I Turned the OVERWORLD into a VOLCANO in Minecraft Hardcore! (#31) 

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This took me over 80+ HOURS OF WORK so please watch till the end! :)
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18. Stu 2021.



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Komentari : 8 129   
Building this volcano took me 80+ HOURS to build so please SUBSCRIBE!
Joakim Lundqvist
The volcano is amazing and you did a great job but the "explosion" on the top looks a bit silly. Keep up the great work man.
Ethan Paul Ramesh
Can everyone take a moment to appreciate the amount of time this guys puts into each and everyone of his videos so keep up the good work
Ilham Ikhtiari Jupri
Can we appreciate he does all of this within hours and we just watch it for a few minutes. We should give him some respect.
Just binged this whole series in like 3 days. I haven't been excited for a new Minecraft video in many many years. I'm stoked to see where this world goes. Also I'd love to be on the leaf wall :)
I love how you do all these amazing builds but still hasn’t kill the ender dragon
gian secreto
This is one of the reason I enjoy your videos! The amount of time and dedication you put into it! It's always great to watch your vids!!!
This was my girlfriend's idea and it caused me major wrist pain... so everybody thank her!
When i try to build a house that isn’t just a wooden box it ends up even worse than one. Cookie can build a giant volcano in only like 80 hours he’s a god
CookieGod blessing our day with another banger :D
porto santo
You are an amazing HRburnr coming up with good content to entertain everyone, good job man 😀
The fact that he made most of the outline without a totem or water bucked is even more scary
Alessa Wan
I love how concentrated he is when he is building even tho he gets distracted sometimes but I still love you and I love leafs too
Alexandra Tan
Make a secret survival base inside. Insane project, so talented.
Love how cookie has confidence to build large project And its getting crazier every episode
Vincent The Funny Boi
This is truly one of if not the best builds I have ever seen! Keep up the good work.
Beau's Videos
Its really amazing what you acn build in minecraft with enough dedication, great work keep making videos!
Trisha Crosbie
I absolutely love all your builds, I have learned so much about big builds from your videos and I have started to build more in my worlds!!! Thank you Cookie!!!
julian Garcia
julian Garcia Prije 28 dana
You’re pretty good at it keep working on that volcano it’ll be really cool when you’re done finishing it
Ya know cookie really does care about his fans because even when he’s sick he still tries to make a good video for us, all respect for you man