Branden B
Branden B Prije 6 dana
Swiss001 is reliable. Can’t wait for his “The FAA took my pilots license” video
Graeme Morris
Graeme Morris Prije 11 dana
Ooh, got any links handy?
MrPineapple Prije 11 dana
@Blue 🔥 no
Pilot John
Pilot John Prije 11 dana
Yesss Swiss001
SANDWICH BHOY Prije 11 dana
I will and thanks for the suggestion!
Man Of Chai Tea
Man Of Chai Tea Prije 9 dana
Those planes have a great glide ratio. He could have landed it safely even if the engine seized.
SureWolf Prije 7 dana
When engine fails you can still glide the plane to try and get it as far from roads or to actually try to save it by landing it. There is a video of someone who had a real engine fail and landed the plane on a straight land so it is possible.
One singular cheezit
He didn't even attempt to contact air traffic control or control the plane in an emergency type of manner. You can even see his hand in the area where you turn off the engine. Also, engine failures doesn't mean the plane is unable to fly. You can attempt emergency landings gliding the plane, but it depends on the environment, and how high the plane is. It may be a mountainous area, but you can obviously see farm fields on the ground if you look closely, perfect places to land in emergencies. He was MORE than high enough to land safely.
Bessie Warner
Bessie Warner Prije 5 sati
It's called insurance. Not only was he sponsored and committed a felony in wrecking the plane but insurance paid for it too
Diego Encarnacion
Diego Encarnacion Prije 12 dana
Being a pilot myself. He didn’t think about running a checklist, any restarting attempts, nothing! He was from 5 to 10,000ft from the ground which literally gives him more than 5 minutes of gliding safely. edit: very cool reading your thoughts!
Xaiborg Prije dan
@B Pace Wow that's actually pretty impressive that they can glide as well as some small planes! Thanks for that little tidbit of information! :)
B Pace
B Pace Prije dan
@Kkh, Fhoid he was only around 10k feet. Supplementay oxygen not needed until around 15k ft.
B Pace
B Pace Prije dan
@Xaiborg surprisingly a 777 has a 19.2:1 glide ratio.
B Pace
B Pace Prije dan
He was within gliding distance of a small airport in addition to several large fields and sandbars. 100% staged.
Naim Bensaed
Naim Bensaed Prije 9 dana
@Huzaifa Khambhati that can't be furthest from the truth. All airplanes even the most expensive glide in case of an engine failure. And even the cheapest one is waaaay more reliable than any type of other vehicle
Gian Marco Scattarreggia
Something noteworthy to mention is that pilots supposedly never fly with parachutes like that. I'm no expert but it's what I've heard
Ben Poolaw
Ben Poolaw Prije dan
Been keeping up with this for a while. He definitely crashed his own plane. Didn’t try and solve the problem, didn’t show cockpit footage, cameras in perfect placement, big sponsorship.
Dad Bod vs The World
Dad Bod vs The World Prije 16 sati
Also, he was wearing a skydiving parachute instead of an emergency rig. In slow motion, we can see a fire extinguisher strapped to his leg under his pants. He bought the plane a week earlier. He never wears a parachute in any other videos unless he's skydiving.
gama gaming
gama gaming Prije dan
He also had a parachute even though pilots rarely fly with one and he hopped out way to early
Max Prije 12 dana
Not to mention even if the engine fails you can still glide down to the surface
Paul Raetchi
Paul Raetchi Prije 4 dana
@Георгий Петлин are you a pilot? If not, why would you raise your personal opinions to the rank of fact? It's not a fact, it's your own lame ass opinion, IMO
Skylined Prije 7 dana
@Георгий Петлин Are you a qualified aviation expert?
Julian D
Julian D Prije 9 dana
@Don Blasto how bout i don't...
Kobra Prije 9 dana
@a guy yeah what more It's the pilot's problem Lmao
LocalCarThief Prije 9 dana
@Julian D i recon u should shut up considering you dont know much about aviation. These planes could have glider past the mountain range even with a failed engine smh
Illán Martínez Díaz
You can land and even restart the engine sometimes so yeah, I think jumping out is excessive 😂
Noah Moore
Noah Moore Prije 2 dana
Man spent more time setting up the cameras than actually flying😂
Frisher Prije 6 dana
Im no pilot but I know a thing or two about aviation and I can tell he had some places to land + he ditched the plane too quickly
FlamingScar Prije 8 dana
Also pilots rarely fly with parachutes, even this guy never has a parachute in ANY of his other vids, despite him saying "that's why I always wear a parachute when I fly"
Russell Jeffery
Russell Jeffery Prije 6 dana
@Floch Forster well I understand in this situation, but in the case of say commercial jets it’s better to pilot away and crash rather then causing massive collateral damage. Killing other innocent people.
jollyollyman87 Prije 6 dana
@Floch Forster Not sure I could live with myself parachuting out only to find out the unmanned plane killed a bunch of people on impact. I'd take my chances in the plane.
Floch Forster
Floch Forster Prije 6 dana
@Russell Jeffery That just seems idiotic. Why go down with your plane and DIE when you can pack a parachute and LIVE
Russell Jeffery
Russell Jeffery Prije 6 dana
@Floch Forster most likely just go down with the plane and try to not kill anyone else would be my thought.
Floch Forster
Floch Forster Prije 7 dana
why would you not bring a parachute? Is there a reason for this? It just seems counterintuitive to me. Like yeah trained pilots would definitely know how to diagnose a problem with a plane or land it even if it has engine failure. But what if there is a scenario where you have no option to land, no way to fix or diagnose the plane and you HAVE to jump out? What would be your options then?
Johnnysayshello Prije 15 sati
I’m just saying, I do think this is staged given the information but I thought about the cameras and the only thing that comes to mind is most outside cameras survived by dislodgment while the inside go pro could have burned up.
I feel sorry for those people who are easily "influenced" by this Chancer.
Joanna Prije 2 dana
The dude was also flying with a parachute on which is something he’s never really done in his vids . He knew he was crashing that day .
Victoria 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
Engine failure is absolutely no reason to abandon a plane, you’re trained as a pilot to glide it and find a suitable spot to land. Even if he escapes all fines he most likely will have something happen to his license
Evan G
Evan G Prije 12 dana
As a Target worker, there was no reason for him to abandon his plane.
raidermaxx23 Prije 5 dana
Lobster Prije 9 dana
kod- Prije 10 dana
Josh Licata
Josh Licata Prije 10 dana
Alt Account
Alt Account Prije 11 dana
Cassie Prije 2 sati
You can land and even restart the engine sometimes so yeah, I think jumping out is excessive 😂
Snippety Gunn
Snippety Gunn Prije 2 dana
Fun fact you don’t actually need a pilots license to fly a plane that small
angel reyes
angel reyes Prije 8 dana
As a bush pilot I can say with 100% certainty that this was staged. In many parts of the video you can see areas where he can land his plane. He doesn’t even try to restart his engine. That plane doesn’t have electric equipment so he couldn’t squawk 7700 or radio a mayday call, but that doesn’t change the fact that jumping out the plane is a stupid idea. In flight school you learn what to do in this exact situation, and he didn’t do a single thing that the training should have taught him.
Logan Prentice
Logan Prentice Prije 2 dana
He did crash it for clout he could’ve safely landed it with an engine failure you can simply glide down to the ground find a smooth area of land and the fact that he had everything ready to go is kind of sketchy
Michael Bosisto
Michael Bosisto Prije 12 dana
FAA always investigates any aircraft crash. If this plane was crashed on purpose then he will be in a shitstorm of trouble.
Mimimo02 Prije 8 dana
@Jae Remastered Where is Nevada? In Europe?
erik e
erik e Prije 9 dana
But he didnt crash it
Alex Prije 10 dana
Yeah, but the views tho…..
codemiesterbeats Prije 10 dana
They probably figured out some BS workaround and filed some sort of permit for filming or some nonsense... So it was probably okay in the government's eyes because he's only lying to the audience... totally just speculation but that is my guess.
Trav!s Pr!ce ✓
Trav!s Pr!ce ✓ Prije 10 dana
@Samurai codm He wouldn't have jumped out then.
He's an influencer, I never heard of him and I'm not at all influenced
A Cheese Meister
A Cheese Meister Prije 2 dana
The engine stalls and he immediately jumps out. That makes no sense.
Alan Partridge
Alan Partridge Prije dan
He influenced me to drive along the motorway and then get out the car
CallMeGuy Prije 7 dana
Perfect now people won't have a reason to say "wow the cameraman has the invisibility coat"
Just Chillin'
Just Chillin' Prije dan
You know something has to change when "influencers" get rewarded for breaking perfectly functional products.
Gabriel Miranda
Gabriel Miranda Prije 4 dana
The way how the influencer abandoned the airplane with no movement is so hilarious lmao
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Prije dan
license meaning he would know all of this basic safety information and a lot on the legal stuff too. If this isnt staged I would be very shocked.
Hiboyboy123 Prije 9 dana
When I heard failed mid air, I knew he was faking it. Commercial planes have that happen sometimes, yet they can still give to the ground.
Axel Prije 10 dana
I don't know a lot about being an influencer, but I DO know a lot about planes! A plane this small can maintat stability just fine without the engine, and it looks to be at a high enough altitude to declare an emergency over radio and find a place to land. There is absolutely no reason for him to abandon the aircraft.
Aiden R
Aiden R Prije 8 dana
NoBaconForYou Prije 8 dana
I think most military bases will let you land for an emergency like being out of fuel, so having no engine at all would get a lot of traffic out of your way
Mara Stephens
Mara Stephens Prije 8 dana
@YeetTheHeat aircraft that have never had an electrical system aren’t required to have avionics outside of ruled airspace. it’s a good idea to bring a handheld but not required
YeetTheHeat Prije 8 dana
@Mara Stephens If he didn't have a radio thats a crime in itself
minecrafter 462
minecrafter 462 Prije 8 dana
That’s literally the most basic knowledge of aviation….
TestBrand Prije 8 dana
I mean unless there wasn't a clearing in sight then sure jump out. But you can easily still land one of these small prop planes if there's a decent clearing nearby. And there almost always is.
Mike Schuler
Mike Schuler Prije 7 dana
It’s a piper cub it has a stall speed of like 30 Mph it could have Ben landed almost anywhere
B Pace
B Pace Prije dan
Not even similar to a cub. Cubs have tandem seats.
Tom Whidden
Tom Whidden Prije 4 dana
@NeoLeo MediaYea, Its A Taylor I Think Too
NeoLeo Media
NeoLeo Media Prije 5 dana
I think it’s a Taylormade based on the Reg. but still he was in a bush plane.
Cephalon Swag
Cephalon Swag Prije 9 dana
With a plane going that slow, you could land it anywhere, even on a road lol
WYATT_24_ Yt
WYATT_24_ Yt Prije 3 dana
Imagine his parachute didn't work that wouldn't be really smart to stage this, I know he could've landed it even if the engine failed
Dragonfire Productions
The fact that he didn't declare a mayday and also didn't even attempt a restart on the engine is a red flag for me. Also the parachute
Dragonfire Productions
Those small body aircrafts can glide almost everywhere. You can also windmill start the thing and try it... But on huge aircrafts that's a different story
Dragonfire Productions
@Milk I'm a trained pilot, well only has 10 hours of flight on a cessna and it's part of our training to shut off the plane mid air and recover
Milk Prije 8 dana
@Mediocre Aim Horizon Main when a plane dies everything dies and it will drop quickly
Afro Prije 8 dana
@Leonard Bangay The hell are you on about? It’s not about believing myself but what’s known as objective lmao.
Leonard Bangay
Leonard Bangay Prije 8 dana
@Afro you believe yourself don't you?
Ted Bourchert
Ted Bourchert Prije 8 dana
He still could have coasted it in for a landing provided there was a good area nearby. I think he staged it for sure.
Tyler G
Tyler G Prije 7 dana
He didn’t even try to restart the engine or go through any checklists
Smedleydog1 Prije 3 dana
Small planes, especially overhead winged planes can glide very well without the engine running. The douche crashed it on purpose. I hope his insurance didn't pay out.
Bessie Warner
Bessie Warner Prije 5 sati
Because he never crashed it, I'm betting it's different takes one of him flying,one of him jumping out and one of a large rc plane crashing. Hence the one camera angle of it crashing, then he wouldnt be breaking the law
Cassie Prije 2 sati
Ben was here
lol Prije 10 dana
You can actually land it even if the engine fails, Planes don’t just crash straight to the ground, they glide and gives you time to look for atleast a flat area to land, and you don’t really carry a parachute everytime you fly a plane. And the only reasonable installed cam was the one inside.
Thin Blue Line Guardian
@GoombaHead there were several areas he could have landed
exSpectro Prije 8 dana
@GoombaHead I would like to see the inside camera. Bet he just shutdown the engine
exSpectro Prije 8 dana
@Mastaan Uppal how do you think a glider works
Beach Prije 8 dana
I couldn’t see an area he could land, and I rewatched it.
Odd Cooper
Odd Cooper Prije 8 dana
@Mastaan Uppal Flaps exist do u think the plane magically turns because of the engine
Cristobal Garces
Cristobal Garces Prije 7 dana
Lol, even if those types of planes "fail", you can most definitely glide it down safely. This guy didn't even try. He had enough altitude to work with.
duchol music
duchol music Prije dan
A piper cub wouldnt make a big fire plus if the engine fails you can open the door and get the propeller moved quickly yes its possible in this plane as it is pretty slow
Bryan Kirk
Bryan Kirk Prije 6 dana
You can still land this type of aircraft following engine failure, that should’ve been the first thing you do is attempt to land your craft, never jump just because your four cylinder engine fails on you.
Alexandria Marcoux
Alexandria Marcoux Prije 8 dana
Dude wow I can’t believe this level of stupidity. You even get a wanted level in GTA for randomly crashing a plane, what makes him think he can just weasel out of this.
Sharan Prije 12 dana
This is most definitely staged, but a lot of people place cameras around their planes for aviation geeks to get a 360 view of the flight and stuff
Dinu Alexandru
Dinu Alexandru Prije 11 dana
@Blue 🔥 your content is better than him?
whatthedogdoin_3847 Prije 11 dana
@Ardent Diplomat i reported him
Taco King
Taco King Prije 11 dana
@Blue 🔥 Nah my Grandma does better content that what you do.
Fightre Flighte
Fightre Flighte Prije 11 dana
See also: Trent Palmer, Flight Chops, and many others!
Коммунизм США
Because he was gonna spread someone’s ashes above the mountians…
WülfLoft Prije 20 sati
The real question is why am I watching raywilliamjohnson in 2022
TheWanderer Prije dan
you're only jumping out of a plane if it's on fire or it's uncontrollable going straight into the ground
Lime Prije 2 dana
Ray: "civilians on the ground forest fire Me: If he staged it he would make sure no people or trees are here where he is flying and GUESS WHAT THERE NOT CLOSE AT ALL
vampvhs Prije 4 dana
Imagine crashing your own airplane just to have everyone snitch on you for it being illegal lol
Mike Servos
Mike Servos Prije 11 dana
Love your vids bro. As a pilot myself….. yea we don’t jump out when the engine fails. It’s literally a lesson we’re taught multiple times and reviewed every year. We also don’t just Cary a parachute either. Unless of coarse there was literally no safe spots for him to set it down. Flat, long and unobstructed. I think you hit the nail on the head. He did it for views. Hope it backfires on him
Air Viper
Air Viper Prije 10 dana
@Mikeezy you must be a kid. Just because a plane crashes doesn’t mean it’s fatal. Most plane crashes have survivors and best case scenario everyone survives. When you go on a commercial flight do you ever see parachutes next to your life vest… no you don’t. For one thing it’s not even possible to open a pressurized cabins door while in flight. In cases like smaller aircraft like this one you still don’t carry a parachute. You’re safer flying then driving a car. It’s like saying how are you supposed to survive a sinking ship without a scuba tank.
Michael Lochner
Michael Lochner Prije 10 dana
@bread well not literally no one, I fly in Citabreas and Sky Bolts and they are aerobatic aircraft and by regulation of the FAA, you’re required to have a parachute if you fly those type aircraft due to consistently being outside the normal flight regime and in “unusual aircraft states” (45 degrees bank or more, more than 25 up and 10 down).
TheHimmy07 Prije 10 dana
@Mikeezy you glide it to a safe spot to land, smartass. That's how you do it.
Tim Caldwell
Tim Caldwell Prije 10 dana
@Mikeezy It would have been a forced landing and it's state to ride those in than to jump.
End my Suffering
End my Suffering Prije 10 dana
@Jordan Blue Simply cause they are trained for these situations and you aren't, they have options, you think you don't, so your first instinct is to jump out. Also, one could only assume leaving an aircraft weighing tons up in the air that you're supposed to be flying is irresponsible.
Jelly mother bean is poggers
I love how the children are smiling lol
MileyCyrus's Swollen Gums
I really hope homeboy got a permit or something and staged this otherwise the FAA is gonna raw dog him for the next decade of his life.
MC BackFat
MC BackFat Prije 7 dana
As a person that knows about aerodynamics and planes those aircraft are literally made to be insanely controllable as in they can’t spiral out of the sky and they can’t nose dive the planes blue prints are to literally correct itself there’s no reason to bail
Happi Cat
Happi Cat Prije 6 dana
It's obviously just a stunt, if you look at the tail number it changes from the one of his normal plane and he never wears a parachute but conveniently is in this video, cr1tikal did a video going farther into depth on this topic if you want that.
Jameson 86
Jameson 86 Prije 10 dana
Also, if he plans to collect insurance for the crash, he's committing insurance fraud.
Liquoricilicious Prije 7 dana
@Totally Real Elon Musk on
Totally Real Elon Musk
@keke garcia on takeoff, the camera was on. Guess what state the camera was several minutes later...
woffy Prije 8 dana
@BarryBlu actually based on the frame distortion this is most likely a gopro, those things are strong as hell. would probably even still work after the crash
BarryBlu Prije 9 dana
@JoeyTheFoxxo this is unlikely, but he also could have had it transferring to a wireless device in the process.
JoeyTheFoxxo Prije 9 dana
@Malcolm Currie Because the camera doesn’t have to be intact for the footage. The SD card will almost always be fine. Plus this isn’t a plane that would just burst into flames like a movie.
Braden Bond
Braden Bond Prije 5 dana
It absolutely is, we’re trained to get it on the ground, never to jump really unless we’re doing aerobatics So yeeeaaa this guy went completely against his training
Marjorie Schreurs
Marjorie Schreurs Prije 8 dana
That mess can most likely also never be completely cleaned, because the chemicals in the plane will soak into the soil, potentially making the area contaminated and even infertile for centuries if not cleaned.
Aidan Huntington
Aidan Huntington Prije 5 dana
Infertile for centuries? That is not really how disasters on a small scale like that occur. Besides the engine fuel, and maybe coolant or antifreeze, those chemicals do not damage the land that badly for that long. Of course it does cause pollution but not in a way that actually harms the genetic composition of the land.
PilotBoys Prije 19 sati
He should’ve Glided this is a bush Plane.. He can literally Glide at Gliding speed like yellow or next the yellow mark in speed indicator Airfoils can handle it or restart the engine
Ben the Hunter #2
Ben the Hunter #2 Prije 23 sati
He could have turned around and try to glide it to a field and land there he could also radio where he landed
Carlos Ferreira
Carlos Ferreira Prije 11 dana
As a skydiver, you only really see noobs with their new A CoP jumping with selfie sticks. Also, that Cessna would have plenty of glide without power. He didn't do anything a pilot would have done in that situation. Also, he's wearing a full freefly style rig. Even pilots at dropzones don't typically wear those. EDIT: The aircraft is a 1940 Taylorcraft.
dj jay sky
dj jay sky Prije 10 dana
@Nootaboot there are plenty of places in that video he could have safely set that plane down
bakedpotato 69
bakedpotato 69 Prije 10 dana
@mk7_Dylan lol sorry meant for the other dude talking about his dad who flies in regular clothes
mk7_Dylan Prije 10 dana
@Tahoma what does that even mean
Rey Prije 10 dana
is it possible that it was too mountainous to try a glide landing? I don't really want to give him the benefit of a doubt or anything but like, I can't really think of a good plausible explanation besides bad terrain. it seems like a flimsy excuse.
tootallforyou112 Prije 10 dana
@Nootaboot ok but it's a taylorcraft
descent815 Prije 2 dana
Isn’t it amazing that nine out of 10 pilots don’t wear parachutes but yet this guy just so happen to have a parachute on. Coincidence I think not
Ricardo Legaspi Soffiaturo
A propel plane have the capacity to fly without its motor for a long time and is capable of maneuver easily so do to the fact he could 1 land on an open space 2 turn around and get over the airfield Although he “crashed” he was available to recover the video And not just that an FAA strict “rule” implies that if a plane crashes there must be an investigation and if it was on purpose he could be facing charges for reckless behavior and property destruction (no matter if it crashes on an open field)
Pyro Smoak
Pyro Smoak Prije 7 dana
If Sully can land a plane in the Hudson, this guy could've glided for a bit and found somewhere safe ish to land.
Mark (hc) Hutsell
Mark (hc) Hutsell Prije 14 sati
20K? Can that be the cost of an FAA approved single engine plane?
Boh. Prije 12 dana
“Oh no! My 20k plane just crashed to its demise!” “Anyhoo, this video is sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends!”
Whitestair Ivory
Whitestair Ivory Prije 10 dana
Sponsered by Ridge: Shadow Wallet
KAYLEE Smith Prije 12 dana
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Lyr3Dragon Prije 12 dana
Neo320fly Prije 12 dana
*ridge wallet
meme meme
meme meme Prije 12 dana
@Blue 🔥 come on Let’s find who the hell asked
Joel Crow
Joel Crow Prije dan
“$20,000 airplane” should sound like “$500 car” to you
IB45 45
IB45 45 Prije dan
I haven’t met a single pilot who wears a parachute while flying.
REMONA-_ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me
His height, the fact half the interior is pre gutted, the fact the engine cowling is gone etc. Could go on. I'd like to think that he chose a good place for it to crash. Possibly private land.
EarthRise90 Prije 5 dana
And any pilot knows that if you have an actual engine failure your first step isn’t to abandon your plane, you can glide quite a long way and land safely
Carter Smith
Carter Smith Prije 12 dana
Most pilots don’t fly with parachutes on, and neither did he until this one video
Tony Mouannes
Tony Mouannes Prije 11 dana
@Fiat Multipla if you're high enough to jump safely, gliding the plane is safer. If you're too low to have to time to maneuver the plane, you're too low to jump.
Kal-el Prije 12 dana
@OttomatedCylinder how are they useless?
Fiat Multipla
Fiat Multipla Prije 12 dana
@OttomatedCylinder oh yeah that makes sense now. Thx.
OttomatedCylinder Prije 12 dana
@Fiat Multipla it's useless and expensive
Fiat Multipla
Fiat Multipla Prije 12 dana
Why don't pilots fly with parachutes though?
Blonkerdook Prije 2 dana
Also, he somehow had the footage of the plane crashing after it crashed. Not sure how that works but I don’t know how a go pro would survive that
Phillip Schaber
Phillip Schaber Prije 6 dana
Everyone I know who flies planes always makes sure to have a parachute on when they go flying too… 🤦‍♂️
HorrorBsns Prije dan
And a parachute... Something 99.9999% of small aircraft owners have never even seen in real life.
Mr Blue Splodge
Mr Blue Splodge Prije 2 dana
You can literally just land the plane by gliding lol
M3phestic Prije 11 dana
As a person who knows nothing about planes, I can definitively tell you there was no reason for him to abandon his plane.
br Prije 10 dana
@Vailix the poor lives of planes
Zush Prije 11 dana
R P Prije 11 dana
@Jxms A. It's
Olga Osilovskaya
Olga Osilovskaya Prije 11 dana
@Jonathan Vandagriff You can glide for miles and miles; plus if there was some good wind there would be no issues finding a spot.
Jxms Prije 11 dana
@Jonathan Vandagriff nah there was enough room for that plane to land in the mountains not on them there’s these trails or something he could land
Ammo Posada
Ammo Posada Prije 4 dana
But see, all he has to is say it was real. That's where it gets twisted.
This one bad or nah? #shorts