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If you were trapped on an island and forced to play in brutal children's games, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Netflix's Squid Game explained and review of how to beat.

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26. Ruj 2021.



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Cinema Summary
Cinema Summary Prije 2 mjeseci
Check out Current here: Download the app and use current code HOWTOBEAT and in the next couple of weeks we will be sending 10 random people $500!
Skye_xxD Prije 4 sati
Thank cinema🎦
Skye_xxD Prije 5 sati
I love squid game
Da gamer pro YT
Da gamer pro YT Prije 12 sati
@Cinema Summary you too
THE ASSASSIN218 Prije 2 dana
What will happens if another one watched this video
Wilbur and Mummy
Wilbur and Mummy Prije 3 dana
@Cinema Summary u too
Michael Valdez Rivera
Michael Valdez Rivera Prije 7 minuta
me at 3:am :hmmm intresting
Nick Musgrave
Nick Musgrave Prije 35 minuta
I mean that's what you would do in tug of war buuuuuut. DO YOU SEE THER CHANED ON THE ROPE
Rozafinia Rynth
Rozafinia Rynth Prije sat
I like how he Blurs the blood and disgusting stuff but still say bad words. At least he beep the slang 😁😁
DG Wolf
DG Wolf Prije 2 sati
How to beat squid game the old man 2.fu** the doll 3.ESCAPE BEFORE YOU DIE escaped 5.Mission completed✅
fizzarolli Prije 2 sati
I want to play a game later game over
Czar Rigor Hapac
Czar Rigor Hapac Prije 5 sati
C Cofee Prince 1:20
Joy Nabartey
Joy Nabartey Prije 7 sati
I know how to cheat on glass bridge you need to crouch and make your feet go on the glass but don't jump on the glass if your feet is in the glass try break it if it didn't break that means it's the path
Al Liu
Al Liu Prije 8 sati
How? Just don’t sign up for it. It sounds very simple but it’s really the only way to guarantee that you won’t be put in the situation in the first place. Prevention is the best medicine
Wolf_gamer Prije 9 sati
in squid game they didnt show the 🔺 bc they didnt want them to see the deaths
pman_is_twisted Prije 10 sati
Air pod shotty ima catch a body looking real sussy real sussy I got an airpod shotty and its pointed At your body girl
Amnz Bxbx
Amnz Bxbx Prije 11 sati
Think of a big black man chasing you
N Man
N Man Prije 12 sati
39:45 Guard: I Dunno This Is Not My Game So I Don’t Know
The duo (offcial)
The duo (offcial) Prije 13 sati
Robloxian Prije 13 sati
Quick trick for glass stepping stones take the shoes and throw it one a glass if it break take the last glass that is not breaking and I like when you explain every movies I am a fan
Jaicion Kendrex
Jaicion Kendrex Prije 15 sati
Or you can just be the old man
Addy Swinton
Addy Swinton Prije 15 sati
They could have all survive d
Addy Swinton
Addy Swinton Prije 15 sati
That's what I was thinking the whole time walk on the red bars they never said you can do that
Melissa Lonla
Melissa Lonla Prije 16 sati
I guess I can say I watched Squid Game now
Xilun Jiang
Xilun Jiang Prije 16 sati
honestly who would care about the money at that point, if you played this game you would be traumatized for life
Melissa Lonla
Melissa Lonla Prije 16 sati
Amy Allen
Amy Allen Prije 16 sati
lol fr i would have never thought of these things i would have just probably died first round but this was pretty amazing thinking ngl
Edgar García
Edgar García Prije 18 sati
itzel guzman
itzel guzman Prije 18 sati
itzel guzman
itzel guzman Prije 18 sati
Mano Prije 18 sati
2:48 mrbeast hm
huggy wuggy
huggy wuggy Prije 18 sati
Tip: don't pick the umbrella
Hendri Harris
Hendri Harris Prije 19 sati
I was playing green light red light I will go up under the little guys because they can't move
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Prije 19 sati
Can you do Jurassic park/world
Chaos Brawler
Chaos Brawler Prije 20 sati
This man deserves an award for taking his time to blur all the blood
Cary Ussery
Cary Ussery Prije 20 sati
Glow Man
Glow Man Prije 20 sati
Can you make a "How to beat vivarium"?
Asif Shaikh
Asif Shaikh Prije 20 sati
why you explaining whole show?
Hi I'm Dev
Hi I'm Dev Prije 21 sat
il nam: :D everyone else: :0
UltimaIncursion Prije 22 sati
Dude literially 90 percent of ur tips wont work
UltimaIncursion Prije 22 sati
UltimaIncursion Prije 22 sati
In the 4th game the guards are literially watching you so how are u suppose to just steal their marbles and say u won.....
UltimaIncursion Prije 22 sati
In the 3rd game u cant do all that crazy stuff bc ur handcuffed to the rope
merit dickens
merit dickens Prije 22 sati
no gambleing ok
Hitesh Sharma
Hitesh Sharma Prije 23 sati
he just narrated the whole series🤣🤣😂
Jay's world
Jay's world Prije 23 sati
Whenever he’s doing the sponsor a.k.a. current.Does he have a black eye
Play Games with Abdullah
“the gambler insists he joins his team” wait… arent they all gamblers?
Oskir_Boskir Prije dan
SPOILER ALERT . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11:03 No its because he new about everything cause he is the creator and founder of the games
Deon Adriano
Deon Adriano Prije dan
My strategy in red light green light: JUST HIDE BEHIND THE OLD MAN My strategy in honeycomb: steal a lighter or lick it My strategy in tug of war: just do the strategy of the old man marbles idea: just do what Sangwoo did Glass bridge: ask the glass maker or step on a random glass and come back in the final game strategy: keep throwing sand in the enemy's eye and stab em
SaLeMgReEn777 Prije dan
Listen honeycomb my luck is so bad the opening the thing he would probably break my cookie
Kieran Czyzniejewski
Sang Wo played 5.5 very poorly. If Sang Wo was actually smart, he would have stabbed Gi Han while he was asking for a doctor. The lady was going to die and Gi Han would have had a significant disadvantage next game.
Demon Prije dan
I like who you describe square masks as “managers”. Karen: let me speak to your manager! *square mask appears* yes? Karen: oh sh-
Kurt F
Kurt F Prije dan
The dude who won the Mr Beast remake definately watched this video
Éire Flag Animations
Why the photoshopped profile pic?
Hu tao
Hu tao Prije dan
If you walk on the metal bars they will still forse you to go on the glass
40:30 The squid game manager really said: 🧍‍♂️
James Henry Smith
The show itself is so athistic. and actually it's racist and like communist or socialist or sowmthing. It's as if Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders could have wrote the whole script!
NJ Prije dan
Northkorea sound like paradise instead live in world where people want join a squidgame.
Бэbel Prije dan
MushCrush Prije dan
not the teachers at our old school making us play a game just like red light green light-
RazorThunderBoi BOT
Him:He hit the middle to get more surface with the other paper. Me:*trying to hit the paper in the middle and didn't flip it* Also me:AAAAAAAAH!
Inderia DaSilva Stupica
You just wasted your time, you already did “As the Gods Will” and it is technically “Squid Game”
Froggity Boo 🐸 フロギーブッ
Everybody gangsta till squid game ends with “Based on a true story”
striking Sarcophagus
I had a strategy for the glass stepping stones. Once the first panel was jumped on, you can lean into the next and slam your fist onto it hard enough to break your average window. If it doesn't break, you're safe. If it does, you've eliminated a fake tile.
19:23 what liquids would you collect? Your sweat? Honestly, thats not really a reliable source of liquid, and even if you did constantly sweat, it would take forever to get enough to fill the whole container, definantly more than 10-15 minutes.
Vinishoos Prije dan
spit in it
Agoti and tabi
Agoti and tabi Prije dan
Here is everything I came up with 1.straight up hide behind them 2.piss on it 3.hold on the bar with it tied on your hand pulling 4.choose the throw into a hole game and use barely any power 5.roll on the bars 6. I KNOW HOW TO PROTECT MYSELF! 7. Idk
Lauroobsiab Xyooj
Why I have trust issues. 😔
ELM Gaming
ELM Gaming Prije dan
Ur not telling us how to win it ur only explainaing it
Legaxy3 `
Legaxy3 ` Prije dan
the person who beat the treasure chest minigame in zelda oot without the lens of truth when he pays the glass game.
Sweet Redstone
Sweet Redstone Prije dan
Red light green light I saw someone mimic the voice saying green light on a red light
Crystal Olsen
Crystal Olsen Prije dan
i love squid game
Me Me
Me Me Prije dan
Waiting for season 2
Aristology Prije dan
It’s not getting a season two lmfao
ZingerFlame Prije dan
Had gi hun paired with the math teacher he wouldve suggested nim and beat gi hun
Daugirdas Visinskas
If he didn't touch his money from winning the game, how did he pay his debts?
Daugirdas Visinskas
"They could have cheated in a tug of war" Dude, are you okay? How would they know the rules of the tug of war? Do they look like to you that they know the rules? No. Has anyone brought them the rules and said, "read it"? No. Were they allowed to check that on their phones? Hell, no. So your assumptions are pretty dumb. You also think some shoes will break the glass? Are you serious...
Aristology Prije dan
Literally all you have to do to cheat in tow is lean backwards, it’s not that complicated. It’s also one of the most known games around the world. You don’t have to be a genius to know the rules. Also, shoes will break glass, you’re probably just too weak to do so.
Kacper guz
Kacper guz Prije dan
This is how lm going to beat squid game RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT: Be behind people when the doll shout red light and push them to them be dead SAUGER HONEYCOMB: Pick the triangle then think of a sad time to cry so your tears we'll melt the honeycomb TUG OF WAR: Get strongest people and put them at the back and dumbest at front MARBLES: Pick odd or even game you start off put 1-5 marbles in your hand if need to pick then pick odd GLASS BRIDGE: Pick 14 or 12 if you need to pick then strach your leg on a platform to make sure it save SQUID GAME: Have fun
Daugirdas Visinskas
"This game was a mistake" Yeah, right. What should he have done when the sharks have made him sign a contract with his blood. He would lose his organs. If not him, they could target his mom.
BAK Robert Johnston
A maybe Easter egg is that 456 play and the number of the main character is 456 there’s also 45.6 billion won won
Luke Gaming
Luke Gaming Prije dan
sus game 😳
Nina Calderon
Nina Calderon Prije dan
Relaxing your Mind
People: screaming in pain Cinema: ok, so the problem they made here…
Maddie Broadbridge
Maddie Broadbridge Prije 2 dana
In game 4, unless the translation is wrong there is a way for both players to make it out alive. The rules state that in order to win you have to win the marbles of the other player (not win all 20). So all you would have to do is win each others marbles. You could do this by playing four rounds of a game and betting 5 of your marbles each time with alternate players winning every time.
Bella Crafts
Bella Crafts Prije 22 sati
the translation is wrong. It says you need all the marbles.
Charson David
Charson David Prije 2 dana
I found a guard with i line mask
The Cricket Animation Archive
the mr beast players should have watched this
SCΞPTΞЯ-Tᴇᴀᴍ Aɢᴇɴᴛ
There's a better way. *Be the cameraman.*
DashWiz Prije 2 dana
oh wow so he blurs blood and doesnt blur a gun!?!?!?
0ok02 The Person
0ok02 The Person Prije 2 dana
Well, guns are just pieces of metals stick together ( I mean it's basically nothing that much to censor bcus most people here aren't kids anyways ) and gore is just oddly disgusting lol
You the reason I now squid game and made my mom watch it she said she likes it
Siu man Ng
Siu man Ng Prije 2 dana
Did he just say (beep) up
Dark Fire Shadow
Dark Fire Shadow Prije 2 dana
omg im so happy the dead people were blured
Maya Dark
Maya Dark Prije 2 dana
For me I will start with 5 the glass bridge if I go to the 4 room I can of get the rocks and a bag and I can save the bag to the last one so I can win .
PS4 pros
PS4 pros Prije 2 dana
Didie Kill
Didie Kill Prije 2 dana
when me watch long all
Nyx Prije 2 dana
They aren't really "forced" To play they are given a chance to win money,
Izaiah Bodnar
Izaiah Bodnar Prije 2 dana
Did anyone spot that at 21:56 behind the old man and gi-hun his number is 880?
Sarah and Bob Edwards
When the girl died this what i have to say,To start off not amount of money is ever worth yours or anyone's life-Second if you manage to live you have now killed someone else and have to live with the thought of killing many people,And third if you do die you die one of the most painful deaths.Yes i know these people are money hungry-Cold hearted-She might have died-And things like that,And i have watched all 9 episodes.Its just not worth any of it (YES I KNOW ITS FAKE!)
Rico Brown
Rico Brown Prije 2 dana
Anyone notice fall guys is just a kid friendly version of squid game?
THE ASSASSIN218 Prije 2 dana
What if another one watched this video
Mobeek Prije 2 dana
Nice! I saved myself from watching this on Netflix.
Cookie Dough
Cookie Dough Prije 2 dana
this video would be useful in the new mr beast squid game
Lily Xlemons
Lily Xlemons Prije 2 dana
001 was the create r and its more scary win the guard is in front of you
Niki Simpson
Niki Simpson Prije 2 dana
I like the video it's the best video I have ever heard about
Benjamín Birgisson
Benjamín Birgisson Prije 2 dana
Plot twist: many of you are here because you cant watch squid game (tbh I watch it)
notkarin Prije 2 dana
11:02 *insert romantic violin music*
Matīss Visockis
Matīss Visockis Prije 3 dana
what do you mean forced to play they choose to and they got back in again
Danito BG
Danito BG Prije 3 dana
Am I the only guy who saw a player with number 880 in the white room 🤔
EndosZ Prije 3 dana
Gong yoo slapped 456 people *epic*
CosmicKarma Prije 3 dana
Hope someone watched this before the Mr Beast squid game challenge
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