Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2) 

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I have SO much fun with Kindergarten and, since playing Kindergarten 2, I've wanted to do another theory on it. Today Theorists, we are diving into to one of the biggest unsolved secrets of this game - a FAMILY secret! Does our dear friend the Janitor have a secret child? One that may even be a part of our class? Pencils down, Theorists! I've got your answer!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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11. Lis 2019.



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Soviet Biscuit
Soviet Biscuit Prije godine
I can’t get over the fact Stephanie is the one voicing nugget
RockyKiki Prije 2 mjeseci
She wrote this episode
The Human Algorithm
The Human Algorithm Prije 2 mjeseci
me too
Cinnamon Prije 4 mjeseci
I was just about to comment “is anyone talking about nuggets voice?” Lol
Leave Prije 7 mjeseci
@Soviet Biscuit indeed it is.
Soviet Biscuit
Soviet Biscuit Prije 7 mjeseci
@Leave bruh, your name is sniffles
Kath Ellam
Kath Ellam Prije 11 mjeseci
I love Steph's NUGGET voice
MarioSMG64 Prije 19 sati
@AVM918 Jacksepticeye's is barely different from his regular voice
StEvE FRoM MiNcRaFt Prije 20 dana
@AVM918 captainsauces in kindergarden 2 is best
The Human Algorithm
The Human Algorithm Prije mjesec
@Sqqr same
Sqqr Prije mjesec
I hate it so much lol
the shadowy creature in the distance
@Jelly ghost On fire you look like a nerd yourself, also you can’t call me out for being art I have more subs than you and can milk you
LarkyLovesYou_ Prije 10 mjeseci
I’d think that if Buggs remembers enough about his dad that he has fond memories of him, he’d recognize the Janitor as his dad. Since Buggs is only in kindergarten, he couldn’t be much older than 5 or 6 (or a few years older, if he was held back a few times, but I doubt that’s the case). Buggs knows who his dad is, and he knows who the janitor is. If the janitor was his dad, he’d make the connection. Also! The Janitor says specifically that he “hasn’t had [a cigarette] since he was [the player’s] age”, which since the player is 5 or 6 means that the last time he actually smoked, the janitor definitely didn’t have a son. And since Buggs knows his dad smokes (he “went to the store to get cigarettes”), the stories don’t line up. I did enjoy the video, but I couldn’t help but think of all the evidence that directly contradicts this theory :/
Ichisu Luzumaki
Ichisu Luzumaki Prije mjesec
I mean couldn’t his dad of left while he was still young? And this might be a reach but what if the janitor was referring to the brand of cigarettes and not actual cigarettes themselves? But I see what you’re saying , I noticed all of this too.
smeebles Prije 2 mjeseci
Also, the janitor says he gave away his son to a random person while buggs says his dad left him and (i presume) his mom Buggs' dad walked out while the janitor abandoned or gave his son up for adoption
Lykhra Prije 2 mjeseci
Maybe it’s the school monitor, idk, he’s boring, he likes smoking, he’s kind of ugly, he looks older then the rest of the kids. Maybe we’ll learn more about him soon.
Satsujin-Sha The witch KingofWolfs.
I think the “went to the store to get cigarettes" is just what Buggs' mom told him. It doesn't actually prove he smoked
Charlie Prije 4 mjeseci
@Sayhan Saber Chowdhury I think it’s a joke about underage smoking
kingpin 3
kingpin 3 Prije 10 mjeseci
I always forget that nugget is being voiced by mattpats wife. It is so good. She definitely needs to do more voice acting
GX THE LEGENDS Prije mjesec
Totally Not A Minecraft Channel
I know right
ThatLycanTomboy Prije 2 godina
Matthew “I enjoy my wife’s weird voices way too much” Patrick.
Noonyx33 Prije 15 dana
@Sanatan P ah yes, me too
Sanatan P
Sanatan P Prije 15 dana
@Noonyx33 is a line of a person who is the goblin of the tower of the tower of the tower of the tower of the i I have it jyu kshitiz regards to your welcome and as I can the other day at a bit and e z d f a photo jy thoroughly oddity my my fee jo HD ru he go if hi hi hi hi hi hi o to ln in go on ghjjjh zt is so he to it to it to it to it relay jokhon j lookups kholo kho ho it to oh to kall I'll hi Yuki Mori RJ toh my
wyatt bray
wyatt bray Prije 27 dana
I love dis
RockyKiki Prije 2 mjeseci
She actually wrote this episode :)
Joy M
Joy M Prije 4 mjeseci
I like your pfp. It's a good series
tumblr sexyman
tumblr sexyman Prije 10 mjeseci
"Sharpen your pencils without breaking the tip!" *impossible*
thermal scopes plush
Or try sharping the eraser on the end of the pencil
Blaze Prije 2 mjeseci
KobieNotCoby Prije 5 mjeseci
@Scott Poston you possess forbidden knowledge…
Scott Poston
Scott Poston Prije 7 mjeseci
Gahna Mohana
Gahna Mohana Prije 9 mjeseci
Always thought of it but thats kinda a blood show
MrTaxCollector Prije 10 mjeseci
Also to fix the whole “Bugs doesn’t have grey hair his head is shaved” thing in the comments, I guess you can make an argument that they both are bald or shaved
Cyan Puff
Cyan Puff Prije 2 mjeseci
Meh the janitor old but I digress-
Samuel Lawrence
Samuel Lawrence Prije 5 mjeseci
Steph is great at doing voices for this game, I hope, if a third game comes out, she'll return to GTLive for the play-through
databbs Prije 8 mjeseci
The line “ruining your childhood since 2011” never gets old.
Boiled Oxidane
Boiled Oxidane Prije godine
Developer: i just put it in there for shits and giggles, doesnt actually mean anything mat pat: *I THINK NOT*
Mack BRANNON Prije mjesec
mat mat mat mat mat mat mat
pig_ofgold Prije godine
@Soysoy Technologies i know im a month or two late, but i saw it, and got confused because i figured this was before food theory
mask the gamer
mask the gamer Prije godine
Where is the gold bar?
Jes Donut
Jes Donut Prije godine
Galactic Anims
Galactic Anims Prije godine
kilua Zuldyk thank you for telling me this
The Gay One
The Gay One Prije 10 mjeseci
I always feel comforted when I hear that intro music. It’s almost like nostalgia
KC Zanercik
KC Zanercik Prije mjesec
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
0:59 So this is how Food Theory happened.
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
@Felix Roux Matt did say that food theory was in production for over a year
Walid Hbaieb
Walid Hbaieb Prije 8 mjeseci
Yes I’m afraid it is
Felix Roux
Felix Roux Prije 9 mjeseci
@dannyt4304 It stands for nugget theory, hence the nugget-like colour and the fact that they throw around 'nugget theory' quite a bit in other kindergarten episodes.
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
@dannyt4304 i didn't notice that, and no it isn't supposed to be there
Jake Clark
Jake Clark Prije 10 mjeseci
Alexa Prije godine
I was rewatching the Finding all the Easter Eggs live stream and at some point, Stefanie says someone has a theory that the janitor is buggs dad. At 19:46 to be eggsact. It warms my heart to see Mat Pat listen to the people.
Playopedia Art
Playopedia Art Prije godine
Stranger: "Hey kid, where are your parents?" Me: "My dad went to get some cigarettes, that's all Note: My dad doesn't smoke... at least I don't think he does anyway...
nico Blay
nico Blay Prije 6 mjeseci
@Playopedia Art that was a thing apparently. Cheaters would meet up in these chain restaurants parking lots to not look so suspicious. My buddy asked me to go with thinking to watch sports and eat but it was to spy and she got cheated on lol. While she was crying I ordered buffalo bites to go to cheer her up: ) for a few seconds the sauces masked emotions and she was over him. Felt like I cured life’s problems
Playopedia Art
Playopedia Art Prije 6 mjeseci
@nico Blay whaat
nico Blay
nico Blay Prije 6 mjeseci
He said it's for ruby Tuesday. Thats the parking lot he meets up with "her" on Tuesdays not the bowling league 3 towns over.
Dunc The Notable
Dunc The Notable Prije 6 mjeseci
I'll see you at his resting place and I mean in the ground but the cigarettes are reminding me of the 3 best Fnf mod garcello lol #playopedia Art
the_one_and_only_dot Prije 8 mjeseci
Bugs: janitor? Janitor: yeah...wait what * looks at comment * ..... Both: time to break some ones neak! Me: I'm sorry Felix....
Regrettability Prije 2 godina
Monty: Your grammar is incorrect. Janitor: *PEACE WAS NEVER AN OPTION.*
Hydra 962
Hydra 962 Prije mjesec
You mean piece
Tyler Sprouse
Tyler Sprouse Prije 2 mjeseci
Monty: Sorry, I guess I’ll have to incinerate you with my laser
Nic Star
Nic Star Prije 3 mjeseci
Leonardo Res
Leonardo Res Prije 4 mjeseci
Missed oprotunity To make the grammar incorrect at the janitor part In the comment
Jacob Prije 7 mjeseci
No never an option was peace
Cheshire Kitty1313
Cheshire Kitty1313 Prije 2 mjeseci
I can't decide if I like Steph's voice or jacksepticeye's voice for nugget more lol
Toby Tonge
Toby Tonge Prije 5 mjeseci
I love how nugget is calling matpat an idiot when he’s nugget
shamsudeen m a
shamsudeen m a Prije 3 mjeseci
Nugget has become so iconic that he is in the food theory intro 😂
Sullivan Bradford
Sullivan Bradford Prije 10 mjeseci
I'd like to point out having the same habits isnt a good way to prove someone is related to someone else because habits are learned from the people who raise you. If bugs was abandoned at a young age he may not have seen some of the habits that were mentioned
HappyFellowship Prije 2 godina
**puts nugget in the thumbnail** **nugget isn't even in the list for the janitor's son**
GRUG Prije 2 mjeseci
moon Prije 2 mjeseci
@Standardised no
MineTIE Plays
MineTIE Plays Prije 6 mjeseci
I mean, ms. margaret (kindergarten 2 lunch lady) both speak in the third person and both have eyes that point in opposite directions.
Joshua H_S
Joshua H_S Prije 6 mjeseci
Lol so true
Jacob Winters
Jacob Winters Prije 6 mjeseci
I know
Woody Boi
Woody Boi Prije godine
Me watching this while food theory exists: We did it Mr. Nugget, we won.
JJ Pits
JJ Pits Prije 2 mjeseci
Steph absolutely kills that nugget impression lol
creenia Prije godine
Lesson learned if there’s a building made just for kindergarten, don’t go any where near it
Acc Altum
Acc Altum Prije 8 mjeseci
I wonder if game theory has its own secret theory hidden throughout the channels videos
itsanna07 Prije 2 godina
I’ve seen a comment pointing out the cigarette flaw, but I haven’t seen anyone point out that Buggs’ father went away and never came back but the Janitor said he *gave away* his son
KC Zanercik
KC Zanercik Prije mjesec
btw i love ur profile. RWBY is awsome
layden larecy
layden larecy Prije godine
@kimcakez that makes sense
Sophia Sindelar
Sophia Sindelar Prije godine
kimberly xer that’s what I was thinking!
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Prije godine
I'm the 1,000th like. No joke.
Stella Chang
Stella Chang Prije godine
Maybe he just gave him to someone else, told him he was gonna buy some cigarettes, then never came back
Greenostrich27 Prije 2 mjeseci
Nugget is so perfect. I had a dream where he was there and it was one of the best moments in subconscious me's life.
Chloee Catherine Maki
OMG! I can't get enough of Steph as nugget = the voice is insanely spot it xD
A.kitCat.B Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly I don't believe this theory but the effort you put in is wonderful!
trapper's shadow
trapper's shadow Prije mjesec
Ummm anyone notice Cindy's way of playing house is exactly like how bugs home life is in this theory
10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
Matpat: "Buggs comes from a broken home." also Matpat: *LITERALLY PUTS BUGGS IN A BROKEN HOUSE*
Edward Ferranti
Edward Ferranti Prije 2 godina
Edward Ferranti
Edward Ferranti Prije 2 godina
@Amokriin Prolgiid 😆
MineSlimeTV Prije 2 godina
@stickytarmacs It isnt a great manner like this to portray your own channel in this manner friend
Toby The Phantom
Toby The Phantom Prije 2 godina
Stickytarmacs Buggs off
JHJ 23
JHJ 23 Prije 2 godina
stickytarmacs piss off
Broken Chalk
Broken Chalk Prije 10 mjeseci
Or...or... “The Kid” is the Janitor’s long lost son I’m kidding
Undertale Undertake
Undertale Undertake Prije 5 mjeseci
Olivia Wilson
Olivia Wilson Prije 7 mjeseci
Janitor: I sold my ugly son Buggs: my dad went for cigarettes and hasnt come back yet MatPat: Janitor Is Buggs dad
Eli Khleb
Eli Khleb Prije 4 mjeseci
mat has a way to bring lore into 'INNOCINT' games
BenJ Boi Plays
BenJ Boi Plays Prije godine
I forgot how much I love Steph’s nugget voice XD
Dragon Blast
Dragon Blast Prije mjesec
I love Steph's nugget voice but Jack's nugget voice is still stuck in my head
Tia Here
Tia Here Prije godine
"oh my little dum dum!" imagine steph saying that in front of mat in nuggets voice... HOW DID SHE NOT LAUGH- AND THEN THE DUMPSTER PART WHERE SHE JUST SAYS "oh hi" I-
Meows adventure
Meows adventure Prije 4 mjeseci
“Hello internet! Welcome to game theory!” Never gets old
Hoof Arted
Hoof Arted Prije 7 mjeseci
Stephanie's nugget voice is my favorite thing about this
Mr PizzaCat
Mr PizzaCat Prije 2 godina
“So you know he’s not gonna last long in this world” he fights off a superpowerd monster with a GIANT axe
Cute Bear
Cute Bear Prije 9 mjeseci
And wins
Yhanni _
Yhanni _ Prije 9 mjeseci
Bob honesty reminds me of Bob from Stranger Things. I mean they both die by fighting off monsters- And they have the same name? Coincidence? maybe.., I honestly don't know lol.
Adrian Francis
Adrian Francis Prije godine
Adrian Francis
Adrian Francis Prije godine
Adrian Francis
Adrian Francis Prije godine
The Cans
The Cans Prije 10 mjeseci
I just realized, matpat has been foreshadowing food theory this whole time
Sams the bezt at stuff 888
Do you believe this theory
Fernando Justiniani
Fernando Justiniani Prije 10 mjeseci
"Ruining your childhood since 2011" I love that motto
Hyperion Prije godine
Petition for all Kindergarten nugget theories to be on food theory from now.
LargePotato Prije 5 mjeseci
steph is very good at voicing nugget.
Brianna Smith
Brianna Smith Prije godine
Soooooo did nobody notice that he didn’t even consider nugget as a potential son?
thermal scopes plush
@Rowan Miller no he did not consider the main kid
Luna Parker
Luna Parker Prije 2 mjeseci
thats what I said!!!
Annoying Kitty Cat
Annoying Kitty Cat Prije 2 mjeseci
Click bait..
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes Prije 2 mjeseci
@GeeklingNo1 can’t be buggs. He says his dad went for cigarettes, but the janitor says he hasn’t smoked since he was the protagonists age. He would also recognise the janitor as his father if he was, since he clearly remembers him being an alcoholic, so he would know what he looks like. I think with it being his ‘long lost’ son, they were likely born many years ago. It could be one of the hall monitors, or, possibly, even Bob, since the janitor is in his 80s, he would be old enough to have had someone at the age of the other janitor. It’s not very likely, but still possible. Then again, it could even be someone who isn’t in the game or may just be more of his broken rambling, as he references a war he was in, in which he ‘lost his name’, suggesting amnesia or some sort of injury likely to the head, and then also forgets the existence of said war.
The Butterscotch Kid
The Butterscotch Kid Prije 2 mjeseci
@JevilBro I thought of that, too. I just think it's silly to make everything about Nugget. (also, why would the game relate two completely different characters that look and act nothing like each other?)
Jabber Prije godine
MatPat: *Goes in-depth about every way his theory is correct* Also him: BUT HEY THAT'S JUST A THEORY
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse Prije godine
Mat!! I want to do a theory vid for Mark!! And all credit for the theory plan goes to you, cause I love your theories, and you've done theories about Mark, too. So, just figured I'd put it out there! ^w^ Love ya, Mat!!
Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris Prije godine
I absolutely love the new intro
KitLivy 6
KitLivy 6 Prije godine
7:36 as soon as he said “buggs” I remembered buggs talking about his dad leaving... I haven’t finished the episode yet tho. I WAS RIGHT
Eva Stickler
Eva Stickler Prije 2 godina
If we’re playing “Who’s the Parent?” Nugget looks a LOT like the newer Lunch Lady. Same eyes, blonde, and an undefined mental problem.
Eva Stickler
Eva Stickler Prije 2 godina
@BluePheonix245 Tbh as a high functioning autistic gal myself, I agree that there's a lot of symptoms for it for sure, especially considering he's only a small child. I just said "undefined mental problem" because his condition hasn't been officially specified.
Alexandra Pippan
Alexandra Pippan Prije 2 godina
Oh. That would be awesome. 😁
AspergerUnicorn Prije 2 godina
Nugget's parents were obviously nuggets I dunno where ya coming from
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine Prije 2 godina
That'd mean the principle would be his aunt.
XephyR Prije 2 godina
@grape boi Thats what I'm saying, I confused that the side effect is the mental health is affected. Sorry if I got it mixed up
noah Prije 6 mjeseci
ah yes. *murderous kindergarden.* *the memories.*
♡ Moji ♡
♡ Moji ♡ Prije 8 mjeseci
Steph's nugget voice is 10/10
MehNemJeff's Reality
MehNemJeff's Reality Prije 9 mjeseci
To be honest i had the same theory that the janitor and buggs were related, but i didnt think of all the reasons why XD 16:00 Also i have been becoming a better detective thanks to you, Game Theroy! :)
JellyBee_Gacha Prije 5 mjeseci
“Kids that come from violence are more likely to do violence” Michael Afton: allow me to introduce myself.
The Talking Fist
The Talking Fist Prije 2 godina
"Sharpen your pencils without breaking the tip off in the machine" Me: He is speaking the language of gods
May'jin Kandy
May'jin Kandy Prije 2 godina
Makes a Vegeta reference* OH HOWDY I'M HERE NOW
Slo Joe
Slo Joe Prije 2 godina
apple ampuan It’s not reddit dude Stop linking subreddits But yeah
ksawery Prije 2 godina
It's easy
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Prije 2 godina
He is too powerful to be kept alived
ElysetheEevee Prije 2 godina
Aloysius Rebeiro So true. Most times I’d tilt it up and sharpen that way and had far less breakage. Like hold it right against the razor.
Manladan Prije 9 mjeseci
“Kids from broken home tend to be more violent.” People who eat a lot of food tend to be fatter
giraffeweeb Prije 7 mjeseci
7:29 that’s my favorite line ever😂
DragonDreamer Prije godine
You're so lucky to have Nugget's voice actor appear in your videos
Retro 60
Retro 60 Prije 3 mjeseci
Jupitarian Disaster
Jupitarian Disaster Prije 11 mjeseci
This has always bothered me: one of matpats points is that buggs has gray hair, but that could just be that his hair is buzzed, making it look lighter than it actually is.
HyperKR Prije 2 godina
Matpat: "Buggs comes from a broken home." also Matpat: *LITERALLY PUTS BUGGS IN A BROKEN HOUSE* EDIT TIME: Yeah, I (kinda?🤣🤣) knew it was a pun. but tnx for the likes guys!
LazerKun Prije 2 godina
Kenneth Manlegro Trying to beat a Minecraft world record on my live steam right now, feel free to stop on by!😁
LouFu! Prije 2 godina
That, my friends is called a pun
M. A.
M. A. Prije 2 godina
Congrats you understood the joke, want a cookie?
Ren Vos
Ren Vos Prije 2 godina
@JessieakaBear Why?
CowBoyMooMan Prije 2 godina
I feel like it was 3 am and he just screwed up
Twilight Dragon
Twilight Dragon Prije godine
Matpat is kinda like that one english teacher everybody had except that he's entertaining and sometimes the theory could be true.
Tim P
Tim P Prije 2 mjeseci
at best, the janitor wouldve had buggs at around age 78, since he's in his mid 80s during the games. buggs, however, is about 6 at best. something dosent add up here. maybe buying cigarettes runs in the family?
Dark Power
Dark Power Prije 11 mjeseci
Still waiting for Nugget favorite food theory.
SiryGamez Prije 4 mjeseci
Nugget is my favorite god damn Character in any game series. I love these
Livvy Google
Livvy Google Prije godine
*During the live stream* Steph- "Oh man, someone has a theory that the janitor is Bugsy's dad" MatPat- "Really?" "Yeah" "That's... Interesting... I wonder..." "I wonder..." Both: "I wonder..." Welp. Here we are. 😂
GX THE LEGENDS Prije mjesec
@Van bugsy these nuts HA
Coreel Collins
Coreel Collins Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoc and sings DJ's BC keV the Jack's bush Keck she kDa to for I die
No1_ Preshboss
No1_ Preshboss Prije 6 mjeseci
@Van sometimes they forget his name is actually Buggs or maybe they just do it on purpose
Ashe Prije godine
@Van stfu
Van Prije godine
Who tf is bugsy?
Steven Hellsing
Steven Hellsing Prije godine
im so not used to hearing matpat's version of nuggets voice. since I've watched sean's series.
Jack The great awesome
I only can except Jacksepticeye’s nugget voice it is most iconic
Jack Usy
Jack Usy Prije godine
Wait... he was hinting at it the whole time! Nugget theory... nuggets are a food. the yellow part for nugget theory! It’s all connected!
R - G - C
R - G - C Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow MatPat didn't even consider Nugget for a second since he didn't even put him on the list.
Kouhai fukboi
Kouhai fukboi Prije 2 godina
I thought Buggs had a buzz cut and that’s why his “hair is gray”
red lmao
red lmao Prije godine
Maybe it's both idk
Lounqx Prije godine
@Nehkye now you made me think about it
Kouhai fukboi
Kouhai fukboi Prije godine
Katie ng a lot of game designers, cartoonist, and anime artist will color hair gray when it’s a close cute as a stylistic choice and to show that it’s cut very short
Tommy innit
Tommy innit Prije godine
Why is no one ignoliging he's old
Hannah H
Hannah H Prije godine
Kouhai fukboi grey is correct Gray is a name
I might be late to watch this video but I'm kinda into more Jay's voice would be a perfect voice act for nugget. I'm just saying 😅
Dramaticsquirrel Prije mjesec
It's mentioned at the beginning of the video, but, the janitor is 80. It's far more likely that Buggs is the Janitor's grandson, if anything.
ihazcheese Prije godine
i found out the second buggs was on screen.ive watched every part of every storyline of every game
Reggie Mills
Reggie Mills Prije mjesec
“Ruining your child hood since 2011” I love that
Scary Spagghetti
Scary Spagghetti Prije 2 godina
Character: **exists with some weird thing** Game Theory: *_allow me to introduce myself_*
spy_bumblebee Prije 2 godina
I'm a man with Theory things pleased to meet you hope sponsors me also I learnt that song from a commercial
Susan P. Davis
Susan P. Davis Prije 2 godina
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DR.Gamez man
DR.Gamez man Prije 2 godina
Hold my beer
PierDanASMR Prije 2 godina
Lyndsey Strait
Lyndsey Strait Prije 5 mjeseci
As much as I like this theory and as much evidence seems to support the idea that the Janitor is Bugg's Dad, there is a problem. Buggs says he remembers his Dad and his Dad's negative qualities. If the Janitor was Bugg's father, wouldn't Buggs recognize him? I mean the Janitor might have intentionally grown a beard to change his appearance but wouldn't someone as desperate as Buggs to find his Dad still notice a possible resemblance and try to talk to him?
Serjalue Prije 7 mjeseci
We all remember the time when Lunchables made you cool in primary school and Kindergarten.
Lightning Prije 3 mjeseci
My man took the "dad left to get the milk" phrase for real
Vixxen Bunny
Vixxen Bunny Prije 7 mjeseci
Question.... If buggs is old enough to remember his mom forcing his dad to use the breathalyzer or his dad had a flask...wouldn't he also remember what his dad looked like? Allowing him to remember that the janitor is his dad?
Rat King
Rat King Prije godine
I always just thought Bugs had a shaved head-
Jessica Galvin
Jessica Galvin Prije 5 mjeseci
It’s like 5:00 shadow for your scalp.
Ben Prije 6 mjeseci
Tho that's true that could mean that the janitor has stubble or whiskers which is still the same color
the_one_and_only_dot Prije 8 mjeseci
Bugs:...why!! Why?! Janitor: yell one time and I'll Both: kill you! Both:...... Bugs: wanna cigarette? Janitor: sure.
AshAttackers Prije 9 mjeseci
@『 ローレン 』 what do you mean it says "wouldn't that changew the hair colour tho"
FlappyGoat Prije 9 mjeseci
I think he only used a helmet...
Sam's adventures
Sam's adventures Prije godine
I don't appreciate how smart nugget sounds here
doulingo owl
doulingo owl Prije 10 mjeseci
Theory: bob from kindergarten is bob from stranger things poor bob he cant stay in a franchise for two minutes
Georgia Riso
Georgia Riso Prije 4 mjeseci
*spoilers* (just in case) Stranger things really just killed everyone i loved (except Billy i wasn’t a huge fan of Billy) (sorry if you were)
Angel the rat
Angel the rat Prije 9 mjeseci
You know what I just realized since Stephanie plays as nugget That means she just called her husband a little dumb dumb and has a pebble brain
Nazeehaletsplay Prije 12 dana
I love the fact that in the beginning nugget is LITERALLY THREATENING MATPAT 🤣
Xzan C
Xzan C Prije 2 godina
Buggs: is born Janitor: curse of vanishing
Xzan C
Xzan C Prije 2 godina
All of you Please stop... also don’t self advertise
Jennifer Cekovich
Jennifer Cekovich Prije 2 godina
@Martin shut UPPPPPPPPP
Martin Prije 2 godina
Maribel Ortiz You have zero videos, zero playlists, I don’t even think this is a real account your talking with
Maribel Ortiz
Maribel Ortiz Prije 2 godina
@Your Singer this guy to
Maribel Ortiz
Maribel Ortiz Prije 2 godina
@Martin report this guy for spam
Voldzz 33
Voldzz 33 Prije 6 mjeseci
I think I just made an even bigger theory to the Buggs-janitor family tree. Cindy's mom is the Janitor's Ex. It explains the scene where you play house with Cindy in Kindergarten 2.
Star Star
Star Star Prije 13 dana
If the creators of kindergarten didn’t mean to make this connection of the two of them being related will surprise me. Seriously there is so much evidence just like matpat says in the video also, I love the voices
KitKatPlayz Prije 10 mjeseci
“Sharpen up your pencils without breaking the tip off!” Me: Is that possible!? 😂
Kamille Prije 9 mjeseci
Minor note, but Buggs said "My dad is coming back, he just went to the store to get cigarettes!" yet according to the janitor he hasn't smoked in decades. Could be explained away, but it's just something I noticed
miodo Prije 2 godina
Game Theory: *talks about Kindergarten* Monetization: aight i’m out
Ragnarok Prije 2 godina
curtando NS1
curtando NS1 Prije 2 godina
@Alan Wuu that's alright.
Alan Wuu
Alan Wuu Prije 2 godina
@curtando NS1 oops, sorry, I think I fall asleep while looking through the comments, didn't mean to do that, I'm apologize 😅
curtando NS1
curtando NS1 Prije 2 godina
@Alan Wuu hmm yeah sure😅
Alan Wuu
Alan Wuu Prije 2 godina
@curtando NS1 v5cbv7cbav cách ứvdtcbvusbcaưvad ứvdtcbvusbcaưvadscbscb vácbadaurbac after ccscccvcvvc
Jack Per
Jack Per Prije godine
The nugget on the bottom right of the theory logo was Easter egg to food theory, good one MatPat.
TheArtist Prije 10 mjeseci
Nugget is my favorite character he’s very tell 👌
Scott Poston
Scott Poston Prije 7 mjeseci
Buggs: *mentions "making his dad proud"* Me: Elizabeth Afton?
I always thought that buggs had gray hair because he shaved his head but that's a pretty good theory
_del_ Prije 2 godina
MatPat: “just like our favorite member of the school custodial staff” Me, thinking of good ol’ Bob: “oof speak for yourself”
**Lazy Kirby**
**Lazy Kirby** Prije 2 godina
1000 like
Martin Prije 2 godina
LazerBlazer Pro I subbed, could you sub to my channel?
Martin Prije 2 godina The movie speaks for itself
stickytarmacs Prije 2 godina
The Cats Of Bloom
The Cats Of Bloom Prije 2 godina
LazerBlazer Pro no
Sleepy Bear
Sleepy Bear Prije 4 mjeseci
I’m so used to gloom’s voice for nugget that hearing the intro was weird
G Chan
G Chan Prije 4 mjeseci
Matt: **explaining how Buggs and Janitor are related** Me: **adding stuff to my theory I already had about this possibility**
No Sleep News
No Sleep News Prije 11 mjeseci
I like this theory but also have two big issues with it. One: Buggs just has a shaved head and the stubble is grey not his actual hair color, and two: wouldn't he recognize his dad? He seems to have plenty of memories of his dad's habits and excessive drinking. Wouldn't he also remember his dads face?
DrDolittle7 Prije 6 mjeseci
You gave the entire ending away at 6:19 (watch the box just above center screen) This text bubble is shown later in the video as evidence. It made it fairly obvious...
Alycornz Prije 2 godina
"BUGGS HAS _GRAY HAIR!"_ I-I just thought he had a buzzcut-
cactii !!
cactii !! Prije godine
p Richards HAH!
Random Weeaboo :3
Random Weeaboo :3 Prije godine
same here, i thought it 2
Pancake Syrup
Pancake Syrup Prije godine
@Mow Bimpson LMAO
Pancake Syrup
Pancake Syrup Prije godine
Me too-
Lilith Combs
Lilith Combs Prije godine
The Man That Knows Too Much ,,, m. B
Glitchy_Stormcloud Prije godine
I don’t think I’m the only one who fricking loves nugget’s voice in these videos >w
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