Mr Beast Squid Game Review 

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25. Stu 2021.



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Komentari : 14 089   
Game Guard
Mrbeast has raised the bar for standard of content to a different galaxy
One of the craziest video ever done on youtube hands down
Stalwart Shinobi
he did so well with this, i didnt even think mr beast would pull off a genuine looking squid game
mr beast is one of the few creators that i can 100% say deserves all of his fame and popularity like this man doesn't cut corners he gives his all for all his videos. Seriously I hope he's here to stay man I don't wanna see anyone cancelling this man
Samantha Brown
ok pewds is so right though, imagine how much bigger this could’ve been if mr beast uploaded several episodes going into even more detail
Viridian Sable
Mr. Beast just casually producing something this huge is crazy
CheZ Games
MrBeast has for sure pulled out a HUGE A game with this video, it was insane 💥
Imagine if they reused this set to do another squid game but with the top youtubers... that would be insane.
Diana Bandicoot
Don’t worry, there’s a giant foam pit, she’s fine!
Huge props to the set designers, everything was spot on!
Pewdiepie having respect for chairs is major character development
Slack O'Lantern
I know it's old now but every time Pewds is like "you COULD win." is hilarious, I love how he looks at the camera
Răzvan Gogan
This video is so good it doesn't even have dislikes!
Scull Rat
"im gonna donate about 10,000 to team sea's"
Al B.
He needs to do it again but with youtubers- I HAVE to see how far pewds could actually make it
me mine
me mine Prije 21 dan
Pewd's most underrated talent: being a salesman.
Pewds watching the death game likes he's one of those VIP
Andrea Lee
"Carl's not looking at them. He has no idea where they are."
Holy cow how long did he spend on that thumbnail
Dr. Beau Hightower
I just played Calimari game at the elephant bar. Absolute win.