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Kenny is determined to have died from a new variant of COVID. Panic ensues throughout the town. The exclusive event is now streaming on Paramount+. Start your free 30-day trial with coupon code SOUTHPARK at checkout:

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About South Park: South Park is the Emmy and Peabody-award winning animated series co-created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone about four boys living in one screwed-up Colorado mountain town. Between local and global tragedies, as well as parental and celebrity interference, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny manage to have themselves a time.

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28. Stu 2021.



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Mafiapau Prije mjesec
South Park is no longer a comedy, it's just a record of reality.
CzeekiBreek Prije 7 dana
Always has been
You Tube
You Tube Prije 8 dana
This Guy just realized the obvious.
Heavenly King
Heavenly King Prije 15 dana
@manuel jose lujano Simpsons, especially nowadays, is a dead NWO TV show made for grannies and feminists. Fuck Simpsons. 🤮🤮🤮
Heavenly King
Heavenly King Prije 15 dana
True. For the past years, when they started to add sexual and political stuff by supporting Obama and Hitlery, Southpark died for me. I used to laugh a lot with their episodes, because they were smart and hiliarious. Now, they are just pure vomiting leftist propaganda. But anyway, Southpark is already dead. 2 episodes in 2 years. I hope they cancel this shit tv series.
Matthew Lindsay
Matthew Lindsay Prije 16 dana
South Park is the most eternal show ever created. Ever. Will be relevant and comedic gold until Matt and Trey pass.
J Wizdum
J Wizdum Prije mjesec
I remember when I was young I was shocked to hear this show got an Emmy…now that I’m older, I completely understand the comedic genius behind the show. Truly one of a kind.
Marquis Prije 44 minuta
@bruh. What exactly?
bruh. Prije dan
@Marquis and you ignored what i said
Marquis Prije dan
@bruh. As you can see in all of this comment section: most people like it. You are the only one I read that doesnt like it.
bruh. Prije 2 dana
@Marquis yes jokes are a matter of taste but if the majority thinks its a bad joke then its a bad joke. and youre probably gna say "oh well this guy and me agree that its good so its 2v1". southpark is not that popular now. people grow up. some people are still young. young people are too young to get the joke, old people get the joke but because they are mature adults think its kinda weird. only the teens / millenials think its funny.
Marquis Prije 2 dana
@bruh. Then you've understood what I'm talking about: jokes are a matter of taste. And just because you don't find it funny doesn't mean it's not funny per se. But it's nice that you find me funny.
cool Prije mjesec
I sincerely hope South Park never stops being South Park
Matthew Lindsay
Matthew Lindsay Prije 16 dana
South Park will still be South Park 25 years from now. No doubt in my mind. Matt and Trey freaking nailed it. Literally the greatest show ever. Forget genres. There are a lot of amazing shows and they will never touch this genius.
S Prije 19 dana
@Stardust Sonic Haha shellfishness. Thank goodness for South Park in these dystopian times.
Stardust Sonic
Stardust Sonic Prije 19 dana
@S I thought Cartman was the unvaccinated person here. ... until Clyde started speaking of personal choices and "shellfishness".
S Prije mjesec
Could you imagine if, instead, Cartman became like the CEO of Pfizer? grim.
minij hooi
minij hooi Prije mjesec
The accuracy isn’t scary. The accuracy is reality. This clip will age well
林彬彬 Prije 26 dana
@Joe Roselli tfw 你真的瘋掉了
William Lay
William Lay Prije 27 dana
reality can be more bizarre than fantasy
Joe Roselli
Joe Roselli Prije mjesec
tfw you find out donald was aware of this deep state vs the people plan the whole time "theyre after you im just in their way"
jrh11254 Prije mjesec
A slight variation on The Who’s song, “…quarantine-age wasteland…”
Luiz Marinho
Luiz Marinho Prije mjesec
This is exactly what the military is doing in Australia right now.
Chris Powell
Chris Powell Prije mjesec
I absolutely love how Cartman reverted to his old ways when he said "Kyle" in the church. Brilliant.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Prije mjesec
To prevent a mass-panic, theres a Thing you can do. I mean, aside from the most obvious thing of not panicing (DUHHH), which is strengthening your critical thinking and getting near some good, unbiased Info-Sources. So let me recommend you Sci Show, Veritasium, HBomberguy, Sci Man Dan, SEA, Professor Dave Explains, It's ok to be smart, Michio Kaku.
Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Prije mjesec
@Wayne Daniels epic
Wayne Daniels
Wayne Daniels Prije mjesec
Cartman hates Jews
Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Prije mjesec
@Gönndalf everyone thought this and you were all wrong
Gönndalf Prije mjesec
old ways? he 100% became rabbi to annoy kyle to the utmost! hahaha
Matsimus Prije mjesec
I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time lol this was amazing lol
Garyl Swindlehurst
Garyl Swindlehurst Prije mjesec
@Ayo Olukoga is conditional training and subliminal messaging
Garyl Swindlehurst
Garyl Swindlehurst Prije mjesec
@Ayo Olukoga agreed
Yay i found a matsimus comment
Ayo Olukoga
Ayo Olukoga Prije mjesec
@Garyl Swindlehurst No, But this Covid Situation is the Perfect way the Elites Can Use to Enforce the Mark of the Beast System.
Garyl Swindlehurst
Garyl Swindlehurst Prije mjesec
Was halarious
Shook Music
Shook Music Prije mjesec
TREY parker and matt stone are true genius and so consistent over the last 20 years it really is insane.
Al Rath
Al Rath Prije 7 dana
@Lorraine Belle They pay writers, always have, diffrent comedians have been writing the show forever.
Wavy Prije 20 dana
@Lorraine Belle Saying Matt Stone is pointless is like saying Batman's Robin is pointless. lol Get a grip.
Cryptozex Prije 29 dana
@Lorraine Belle not technically pointless considering Matt does a bunch of the voices
Lorraine Belle
Lorraine Belle Prije 29 dana
@Cryptozexhe don't write and trey has to tell him how to voice act... he's pointless
ya girl
ya girl Prije mjesec
@Cryptozex …honestly it’s not that matt is pointless, and he does a lot of the key voices like butters, kyle, craig, tweek, gerald, etc, but apparently he doesn’t write or direct any of the show. if you look at the credits at the end of every ep it always says “written and directed by trey parker” it seems like trey is the brains behind all the creativity, plot lines, and humor, and im pretty sure he always writes the scripts too. so idk what matt does
Im the best thing since sliced Rice
Eric Cartman's level of staying in character is so legendary from his hand being Henifer Lopez, to him murdering all his stuff toys and now this 🤣
Geoffrey Touton
Geoffrey Touton Prije mjesec
Welp, this time it was genuine.
Fragmented R
Fragmented R Prije mjesec
@OolalaFive ohh, in that case that’s definitely possible, I feel like that’d be too obvious though.
OolalaFive Prije mjesec
@Fragmented R I meant that no one else shakes Cartman's wife's hand, or picks up his kids. I think they're holograms like Stan's Alexa.
Fragmented R
Fragmented R Prije mjesec
@OolalaFive nah Kyle does too as he talks directly to his wife, but I think what they mean isn’t that his wife and kids are imaginary, but that he specifically has that wife and those kids, along with becoming a rabbi, just to fuck with Kyle, which worked.
Gir's Taco
Gir's Taco Prije mjesec
@Nicholas Knox Taco flavored keeses for mí Ben 😘
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻The Guy Who Cares⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
Cartman is such a troll, even when he's not even trying lmao, I can't help but laugh Everytime I see him 😂😂
Dobby is Free
Dobby is Free Prije mjesec
qui?! well the community you know.... quiii??!!!
VillainTube Prije mjesec
"The COVID Delta Plus Rewards Programme Variant!" is what Omicron should have been called
Sonny Thomas
Sonny Thomas Prije 28 dana
@Luiz Marinho It sounds like something from Futurama. Lol
Luiz Marinho
Luiz Marinho Prije mjesec
Omicron is a pretty catchy name too.
Benur M
Benur M Prije mjesec
No because it didn't evolve from Delta.
K rook
K rook Prije mjesec
@Ricky Ray Africa is a big continent. And I am pretty sure America has done it's own fair share of brutal violence. If not on their own continent, then abroad. Also on record!
Ricky Ray
Ricky Ray Prije mjesec
@K rook Well actually yes it does. Last time I checked there wasn't a ton of civil wars all over the USA in which children's hearts were ripped out of their chests and eaten. These aren't things that are taught these are things that are on record
Vailskibum94 Prije mjesec
South Park tells it like it is, and that's something few cartoons even dare to try
Dalek Renegade
Dalek Renegade Prije 3 dana
@LotusPetalsAndBarbs Damn, you don't hold back. I respect that.👍
LotusPetalsAndBarbs Prije 8 dana
@Nate H they've been working on Covid research since LONG before the pandemic, that's why we were already close to a vaccine once it became relevant to have one. And you can look at the data and see a correlation between vaccine status and survival rates, so, yah know, "medically proven".
Nate H
Nate H Prije 8 dana
@LotusPetalsAndBarbs excuse you?! The medical test on Covid barely started last year and they won’t be completed until 2026 medically proven LOL
Ayjop Prije 12 dana
@Ian MacLean we all already know the Medical system runs on a profit motive, that's literally not a conspiracy theory it's just capitalism and companies who want to patent the solution. Also, the vaccine has already been FDA approved so idk what "defective product" is. I'm starting to believe that the people who are anti vax just want to be contrarian and don't really give a shit about the science.
999 Fever
999 Fever Prije 25 dana
@test1234 sounds like ur the jealous one
C.I.A. Prije 27 dana
Can we marvel at the fact that cartman made his life a living hell just so his friends could have better ones? Like I truly respect him now
Amar Ken
Amar Ken Prije mjesec
The Smorgasvein segment shows exactly how many children take up the unhealthy drinking habits of their parents, even if they have a bad relationship and especially if they had a bad childhood
The Dennis
The Dennis Prije 22 dana
It's not a bad drinking habit; he's dropping wine into beer and chugging it, it's cultural and elegant.
manifestgtr Prije 25 dana
Bad childhood, good childhood, doesn’t matter. You tacitly view anything your parents did as “ok”, even if it’s just on a subconscious level. I’ve noticed it with me and my parents and to me, they’re the greatest people on earth. I see it with my buddies I’ve known since childhood and my adult friends too. Your parents’ behavior has an enormous impact on what you recognize as normal throughout your life.
Brisco Darling
Brisco Darling Prije mjesec
Maybe off topic, Lol, Is that a real thing? honestly, is there no end to hipster doucheyness?
Josh Bow
Josh Bow Prije mjesec
@A Hassan the easiest one to talk about would be my brother. For him it's either alcohol or weed to "forget the bad things and not hate myself and if I don't have either I'm gonna (rewording for guideline reasons) hit my off switch". He would buy a bottle of rum or vodka and drink the entire bottle in one night getting black out drunk rambling about shit in his life that he blames on others when it's actually his own fault. Will try to fight the entire family or break shit till he ends up passing out on the floor and throwing up on himself and he stays drunk so much that he doesn't wash or take any kind of care for himself. He has a wheat allergy like me and my mom but he doesn't care because it means giving up his favorites so he has gotten this massive gut because his body can't process this shit and is just storing it. I hate to say this but at this rate he has at least 2 or 3 years till his liver shuts down judging by all his other problems and pains. Plus his side of the family (we have different dad's) has a history of heart attacks and all this beer and liquor isn't helping with that. He'll also happily drive while drunk if he can make it to the car. My dad drinks beer from when he wakes up to when he goes to sleep and he definitely shouldn't be doing that now because he's recovering from a severe heart attack that left his heart working at 13% but he just can't stop himself. My mom "drinks when she stressed" but she always stressed so its an entire bottle of wine in one afternoon every day. Just watching how they all act and drink makes me feel sick so I could never touch any kind of alcohol because I'm reminded of them. I probably left out a thing or two and mixed up some others but for the most part that's the extent of my family's drinking problem. They're not bad drunks except for my brother but they can't stop drinking and it's doing damage to them.
A Hassan
A Hassan Prije mjesec
@Josh Bow sorry for your loss btw. You deserve a good family
Quality Videos
Quality Videos Prije mjesec
I felt bad for cartman in the end. He lost everything.
Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon Prije 13 sati
I hope they make one call the endmic special
Kelly Knauth Brown
Kelly Knauth Brown Prije mjesec
The part where the mom is panicking and the Dad is setting up Zoom...panicking for no reason....I can't explain to people without kids how accurate that was...I am guilty of standing there thinking my ex husband was heroic for handling the set up of remote learning.
DarkTirk D
DarkTirk D Prije mjesec
The “ex” part make me sad. Hope you find love and happiness in the near future.
William Winder
William Winder Prije mjesec
Cartman being 100% genuine in his faith and love for his Jewish family is the biggest FU he could have given to Kyle.
Jeremy G
Jeremy G Prije 13 dana
@Lilith Very well put. It’s like Cartman’s ultimate form. He always finds a way to make him seem like he’s the victim and get people on his side. This time he’s actually gone so far that he’s actually become the genuine article. This time he’s achieved it in the real world. People actually feel bad about the ending. Just like Cartmanland, either he has everything and everyone suffers or ends up with nothing and everyone else is good. That said, I don’t know why people are getting bent out of shape about it. We’ve seen children and families die in South park all the time. It’s not like it’s new. Cartman even teamed up with the evil Cthulhu.
Superman Prije 13 dana
After watching Part 2....this is actually genuin change and Kyle was just stuck in the past
DarthAnonymous Prije 21 dan
@Helo Stan didn’t kill his mom
Nathan McAndrew
Nathan McAndrew Prije 24 dana
@Rudolph Gurtovnik I came here to this comment thread late sadly but my prediction was he was a just a loving father and husband who found faith in judaism. Man its quiet here all of a sudden! Gee wonder why 😂😂😂
Inspector Dolly
Inspector Dolly Prije 28 dana
It’s probably more like irony with Cartman however it is Cartman and I think he is always built for change and suspicion.
Funny World
Funny World Prije mjesec
Honestly, probably the best episode of South Park of all time. Amazing work.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Prije mjesec
To prevent a mass-panic, theres a Thing you can do. I mean, aside from the most obvious thing of not panicing (DUHHH), which is strengthening your critical thinking and getting near some good, unbiased Info-Sources. So let me recommend you Sci Show, Veritasium, HBomberguy, Sci Man Dan, SEA, Professor Dave Explains, It's ok to be smart, Michio Kaku.
Alice! Curiosity often leads to trouble!!
I just finished watching the specials and I'm SO glad they got these out right at Christmas 🎄 this year. We all really needed this!
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Prije 24 dana
I’m confused, doesn’t Kenny have a power so he can’t die, or am I losing my mind, or does it not apply to viruses such as covid
frankie lovejoy
frankie lovejoy Prije 5 dana
@WonkyTonkBotty That actually makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. Honestly, it's probably almost a blessing to Kenny. He spent his whole life dying in horrible ways and being reborn with the memories. Actually dying and staying dead is probably heaven to him at this point.
WonkyTonkBotty Prije 5 dana
Since his mum is elderly, she can't rebirth him anymore due to menopause.
SouthernBelleSphere Prije mjesec
This show has always been effortlessly hilarious 😆
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Prije mjesec
To prevent a mass-panic, theres a Thing you can do. I mean, aside from the most obvious thing of not panicing (DUHHH), which is strengthening your critical thinking and getting near some good, unbiased Info-Sources. So let me recommend you Sci Show, Veritasium, HBomberguy, Professor Dave Explains, It's ok to be smart, Michio Kaku.
seequa Prije mjesec
imagine being 30 and seeing that south park STILL doesnt miss. Freaking iconic
Brisco Darling
Brisco Darling Prije mjesec
Sheeeeiiit, I remember the first episodes of the Simpsons. Classic. The world has really gone to hell since then. What happened? It seems like yesterday, but because the downfall of society it seems like ancient history.
Fae Rains
Fae Rains Prije mjesec
@XVII NAICHI ....that people older than 30 use the internet unironically?? I've been using the internet since I was in seventh I missing a joke like a dork? Or are there stations wherein I need to return my "Im Under 30 and I'm Allowed to Use the Internet" ID?
Nysi Chang
Nysi Chang Prije mjesec
36 here! Lol
Kaiserbowl Prije mjesec
Santa and Jesus was one of the first viral videos..... 45 signing in
Jesus chroist
Jesus chroist Prije mjesec
@XVII NAICHI it makes sense, most people in their thirties grew up watching South Park, it’s like the Simpson going over thirty years, they built a legacy, can’t knock it
Shadok Prije mjesec
oh dear, this got 13 million views in 2 weeks..
Alice! Curiosity often leads to trouble!!
I just saw that! 🤣🤣🤣 most popular yt channel!!
The Retro Corner
The Retro Corner Prije mjesec
Cartman I salute you. You were the true hero in all of this.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Prije mjesec
TREY parker and matt stone are true genius and so consistent over the last 20 years it really is insane.
lennomenno Prije mjesec
Never thought I'd see Matt and Trey make a documentary.
Vstar Prije mjesec
Lol the scene with the dad frantically organising the zoom call for his child 😆
ya girl
ya girl Prije mjesec
that part genuinely made me LAUGH MY ASS OFF 😭 the heavy breathing and screaming, sputtering random words and shoving his child into a chair fucking killed me
Ablestar Official
Ablestar Official Prije mjesec
Such lame people the South Park guys have become. What dbgs.
Naan bread is good
Naan bread is good Prije mjesec
@Ghost yea 😐
Karl Hungus
Karl Hungus Prije mjesec
@Ghost Apparently there are quite a few random lunatics in these comments 😆
Boris Sladakovic
Boris Sladakovic Prije mjesec
Kyle Blagg
Kyle Blagg Prije mjesec
the fact that stan acts exactly like randy absolutely kills me
ChrisTopher Prije mjesec
Seriously seems so true. Can you imagine what life would be like if a real serious virus were introduced?
Cristian Popescu
Cristian Popescu Prije mjesec
It’s plenty of time in 2022
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk Prije mjesec
Or any virus at all.
Katumi Sedenu
Katumi Sedenu Prije mjesec
Love this whole grown up episode..Cartman still my favorite character
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Prije mjesec
To prevent a mass-panic, theres a Thing you can do. I mean, aside from the most obvious thing of not panicing (DUH), which is strengthening your critical thinking and getting near some good, unbiased Info-Sources. So let me recommend you Sci Show, Veritasium, HBomberguy, Sci Man Dan, SEA, Professor Dave Explains, It's ok to be smart, Michio Kaku.
Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen Prije mjesec
I like it that Stan grow up acting just the same as his dad. Like father like son, they said.
vusimuzi buthelezi
vusimuzi buthelezi Prije mjesec
I absolutely died at "it's a new variant, the covid delta plus rewards program variant"😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Computer Star
Computer Star Prije 6 dana
Sarah Santa-Maria
Sarah Santa-Maria Prije 27 dana
I love South Park… So satisfying to make fun of people sometimes 😆
Dark Sigma
Dark Sigma Prije mjesec
We just need simpsons to confirm it
Devin Haney
Devin Haney Prije mjesec
We all did lol
Nanno Prije mjesec
@Squid Person I know. That's why I said that.
Ivor Hugo
Ivor Hugo Prije 26 dana
Making drastic characters like Alexa seems to be a pretty important thing in Trey and Matt's writing style. It works because they can tackle they want with comedy.
Jesse Swanson
Jesse Swanson Prije mjesec
I live in Canada. I can personally vouch that this portrayal is accurate
Wal Do
Wal Do Prije 12 dana
@GlassesTarzan Yesterday Macron of France literally admitted that 91% of the adult population is vaccinated and they're filling up hospitals because they keep getting sick (clearly showing the vaccines don't help) but blamed it on the unvaccinated!!!
GlassesTarzan Prije 12 dana
@Wal Do lol Quebec locked back down and Ontario is in a pseudo-lockdown basically. It is all just abysmal. Back to square one even after the vaccines
Jeremy M
Jeremy M Prije mjesec
It’s funny how some people still think the jabs actually work
Wal Do
Wal Do Prije mjesec
I've heard how restricted people in Canada are if they haven't been's hard to believe the reality.
Mitchell Brown
Mitchell Brown Prije mjesec
This is amazing. Thank you Matt and Trey.
Sean Bastert
Sean Bastert Prije mjesec
I love how South Park portrays alcoholism. Pretty accurate. Lol 😂
levelheaded0 0
levelheaded0 0 Prije mjesec
Everyone freaking out about the new variant is only going to age better over time. Perfect depiction
Sevart T
Sevart T Prije mjesec
@MK Ultra I remember an old Aldous Huxley interview where he says that people will learn to love their servitute. Looks like you've found an example of that on here.
Joey Perp
Joey Perp Prije mjesec
@Joseph Weeks The vaccine does not stop transmission of the virus. From the beggining it was stated that the goal of the vaccine was to lessen the symptoms that get people killed. This virus can spread in animal populations too so it's just going to keep mutating no matter what.
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk Prije mjesec
@MrCnin3 259 They were more than half dead anyway!
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk Prije mjesec
@SeaJay Oceans Yup! They sure love deception just like their father.
MK Ultra
MK Ultra Prije mjesec
@MrCnin3 259 Don't be shy now, answer the question: What were the health conditions for these relatives and your mom before they got COVID?
stephanie Manchester-Chermonitz
It’s spot on. Always the best way to deliver a political message through parody.
Kurt Cipale
Kurt Cipale Prije mjesec
Rabi cartman i instantly lost it this whole thing made my day thanks guys!! Keep up the good work!!
doppler apples
doppler apples Prije 7 dana
The fact they took it to the human level with Alexa was hilarious lol
Becca Reynolds
Becca Reynolds Prije mjesec
This is legit a documentary at this point .. excellent 🤣
Bartolome Esteban Murillo
This is Cartman's masterpiece without it being intentional, he has a loving family while Kyle is a miserable shell of a man.
Xaro Xhoan Daxos
Xaro Xhoan Daxos Prije 28 dana
@Jornavyr Well your comments didn't age well...
Joël Pichette
Joël Pichette Prije mjesec
i want my alexa too!
Just Acomment
Just Acomment Prije mjesec
@Aatto00 It sounds like you need to get some fresh air there, friend. I'm not sure why you're so upset, but the point of not telling us outright is most likely so they can come up with some kind of funny twist that most of us won't see coming. Either way, you're probably wrong. But who knows, I guess we'll see next episode. :)
Aatto00 Prije mjesec
@Just Acomment Cartman isn’t pretending, you’re just in denial. This is not an elaborate prank, FFS. They haven’t seen each other in decades. Sorry you dislike the possibility, but the “this is a prank” interpretation would be predictable and boring. He is both totally sincere and also loves rubbing Kyle’s nose in it. He did not want to travel back in time because he loves his wife and kids and life as a rabbi.
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans Prije mjesec
We Will Not Comply. Do not Kneel for Lord Foulchi, Reject the Mandates of King Brandon. Never Forget. Never Again.
Gabriel Schleifer
Gabriel Schleifer Prije mjesec
I love how Cartman has apparently gotten past his antisemetism but still makes everything about himself.
Brook Asfaw
Brook Asfaw Prije mjesec
First time watching south park in 3 years and I am shocked about how different it is
Evan Mann
Evan Mann Prije mjesec
The covid Delta plus rewards variant is one of the funniest lines I've ever heard in South Park absolutely 💯 genius writing . And thank you for making me LOL .
Robert1 Foley
Robert1 Foley Prije mjesec
I honestly couldn't stop laughing .
Joël Pichette
Joël Pichette Prije mjesec
don't forget THEY GOT OUR JOBS!
STLCODPS3123 Prije mjesec
0:20 gotta love how Stan grew up to be exactly like his dad
Idan Iluz
Idan Iluz Prije mjesec
Stan is truly his father's son
Xavo Class
Xavo Class Prije 23 dana
Yep they both put their dad's in nursing homes 🤣
Devon Campbell
Devon Campbell Prije 23 dana
People come down
Joël Pichette
Joël Pichette Prije mjesec
@Bisman Resident the issue is that stan is born at the wrong time to be ambitious. there were 2 wasted generations recently.
Fredrik Svärd
Fredrik Svärd Prije mjesec
JASON DEAN Prije mjesec
@Fredrik Svärd Cartman and Randy are tied for 1st IMO
Charles Prije mjesec
Lol Kyle's reaction is like "Oh, brother" He's not having any of it
George George
George George Prije mjesec
"This is the future and in the future we don't ridicule people based on their believes." "Damn, I hate the future!" -lmao
fake man
fake man Prije mjesec
The older I get the more I love this show
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Prije mjesec
To prevent a mass-panic, theres a Thing you can do. I mean, aside from the most obvious thing of not panicing (DUHHH), which is strengthening your critical thinking and getting near some good, unbiased Info-Sources.
Jacqueline Gutmann
Jacqueline Gutmann Prije 19 dana
Best comedy show of all time because it’s the dark reality we actually live in 😂😂😂
OCNative Prije mjesec
One thing that cracks me up about this is that Delta Airlines tried so hard to distance themselves from the "delta variant" of covid, and this episode really leans into the coincidental overlap usage of "delta:" the covid Delta plus rewards program variant.
Jon Sunderland
Jon Sunderland Prije 3 dana
Same thing with "Corona beer" When the Corona virus was at it's peek. Retailers and liquor stores had Corona on clearances.
4W4KENED Prije 13 dana
@Tiziano Valicenti cleverly placed 🙄
Tiziano Valicenti
Tiziano Valicenti Prije 13 dana
@4W4KENED You know other anagrams? Omicron = Maricon Omicron Delta = Erotic Almond.
SuppersReady8880 Prije mjesec
My other comment about the gematria of the phrases m.i.n.d c.o.n.t.r.o.l versus t.o.i.l.e.t. p.a.p.e.r. was deleted.
SuppersReady8880 Prije mjesec
@Cathy Yu Duh, the western governments WANTED it to be a shytshow to justify draconian response and shift wealth to the elite.
1:40 I love how theres chaos and a guy panicking while riding a futuristic skate board
Lotus Freedom
Lotus Freedom Prije mjesec
Best SouthPark episode ever. 🤣😂😂 PS. Omicron is an anagram for Moronic.
Ziva Prije 5 dana
It should have been "It's the future and we don't respect anybody that has different beliefs from us"
Hex: Oh no! my life, its broken :(
I've loved this season so much I bought it on amazon prime 😭 can't wait for more eps to air on there.
OfficerLeite Prije mjesec
The fact that this episode was release at the same day(if i'm not mistaken) of the discovery of the Omicron variant was surreal
SuppersReady8880 Prije mjesec
@Mjlewi Exactly, you are the test case for the Real Program.
SuppersReady8880 Prije mjesec
@Gaian Galaxy And the guy who invented mRNA treatment says it should never have beeb used this way.
SuppersReady8880 Prije mjesec
@D&D G The vaks is what creates the evolutionary pressure that selects for variants. We should have just handed out Iver-mec-tin like India did.
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk Prije mjesec
@DragonstarEnterprises Africa has a president?
omicron is only a thing because the African president canceled they're order of vaccines saying they were going with another method of treatment.. moral of the story.. don't fuck the big pharma's profits.
Stephen Philpitt
Stephen Philpitt Prije mjesec
Once again South Park nails it like no one else has the courage to .
Black Hulk
Black Hulk Prije mjesec
I just wanna say Cartman having become a Rabbi makes perfect sense. He's arguably always been one of the smartest characters in SP; he knows psychology, warfare, relationships, critical thinking. Almost no one perseveres like he does. He always believes in himself no matter how absurd his goals may seem to others. To such a degree even that others start believing, too. He gets things done. He has seen evil, he knows evil, yet there was always this potential for good; for him to find within himself and in others. His life long hatred of jews fits perfectly, it's like he has been running from his true destiny all along. Aaand it's divine comedy, really. Like the perfect joke to fuck with Kyle. But also to help Kyle develop.
Sam Black
Sam Black Prije mjesec
@Paul Hansen I have no idea what you’re talking about, or how it relates to anything I’ve written here 😃
Paul Hansen
Paul Hansen Prije mjesec
@Sam Black LOL, it's a cartoon, not reality.
Yo Mayn
Yo Mayn Prije mjesec
Just like a real Rabbi lol
Sam Black
Sam Black Prije mjesec
@Black Hulk 😂
Black Hulk
Black Hulk Prije mjesec
@Sam Black 😂👍🏾
ya girl
ya girl Prije mjesec
1:59-2:09 the kid’s dad FRANTICALLY sputtering uncontrollably, breathing heavy and signing onto zoom asap and then shoving his child into the chair like the world is about to explode fucking KILLED me 😭
rainer_ow Prije mjesec
3:18 that made me laugh so hard
Justus Miranda
Justus Miranda Prije mjesec
The part of the dad setting up the zoom for his kid always cracks me up
Xavisavi Prije mjesec
This and the chin diappers part lol
jason allenreal
jason allenreal Prije mjesec
@Oreca The Creator oh that Kevin kid? He was a cool side character
Justin Singh
Justin Singh Prije mjesec
lol highlight of this episode
triccele Prije mjesec
I actually love he's married to a woman of the future (like those on the episode of the future immigrant), and even talk like they do
Boris Sladakovic
Boris Sladakovic Prije mjesec
*Throws kid on chair* REMOTE LEARNING!
Parker Hardy
Parker Hardy Prije mjesec
That "in case you forgot this is the future" line killed me
CalmPlayer Prije mjesec
The best kind of humor, is that, that gives you the sour reality, in an over the top way back South park like always stays a smart cartoon show
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Prije mjesec
I love the fact that South Park is more accurate now with everybody being older, because everyone has remained the same age from 1997 up until now
Korvus Gaming
Korvus Gaming Prije mjesec
Randy: It's called a Smorgasvein! Stan 40 years later: It's called a Smorgasvein!
Matt Cook
Matt Cook Prije mjesec
I absolutely LOVE how they’ve made them adults. It’s like a new series but nostalgic. 👏🏻
Gee3Oh Prije mjesec
@Kevin Lopez Gotta disagree. That was an actual new show and they ended up doing a lot of nostalgia bait anyway.
Ádám Gazdag
Ádám Gazdag Prije mjesec
@Nikke Tmzee it's pretty obvious the only reason you didn't like it is because it had gays in it. I didn't like Korra either, but not for the same reasons you didn't. I just don't understand why so many people get angry over characters having different sexualities than just the usual hetero.
avril Prije mjesec
@Hadi Kosh they're kids..
Mike Anetsberger
Mike Anetsberger Prije mjesec
@Kevin Lopez did you even watch korra?
Nikke Tmzee
Nikke Tmzee Prije mjesec
@Kevin Lopez they’re only defending that series because it catered to the alphabet community, they will shit talk you for days for saying that about trash korra
Louis Emery
Louis Emery Prije mjesec
One year from now, we will laugh at what we thought was over-the-top satire.
Chase Omega
Chase Omega Prije mjesec
If the rest of the entire actual show was them as adults I would not complain.
Mecha_Frieza xSKA_GhosTx
still the greatest show on tv
JASON DEAN Prije mjesec
Matt Stone and Trey Parker are literal modern folk HEROES. They should write a religious book for some kind
Søuthparkfanz44 Prije mjesec
I love how Stan in the future acts just like the next randy. 😂😂
Cheddarbear Prije mjesec
Jimmy Pete
Jimmy Pete Prije mjesec
Why does Alexa sound like Randy's wife!
I am a PERSON Prije mjesec
@Rhubie Stewart thanks, told people to report it :)
Rhubie Stewart
Rhubie Stewart Prije mjesec 👍😁
Deathbrewer Prije mjesec
Ben Barber
Ben Barber Prije mjesec
I love how Cartman's son is just Cartman
Dogald Trump
Dogald Trump Prije mjesec
Literally everything about this clip is perfect
Aya Abdeen
Aya Abdeen Prije 22 dana
I love how this scene relates to March 2020 😂💀
Jo Lewis
Jo Lewis Prije mjesec
They nail it every single time
Santoryu90 Prije mjesec
Stan is living his worst nightmare, being like his dad.
Boris Sladakovic
Boris Sladakovic Prije mjesec
S K Prije mjesec
D LocK
D LocK Prije mjesec
@Michaels Carport i didnt even notice that 😂😂😂
Rhubie Stewart
Rhubie Stewart Prije mjesec 😁😀
U R Phake And Gey
U R Phake And Gey Prije mjesec
@UgniusLtu1 Randy definitely seems better, but can people stop conveniently forgetting how much of a narcissist he became once he found huge success in Tegridy? He lived in a weird echo-chamber where the only voice he could hear was himself. He ignored everyone and never cared about anyone but himself. Anytime his family tried to bring up an issue with him, sometimes respectfully, he'd twist it into something about himself or just say "yeah but muh tegridy weed."
Arthur Martin
Arthur Martin Prije 28 dana
The beer and wine bit made Stan really sound like his dad
Scott Hunt
Scott Hunt Prije 26 dana
Lol the way he panic rushes in and logs into Zoom and there are people already waiting in the meeting.
Angelo Galliakis
Angelo Galliakis Prije 19 dana
Guys you have to upload the clip that Cartman convinced Clyde to travel , that small speech was golden ! And it does reflect so perfectly upon today's situation 😜
agreedboarart Prije mjesec
The omicron variant scare in a nutshell lol
Atlas Prije mjesec
This became the second most viewed South Park clip on this channel in such a short span of time
User Unknown
User Unknown Prije 16 dana
Have been enjoying South Park for over a decade, watched every episode and recommended to countless people. No longer a fan as the makers didn’t bother to setup a deal with any UK streaming services, for the pandemic specials. Feels like a middle finger tbh
ZeRo Prije 3 sati
Sheep: *watches the news and gets paranoid* Intellectuals: *watches South Park and the Simpsons to see the future ahead*
Hippo Reddy
Hippo Reddy Prije 20 dana
South Park at its best
Curt Johnson
Curt Johnson Prije mjesec
Not sharing more of this awesome show special is pure “shellfishness”
One With the Raging Wind
Probably my favorite thing the boys have done in years
Xen Prije mjesec
damn i need to get back into south park, cartmen looks hilarious as ever.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Prije mjesec
"This is the future and in the future we don't ridicule people based on their believes." "Damn, I hate the future!" -lmao
Sigmund Prije mjesec
As you know it's "THE FUTURE"
TheImprovedMama Prije mjesec
I like how the kids weren’t even in school but had to immediately start remote learning 🤣🤣🤣
Shae Hughes
Shae Hughes Prije mjesec
@L C Offensive?? On a youtube comment?? Naw way man. Oh that's right it was South Park. Equally un-offensive. Its comedy, not commie dee. It's a joke. And not even a very good one I might add.
L C Prije mjesec
@Shae Hughes You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, and you are being really offensive.
Boris Sheen
Boris Sheen Prije mjesec
@Whatyoudo that's not true. you're very narrow minded aren't you? lol.
Jacob Kline's Fancy Noises
@Rico1_art WW3, and not figuratively.
Jacob Kline's Fancy Noises
That's how you ward off the new Omicron, I mean Delta+ Rewards Program, variant!
Jhon Handcocked
Jhon Handcocked Prije mjesec
I laugh at Omnicron it’s like they said “people aren’t taking COVID serious let’s name it after power rangers villains!”
GS A Prije mjesec
Everyone should laugh at it, but not at the fact mayors like Diblasio are using it as an excuse to control everyone.
Álex Torres
Álex Torres Prije mjesec
I LOVED THAT EPISODE!!!!!! mandatory vaccine is over there with evil biden!!!
Jayden Rylean
Jayden Rylean Prije 25 dana
"Rewards Program Variant" That made me crack up.
Samuel Perdegaton
Samuel Perdegaton Prije mjesec
I think Matt stone and trey park really know how to enlighten a mode on this virus epidemic
AMHarbinger Prije mjesec
Cartman ends up with a loving family, respectable position, and all while still screwing with Kyle. He is winning at life.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Prije mjesec
@Tseriesbad67 To prevent a mass-panic, theres a Thing you can do. Watch Veritasium, HBomberguy, Sci Man Dan, Professor Dave Explains, It's ok to be smart.
Coughjockey22 Prije mjesec
bing bong
Nicolas Prije mjesec
@Nicolas Jaramillo "Cartman's winning either way" this didnt age well lmao
Arcturus Prije mjesec
It’s valid to say that this aged badly, but I’d say it aged well. He grew into a better person, so much so he sacrificed everything in exchange for other people’s happiness
weak signal
weak signal Prije mjesec
And Stan is just like Randy
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell Prije mjesec
And of course HRburn has to put that “COVID Facts” banner on so people don’t think that South Park is real life.
Roy James Stevens
Roy James Stevens Prije 21 dan
Seeing the goth kid all grown up was such a great.
TrannyBear Prije mjesec
South Park is hilarious 😂 One of the few videos that I find to be funny now
Pedro Valente
Pedro Valente Prije mjesec
i'm kind of down for 20 episodes of them as adults
J-LEETHAL Prije mjesec
The best part was how the dad frantically rushed to put his toddler in "Remote Learning"🤣🤣
Alice M
Alice M Prije mjesec
I was laughing for about 10 minutes with this!
2 Short
2 Short Prije mjesec
Hes in a zoom call hell be fine....12 hrs later....
Christopher McLaughlin
*pant* ZooOOOM *panting - pretty realistic
I_Eat_Meat Prije mjesec
@CARLOSi Only in your Leftist utopia.
RoWdY The 1
RoWdY The 1 Prije mjesec
Even funny part was that there was kids already in the remote learning room when he logged in 😂
manifestgtr Prije 25 dana
I love the grown up goth kid chillin in church normally with the rest of them lol
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