Would YOU Rather Have A Lamborghini or This House? 

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21. Kol 2020.



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MrBeast Prije godine
Subscribe and you could be in the next would you rather!
I pray to be in one of your videos someday, I love you Mr beast, Chris from Nigeria
Silvana Alvarado
Silvana Alvarado Prije mjesec
What state and county are you I
Atharv Negi
Atharv Negi Prije mjesec
@Igor *******************************
Can I be in one
Iqra Junaid
Iqra Junaid Prije 3 mjeseci
Is there anyway i could contact you mr beast please its a request
Dane McLeland
Dane McLeland Prije godine
Jimmy missed the opportunity to say “I’ve got a safe inside a safe, just to be safe”
Chris S
Chris S Prije 2 dana
Man Master
Man Master Prije 6 dana
@TEAM BEDLAMITE bro i bet you’re a little kid
OofWasTaken Prije 12 dana
It’s safe to say,
Marny Homan
Marny Homan Prije 20 dana
Totally agree
Dane McLeland
Dane McLeland Prije 22 dana
@Hakam Nyam ratio
Lindsay Gunn
Lindsay Gunn Prije 19 dana
I love how Jimmy gets emotional and he really understands how he is changing people's lives. I see alot of people saying 10k isn't that much money but for alot of families that would be life changing.
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Firefall Prije 20 dana
"Alright, imma eat it on my break" This resonates within me on so many levels.
La Trace
La Trace Prije 17 dana
I'm so glad that first guy chose the house over the Lamborghini -- a house is generational wealth. As soon as the Lambo gets a scratch or gets too many miles, it's worth a fraction of what it was new.
miss_aborted Prije mjesec
If i ever got an opportunity to be in these videos, I would rather give up the money for the opportunity to work for mrBeast and learn from him 😂
QuickCyanCat Prije 9 mjeseci
I love how the employee replied "Yes, I'd love to" with no hesitation and left his work.
ed gabriel
ed gabriel Prije 4 dana
@Hunter uh it's def worth losing a McDonald's job over . For sure I would quit to get that
Mark S
Mark S Prije 28 dana
Yes ha
Hunter Prije mjesec
And yet, he’s in his work uniform and said “I’ll eat those on my break” so clearly he wasn’t in any position of possibly losing his job. Also, 10 grand isn’t worth losing your day job over, much less 5
Fredrik Hawes
Fredrik Hawes Prije 2 mjeseci
I know, right.
رشاش Prije 2 mjeseci
Jeremiah Wolever
Jeremiah Wolever Prije mjesec
Id definitely pick the house for my daughter! Its just her and I, a house would be beyond! Good on ya! Mr. Beast! Your a rare soul most definitely
A Cheater
A Cheater Prije 29 dana
You're definitely right, I'd choose house without hesitating because a house is necessity for normal fellows
ALONG THE WAY Prije mjesec
haha, aww, you have such a generous heart MrBeast, and these challenges are fun to watch too. thank you for uplifting so many people. :)
I am Dragon!
I am Dragon! Prije 14 dana
I love it how Orlando got right into feeling the burger buns.
Really Prije 5 dana
Your videos never fail to entertain me 💕
MCYT Best Of
MCYT Best Of Prije 5 mjeseci
I love that Jimmy truly cares about the guys. He made sure the dodge balls weren’t actually hurting Karl and that’s pretty cool.
Seth Coblentz
Seth Coblentz Prije 7 dana
@jaybary jeannition Then spell his name right.
jaybary jeannition
jaybary jeannition Prije 11 dana
I want Carl to win
GamerCreater Prije mjesec
Nagato Uzumaki
Nagato Uzumaki Prije mjesec
@Grovajl Yukari That's just disrespectful.
MCYT Best Of
MCYT Best Of Prije mjesec
@Danica Young oh I didn’t even scroll through the comments before posting this one. I came up with this comment myself, so sorry if it’s similar to another one.
Nacho Macho
Nacho Macho Prije 13 dana
Just curious, how do they have so much money to gift out on every episode?? That's awesome guys!!
Orange Prije 4 dana
Can we just appreciate how much time and money he spends on his videos.
EJ Guajardo
EJ Guajardo Prije 7 dana
Would be a blessing to be in one of your videos. Its amazing how you change people's lives . I mean it would change my life . Luv your videos hope to continue to see more ...
Andi Love
Andi Love Prije mjesec
The house was the right choice. Homes are appreciating assets, they go up in price because people will always need a home. But the second a Lamborghini leaves the dealership it’s already depreciating in price
Josh Hernandez
Josh Hernandez Prije godine
Mrbeast: “this next challenge is going to be physically demanding” * hanging bar challenge * Guy who has to crack open three safes: “Am I joke to you?”
NetherCrocodile Prije 12 dana
@GPresty 12 ikr that would probably take 3 years to train to be master.
A Cheater
A Cheater Prije 29 dana
@GPresty 12 that's the hardest thing I have ever seen
GPresty 12
GPresty 12 Prije godine
Don’t forget dude who had to walk 3 steps
Poppy Prije godine
LCY20K Prije mjesec
I love how the employee replied "Yes, I'd love to" with no hesitation and left his work.
Dogelol71 Prije 23 dana
right under you is the original
Haylee Frame
Haylee Frame Prije 24 dana
due you copyied A comment bro make your ideas boiiii...........
Andrew Salois
Andrew Salois Prije 24 dana
bro you just copied a comment word by word
Julian Flores
Julian Flores Prije 29 dana
bro you just copied a comment word by word
Joyce Schaapveld
Joyce Schaapveld Prije mjesec
I love how Orlando says that he's gonna eat the food on his break up but jimmy thinks that he's gonna give it to the customers
Imen Il
Imen Il Prije 4 dana
The house was the right choice. Homes are appreciating assets, they go up in price because people will always need a home. But the second a Lamborghini leaves the dealership it’s already depreciating in price
Mister Darren
Mister Darren Prije mjesec
I wonder if Orlando is still working on McDonald's. Definitely cool to give him that opportunity.
Aly Toons
Aly Toons Prije godine
Mrbeast : destroying Chandler's car and replacing it with a trained ostrich
Cam Woytko
Cam Woytko Prije 2 mjeseci
Perfect fit
-TheEpic7787- Prije godine
Hey its aly toons
AnaveliOnEarth Prije godine
Penny Seres
Penny Seres Prije godine
SoulIsCool Prije godine
And ostrich named pickle that likes pickles
Stephanie Hull
Stephanie Hull Prije mjesec
You are a blessing to this world! I am so grateful for you! You are really changing peoples lives even if you’re just giving them five dollars! I love you so much!
Kaidance Diamond
Kaidance Diamond Prije 15 dana
You are the best and I hope you know that everybody that you’ve helped loves you a lot
yuvraj sikhana
yuvraj sikhana Prije 21 dan
I love your content and keep up the good work!!!!👍👍👍✨✨
danny t
danny t Prije dan
I have to say this man is amazing 👏
- Mistyinnit !
- Mistyinnit ! Prije 9 mjeseci
I love how the McDonalds worker immediately knew which burger was which 😂
Advaitha Prije 2 mjeseci
Plot twist:The Mc Donald burger was made by the McDonald worker itself
Victoria Batiste
Victoria Batiste Prije 2 mjeseci
right when i saw them i knew he was going to get it because of the buns
Maria Prije 2 mjeseci
Angel Harrison
Angel Harrison Prije 5 mjeseci
@Markus S. sesame seeds
Dont Read Mee !!
Aiden Dcool
Aiden Dcool Prije mjesec
Jimmy’s is one of the most kind person i’ve ever seen
Stephanie Zimbalist
Stephanie Zimbalist Prije mjesec
Rolando knowing the MC'D burger by feel had me DYING with laughter!!!
starshipslix Prije 25 dana
can we keep david here i’ve seen him in other challenges and he is awesome
Osman David Mejia
Osman David Mejia Prije 18 dana
It's incredible to be able to win a house, I think I wouldn't stop crying, greetings MrBeast from Canada 🇨🇦
LevelupIRL Prije 10 mjeseci
You can tell Jimmy has surrounded himself with good people. Chandler didn't want to punch that guy at all. Other youtubers wouldnt have hesitated for the "content".
Alex Hicks
Alex Hicks Prije 10 mjeseci
@Ryan A. That sentence structure was appalling B. Morgz doesn't deserve respect he lost the base amount
Cbuckman1212 Prije 10 mjeseci
@Mr Suhaib he quit
Jelena Đurić
Jelena Đurić Prije 10 mjeseci
Danny Paper
Danny Paper Prije 10 mjeseci
@Hïgkëte A good pop or no pfp
Ryan Prije 10 mjeseci
@Mr Suhaib maybe you should express yourself more respectful
The Jaguar
The Jaguar Prije 9 dana
jimmy is a life saver he helps everybody
Kaela Crosby
Kaela Crosby Prije 13 dana
When chandler said "its a tight hole" ....he knew what he was doing.
Charlie Juarez
Charlie Juarez Prije mjesec
This dude changing peoples lives with ease and I love it
It made me the happiest that he gave the money to the McDonald’s worker, you’re the best mr beast
Jon Rios
Jon Rios Prije godine
The teenager in my mind is saying “ Lambo” but the responsible adult is saying “Go with the House”
Ree dabrat
Ree dabrat Prije mjesec
I would get the lambo and then sell it then buy a house
Muhamet Lajqi
Muhamet Lajqi Prije godine
@Slavic Pupper yea in that case definitely
Slavic Pupper
Slavic Pupper Prije godine
@Muhamet Lajqi But I'm talking about in the U.S. Real estate is a far better investment than cars in the U.S.
Slavic Pupper
Slavic Pupper Prije godine
@Don't Read My Profile Picture ok
Icannotthinkofaname Prije godine
Anonymous these people are just sub beggars but in another way
David B2015
David B2015 Prije mjesec
Karl getting pelted with dodge balls was the greatest!!
Hameed Khalifa
Hameed Khalifa Prije 8 dana
This was a good show for real 💯💯
Elaine Battle
Elaine Battle Prije mjesec
It is awesome what you are doing for people!! 💓💓💕💕
Hecker Prije mjesec
i feel so bad for the safe guy he was sweating so hard and he was so sweet when jimmy kept surprising him but hey, he got a lotta money
Matt Baker
Matt Baker Prije godine
The safe guy now has a skill that will serve him for life.
Dont Read Mee !!
Ishaaq Chy
Ishaaq Chy Prije 6 mjeseci
He has the skill of the sAfe and his skill will keep him safe
Hritik Aswani
Hritik Aswani Prije godine
It's called money
Toy Toy
Toy Toy Prije godine
Ivan bankomat
Ivan bankomat Prije godine
And robbing banks
AveryGamer55 Prije mjesec
I love how he's so hyped about the lambo but he never picked it at the beginning
iPhone Octomber2020
iPhone Octomber2020 Prije 14 dana
I am so impressed with your videos I wish I could be the one to join this
Regresa Beney Israel a la Torah
Muchas personas cambian con estos videos que hace este muchacho MrBeast desde Honduras
Random Artist
Random Artist Prije 2 dana
I love the employee's attitude
Nicky h225
Nicky h225 Prije godine
That McDonald’s employee was definitely dreaming of this moment
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Prije godine
Lol yea
Ęναπ Ðαɦιŷα
Titan Gaming
Titan Gaming Prije godine
I am your 700th liker
Neriyahu Prije godine
@Darren Hayden This is my last response until it happens, but yes, I am sure of this.
Darren Hayden
Darren Hayden Prije godine
@Neriyahu you sure?
When Karl said “I’m a sticky boy” that was so funny 🤣
Super Duper Kitty Cat
Super Duper Kitty Cat Prije 16 dana
That was such a great sponsor segment
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Prije mjesec
@MrBeast i wish this was in NY i would have been happy just meeting ya. ya are really good people
F3DDZ Gamingz
F3DDZ Gamingz Prije 24 dana
Jimmy:Theres an extra grand right here, its in the way, lets give it to him.
Jack Yellow
Jack Yellow Prije godine
Person: Literally takes 3 steps. Mr Beast: Here’s 10,000 dollars.
B S Prije 9 mjeseci
funnylife I did
B S Prije 9 mjeseci
funnylife I did
Dawn Schwoyer
Dawn Schwoyer Prije 10 mjeseci
@MrSlinkyMan OK I will
TwTv Aethiral
TwTv Aethiral Prije godine
And another had to open 3 safes with a pickaxe for 25k...
Don't Read My Profile Picture uh lol
Nolan Werth
Nolan Werth Prije 26 dana
That sponsorship transition was smooth.
Sujal Chorghe
Sujal Chorghe Prije mjesec
You are such a kind person 🥺❤️
Ham Bone
Ham Bone Prije mjesec
This is what the world needs right now thank you Mr. Beast
Alex Sams
Alex Sams Prije mjesec
3:41 the look of utter disappointment when he chose the pickaxe on Karl’s face
Flxqra Prije 9 mjeseci
I love it how the guy was so hyped about having a Lamborghini but in the end he chose a house.
sarahhchan Prije 4 mjeseci
Yeah, property only appreciates in value while cars depreciate
invalidcrazy Prije 9 mjeseci
Anyone with a positive amount of brain cells would pick a house..
Nathaniel Worthley
Nathaniel Worthley Prije 9 mjeseci
House is a better investment
Trondo Dondo
Trondo Dondo Prije 9 mjeseci
"BUT ITS A LAMBO" i pick house
Jman96 Prije 14 dana
18:16 @avocado animations ruined me with this bottle toss challenge. Haha Jimmy, you are so generous, you deserve a Nobel peace prize!
boredom93 Prije mjesec
i would love a house jimmy. :)
Edson Simfukwe
Edson Simfukwe Prije 27 dana
One of my favorite and biggest inspiration 🙏🏾
Nobody Prije 27 dana
"And guess what's inside that safe" "A russian nesting doll?" "No, probably another safe."
Scarface Prije godine
Go to a children’s hospital and pay for random people’s medical bills.
Bambi Prije mjesec
Scarface Prije mjesec
@4 flowers 🖤💗 a n y t h i n g i s p o s s i b l e
Ish_Myl_. Prije mjesec
4 flowers 🖤💗
4 flowers 🖤💗 Prije mjesec
I think you maybe are right but you can say it a little slowly
Scarface Prije mjesec
@Himiko Toga IMAGINE. Anything is possible!
Joue La La
Joue La La Prije 28 dana
When can we expect MrBeast Burgers in Australia? I am so hungry for one :p
Nigel Kamaya
Nigel Kamaya Prije mjesec
Mr Beast you are just awesome.
ammon gould
ammon gould Prije mjesec
Fumber Nifteen: "Kurger Bing Loot Fettuce." The last thing you want in your Kurger Bing Kurger is someone's loot fungus, but turns out, that might be what you get.
Bryan Cherry
Bryan Cherry Prije mjesec
It's awesome to see you help people with what God has blessed you with. Hope the next person you bless has a business they turn into a billion dollar business!!!
إبراهيم مجرشي
عربي يخوي
Damien Williams
Damien Williams Prije godine
jimmy asking Karl if it actually hurt was the sweetest thing ever
Jelly not a mistake ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨
@Lol Ipop you have no proof bro our profit Muhammed is different to our other profit jesus the only same thing about them is that they are profits
Jelly not a mistake ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨
@Hà My cool innit?
Jelly not a mistake ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨
@Hà My innit bro guess what tho, he's a muslim
Jelly not a mistake ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨
@Lol Ipop my g islamity and Christianity are both religions but somehow you can have no religion?!
David Parker
David Parker Prije mjesec
The safe one was a good idea the prizes on here are unbelievable
Pankaj Bhat
Pankaj Bhat Prije mjesec
4:52 Chandler's voice was the best😂😂👌👍
mohamed abokhadra
mohamed abokhadra Prije mjesec
Imagine that mr.beast is my friend I'll quit my 40$ monthly salary and finally be happy.
Kevin Verdier
Kevin Verdier Prije 3 dana
Let me get a house for my family. Or do something crazy lol. Thanks
Tachanka Is God
Tachanka Is God Prije 4 mjeseci
The house was the right choice. Homes are appreciating assets, they go up in price because people will always need a home. But the second a Lamborghini leaves the dealership it’s already depreciating in price
Hakam Nyam
Hakam Nyam Prije 24 dana
Monny Productions
Monny Productions Prije 27 dana
Daniel Prije mjesec
homes can go down in value too
Masterpoopybutt Prije mjesec
Actually, dealerships are offering to buy back the vehicles for the same price they bought it. Or even a couple grand more.
Gilded AMV’s
Gilded AMV’s Prije mjesec
But houses are also so much more work to keep up with and to sell. I’d you get the car you can drive to a dealership and get tons of money right there with much less hassle
Demonlonewolf Prije 13 dana
Imagine that you get a random one dollar bill with honey all over it lol
Genillia Romun
Genillia Romun Prije mjesec
When they went to macdonalds to get a random employee the face on that employee will haunt me forever.
MuNTaZiR Prije mjesec
Respect for Mr beast Jimmy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Musical Life
Musical Life Prije 19 dana
hello mr beast i'm a new subscriber, i'm fascinated by your videos
Knight Prije godine
I’ve never seen a man been so happy just to walk 3 steps
Srishika Singh
Srishika Singh Prije 11 mjeseci
Deez- Prije 11 mjeseci
The McDonald's worker: YAYYYYYYYYYY Me: Why dont I get money every 3 steps I walk :c
Kristal285 Prije 11 mjeseci
It would've made sense if a disabled person was doing the challenge
splash. Prije 11 mjeseci
Rah is that a man 🤣
Hamzah Patel
Hamzah Patel Prije 11 mjeseci
its a woman
VoxisLin Prije mjesec
if i was in the spot of mr beast videos watched i would be going home with about 20000
Adam Hamel
Adam Hamel Prije 21 dan
Chris said "let's go Brandon"... That aged well. 😅
leslie fuentes
leslie fuentes Prije 11 dana
bro I’d die if my family was blessed with a new home
Kohl.T Prije 4 dana
13:26 you can just tell he is a stay at home dad lol
Jaitnium Prije mjesec
This man really poured honey onto his friend and had him roll around on the ground for a Honey sponsorship. Subscribed.
LONELY Soul Prije 25 dana
This means all the money for the sponser were used to sponsor honey😂
knitler Prije mjesec
what a chad
Lorne Spencer
Lorne Spencer Prije mjesec
“It was supposed to be a taste test!” 😂
Jesus ayala-zeferino
0:19 It has three bedrooms two bathrooms and a kitchen -Mrbeast
26 Rafi irfan Athalla
26 Rafi irfan Athalla Prije 18 dana
Hello mr beast , im from indonesia , you awesomee mann!! Creative and kind personn, always supports you!
f18hornete etenroh81f
if i had a house id trade you it, for Chris's sweet red lambo lol
Aly Toons
Aly Toons Prije godine
Being Mr beast's friend is a prestigious career and can set you for life
kirys mi
kirys mi Prije godine
"What do you do for life?" "I'm Jimmy's friend"
Mr. Null
Mr. Null Prije godine
unless your Karl
Lamour Glady Gesner
Lamour Glady Gesner Prije godine
That's true
Don't press on my Profile Pic
Don't read my Channel name.
Johnathan Padilla
Johnathan Padilla Prije mjesec
@MrBeast I wish and hope to be in one of your videos. You would blow my mind and you have no idea how you would change my life. Struggles left and right and life hasn’t been good to me at all
Gentle Wolf
Gentle Wolf Prije mjesec
Thats cool Mr Beast😍😍🔥 wish i could get the opportunity too
Nina Wadzeck
Nina Wadzeck Prije 10 dana
Y’all do so great on all of your videos 🙂👌👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌👌👌👌👌👌
jam life
jam life Prije mjesec
I want a house 🤣 awesome prices and while enjoying..
MyLightB4Sunrise Prije godine
A man calls himself a Beast, but is really soft at heart
Maria Prije 2 mjeseci
sky Prije godine
aww yaaaasss 💗
Sako Keoshgerian
Sako Keoshgerian Prije godine
To all those people who are saying him to pay children's hospital Bill. Do you know how expensive hospital expenses are and do you really think people would want to get filmed in a hospital
Gruff Horizon970
Gruff Horizon970 Prije godine
ShoeNice 22 who is you!
Ben H
Ben H Prije godine
@RealGamerEv nonce.
deinemuddaisdoof Prije 23 dana
Really happy for the McD employee
humberto balle
humberto balle Prije mjesec
Let’s go Brandon!
TheUltraz Prije mjesec
that transition to the sponsor is so smooth
Freeze_Be Prije 16 dana
I think the fact i'm in a other country let me think i never get the chance to try one of this challenge it's look fun
TetraTheThief Prije godine
“It was supposed to be a taste test” You don’t test Orlando. He’s the McDeity
Dont Read Mee !!
Joseph Fried
Joseph Fried Prije 5 mjeseci
He WORKS at McDonald’s
ZearthPlayz Prije godine
@ShoeNice 22 verified
TetraTheThief Prije godine
ShoeNice 22 Please get help. Your problems can’t be eaten away.
Eww Oppp
Eww Oppp Prije godine
@ShoeNice 22 crazy to see you here lmao
Rainbow Ruiz
Rainbow Ruiz Prije 21 dan
The necklace that David had I literally have that at home
Luis Minchala
Luis Minchala Prije mjesec
love all of this :D
Alet Le Grange
Alet Le Grange Prije 16 dana
If Jimmy went through my watched videos I would be a millionaire! I have even watched some videos 3 or 4 times😁