What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like? 

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The past is a vast and mysterious land that begins at the big bang and ends in the present, expanding with each passing moment. It is the home of everything that came before, the key to understanding our present. Here we find the most amazing creatures to ever roam our planet, hundreds of millions of species so diverse that our imagination cannot do them justice. Unfortunately the past carefully guards its secrets.

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell As the year 12,021 slowly comes to an end, we present to you the 12,022 Human Era Calendar: Eons Edition. You can get the very shiny, high-quality, limited edition now until we sell out and then never again. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE.
Liam Bond
Liam Bond Prije 6 sati
You Should Try To Predict The Future of Earth Like Evolution of Life and The Continents And Mass Extinction
Yu Yang Ng
Yu Yang Ng Prije dan
Snake man
Snake man Prije dan
Yes Kurzgesagt I do notice you deleting all the spam, thank you alot
Squirrel Slapper
@Hot Rod Fucking what
William Gomez
William Gomez Prije 2 dana
@Gabriel Dias itll available thismohtn too
UĞUR CURA Prije 23 minuta
Abror Xalilov
Abror Xalilov Prije 49 minuta
Every part of animation is informative and meaningful. And the video itself worth watching more than once. I really appreciate this masterpiece!
AnimeKing 2020
AnimeKing 2020 Prije sat
I really like the soundtrack, whats the title?
Dharshan MR
Dharshan MR Prije sat
Maine Made
Maine Made Prije sat
We will be the same just as everyone before us ,billions of people an things
Рома Prije sat
Kurzgesagt, you have to make moves in helping with saving species and enviroment. It's a popular channel, make saving it a mainstream
Nullpersona Prije sat
What consideration is given to fur, hair, or other external coverings beyond scales or feathers? Also, could extinction events lead to evolutionary repetition with little proof?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije 2 sati
I occassionally feel sad about the fact that I will never be able to see anything past that isn't recorded. Thank you for putting it in a video.
theyayoranges Prije 2 sati
Feeding the algorithm with like/sub/bell and comment. PSA: make a hotkey to help👌
Jesse Gilbride
Jesse Gilbride Prije 2 sati
Weren't dinosaurs reptiles? What reptile has flesh parts like a mammal? (Aside from belly.)
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije 2 sati
Library of Alexandria - "So much ancient human writing lost!" The Fossil Record, with billions of years of lost knowledge - "Am I a joke to you?"
19 adhyayan das
19 adhyayan das Prije 2 sati
kurzgesagt: worse we dont even know that we don't know some things me: well at least we know that we dont even know that we don't know some things.
John Qweas
John Qweas Prije 2 sati
Love the art work
Pvt. Puplovski
Pvt. Puplovski Prije 4 sati
Lotta little cute Pokémon references! 😁
Cat Mate
Cat Mate Prije 4 sati
Maybe this, maybe that. I wish you told us more of what is actually known. It may not be enough for an entire video though. Also, citing a war criminal is bad taste.
Impactful Ideas
Impactful Ideas Prije 4 sati
Another great video guys. I used to have a dinosaur book as a kid, so seeing this brings back those feels!
Paul Lefebvre
Paul Lefebvre Prije 4 sati
I've never heard of Kurzgesagt before. But that was spectacular, and informative! Thank you!
pan alkimi
pan alkimi Prije 4 sati
Best channel in the world
randomguyodst46 Prije 5 sati
damn, what where you evolutiontards were smoking? Crack is a very bad drug you know.
Adhil noushad N N
Adhil noushad N N Prije 5 sati
Which software are you using for the animation
K T Mal
K T Mal Prije 5 sati
I feel so bad for not being able to support the channel or buy any of the wonderful things you guys create.... Man they are works of art and wonderful, i hope people who can get them enjoy them as much as possible. All the hard work that goes into this channel is worth so much!!!! Thank you.
Salmon Lamb II
Salmon Lamb II Prije 6 sati
I thought this was just going to be a ramble about how dinosaurs had feathers, but now it’s given me such a different perspective on the appearance of dinosaurs.
Fluff Jr
Fluff Jr Prije 6 sati
Sheeesh 2:25
VexVexLoJah hi
VexVexLoJah hi Prije 7 sati
it's funny how most of the people here would laugh at christians because of the things they believe but the shit that this channel is constantly posting makes me see so clearly... you aren't so different from those stupid fairy tale believing people..
BreEzer Prije 9 sati
2:24 i caught a sheesh
Brawph Prije 11 sati
Library of Alexandria - "So much ancient human writing lost!" The Fossil Record, with billions of years of lost knowledge - "Am I a joke to you?"
luise luise
luise luise Prije 12 sati
the animation in the beginning was sooo beautiful
CAGO Prije 12 sati
Maybe it was this maybe it was that.... What a load of crack... The feathered reptiles didn't existed they come from corporate greed that like to milk naive idiots. We had-have reptiles, birds, mammals, insects. Stop mixing things up because naturally they dont mix and never were able to!
Zenith Rising
Zenith Rising Prije 13 sati
Boink apparatus.
kew eyz
kew eyz Prije 13 sati
human era way older than 12k
Vinicius Leandro
Vinicius Leandro Prije 13 sati
But such is life - time marches on without any concern for our feelings (...)" I'm not crying.
montster101 Prije 14 sati
The flood has allot to do with this
Seagull for president 2024
Paz Flores Asael Paulino
En español 😭😭
Killian Fitzgerald
Killian Fitzgerald Prije 14 sati
i am curious, is it technically possible to clone dinosaurs from what we have?
Seagull for president 2024
From what I know not exactly. we could tie the dinosaurs dna with a living animals and it would create a close mix of them,( I’m pretty sure about this not 100% tho )
gyuioppoiuyg Prije 15 sati
I love you videos and I really want to recommend to my Chinese Dad as he loves to learn more about these interesting topics. However, I realized that you guys don't have subtitles for Chinese. Just as a suggestion, I think there would be a huge market audience who would be interested in your content if these videos were translated into Chinese. Thumbs up if you think Kurzgesagt should add some Chinese subtitles and grow the channel even more! Thank you for your vids, much love
Abdallah H Khan
Abdallah H Khan Prije 16 sati
"To support what we do on this channel, *to fill the void in your soul* or just to have something beautiful to look at." Kurzgesagt got no chill.
Jonathan Moose
Jonathan Moose Prije 16 sati
I absolutely love these. And couldn't be happier they did dinosaurs.
Jadiash Prije 17 sati
Watching this just made me realize that we will also become the past. People will be wondering how we lived and call Iphones precious artifacts😥
oktong koswara
oktong koswara Prije 17 sati
Pls Indonesian subtitle
da cringe boi
da cringe boi Prije 18 sati
4:00 if u dont understand, he is saying that we dont realise that we dont know something.
Max Waginski
Max Waginski Prije 18 sati
Sorry for being rude but lizards are incapable of being snuggly otherwise you make a good point
Seagull for president 2024
Are you sure?
Safir Aksel
Safir Aksel Prije 19 sati
This is one of my favorite video you'd ever done. The gorgeous animation with a beautiful message warms my heart a lot.
Angelica Reyes
Angelica Reyes Prije 19 sati
Imagen the 🦖 🦕 we’re the aliens pets!
Poop nucka
Poop nucka Prije 20 sati
Time travel is still a possibility. That would be wild if dinosaurs had a super advanced civilization and actually died out from a prehistoric nuclear war. No opposable thumbs makes that unlikely.
Slightly dyslexic puffle
I didnt know i needed to hear the voice say 'fellows'
Usukhbayar Tsendsuren
j Prije 22 sati
2:30 Only because of satan
Stefan Buican
Stefan Buican Prije 22 sati
Can we have a moment to think how the first human who discovered a dinosaur skeleton may have though at that moment? Probably his mind went on wtf/s XD.
Vincent Paul
Vincent Paul Prije 23 sati
So who in your team is the pokemon master? Lol
aswer huio
aswer huio Prije dan
I occassionally feel sad about the fact that I will never be able to see anything past that isn't recorded. Thank you for putting it in a video.
Elipo the lamia loli protector
Christians hate him, find out who he is!
一護 Kᴜʀᴏsᴀᴋɪ
This gave me goosebumps and made my eyes tear. Thank u for such a beautiful well done video!
aswer huio
aswer huio Prije dan
i always love your videos
Cubialpha Prije dan
just want to mention, there's a term for that skinny hollow appearance of animals designed based on only their skeletons: shrink-wrapping
Damandarin Prije dan
Make a video on procrastination!!
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith Prije dan
Loved the reference to Sir David Attenborough at 09:31. Very nice. He's my hero.
ElusivEnigma Prije dan
David Attenborough at 9:32
ElusivEnigma Prije dan
3:08 WW2 destroyed almost all possible Spinosouras fossils
Danny Lash Official
So Yoshis were real after all…
UAC Prije dan
The giant humanoid skeletons that was found: ayye we *don't* exist
Black Black
Black Black Prije dan
This guy acts like time travel isn't a very real possibility in the not so distant future.
Pr0grammed Prije dan
Big pogs
clement Paul
clement Paul Prije dan
the music is amazing is this video
Mount Hope
Mount Hope Prije dan
4:46 yoo kurzgesagt chill 💀💀
blooburry416 Prije dan
There is no right. Its literally simply our own perception and things that tell us certain things but at the end of the fucking day...NO HUMAN REALLY KNOWS ANYTHING.
Sarah Griffin
Sarah Griffin Prije dan
2:25 Sheesh
Boostin20v Prije dan
Mind blowing channel. I can't believe this just came up in my recc . Really algorithms??!! Amazing work by these guys.
Samantha Quiroz
Samantha Quiroz Prije dan
i always love your videos
rowni Prije dan
I never I'd see "Sheesh" in a Kurzgesagt video 😂 I sometimes forget yall are up to date with memes and references
PixelDrixxle Prije dan
tfw you realize that rex probably couldn't roar, spino was not a bipedal 60 ft long carnivore and velociraptors were much smaller in real life than in jurassic park
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Prije 5 sati
Velociraptor was definitely much smaller, because they’re based on other dinosaurs entirely and only called velociraptors because Spielberg liked the name.
HymnSake Prije dan
“We nee to use science and imagination...” pretty much in a nutshell
Darabat Prije dan
I was a dinosaur fan as a child and this video almost made me cry from the beauty of the images and words
Max Stead
Max Stead Prije dan
Dude, you are ruining the next Jurassic World..
Will 2-B
Will 2-B Prije dan
...and modern academia has absolutely nothing to do with these changes.
Sabarinath S
Sabarinath S Prije dan
Got some David Attenborough vibes from this one!
Sabarinath S
Sabarinath S Prije dan
@ElusivEnigma good catch!
ElusivEnigma Prije dan
They put him in right here lol 9:32
Alejo Recofsky
Alejo Recofsky Prije dan
Porque no tiene subtitulos en español? :(
Wijaya Wi
Wijaya Wi Prije dan
Di terjemahkan Bahasa Indonesia pasti keren nih
Érico Schmitt
Érico Schmitt Prije dan
Just came from Anton Petrov's video on a found dino cell possibly containing DNA material!
PandaBytes Prije dan
Hopefully I go the way of the dinosaurs sooner rather than later
Sean Carter
Sean Carter Prije dan
That is a good thing we find 15,000 species each year, seeing as how we annihilate like 10,000 species every year. Lol.
Dr Tobse
Dr Tobse Prije dan
The found skeleton of humans together with dinos. Humans lived together with them. Also the found remaining as of giant’s so well yes I think the history books are pretty wrong
Cuddly the Snuggly
Can I get a sub out of sympathy?
CanadianPiglin Prije dan
This makes me think and know better and one day i will pas down this info to my children one day . thank u for helping me
shustrik Prije dan
I’m russian and I love that I don’t need a huge English knowledge to watch your videos, cause my English is pretty bad. By the way, thank you very much for your videos. The are very interesting to watch!
Antonio Achiles Castro
More indoctrination to the unwitting sheep. By using a foreign accent makes it appear “legitimate”!🤣🤣🤣
PHOENIX 837 Prije dan
Just an example that there is no way that an (accident) can create this beauty.....pretty sure god did
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Prije 5 sati
What basis do you have to say there was no chance of this happening on accident? Inb4 “muh comun senz”
Mut Prije dan
@PHOENIX 837 neither did any for yours stop burning books
PHOENIX 837 Prije dan
@Mut no one asked for ur reply too u know
Mut Prije dan
Literally no one asked
Arun c joy
Arun c joy Prije dan
I feel one of the most important things that make these videos so great is the music. It's just so good and really helps set the stage.
josh jaeger
josh jaeger Prije dan
Let’s go Brandon!!!!!
Ashton Bunche
Ashton Bunche Prije dan
Hoàng Minh Khuê
How did you get the animated pictures in this video? I'm in school, so I definetely wants to impress my teacher.
sam mcdermott
sam mcdermott Prije dan
What I find interesting is that if the meteor never landed and the dinosaurs carried on evolving there would list likely have been sentient dinosaurs roaming the earth right now
Cassie Prije dan
never know about them if they lived in areas that didn't facilitate fossilization.
Cassie Prije dan
Add arabic plz
Frederik Prije dan
I want dinosaurs to be brought back to life. But first we should look at the species we could appreciate today
Pa Trick
Pa Trick Prije dan
A bit out of topic, but someone should start teaching American young earth creationists about creation through evolution, just as almost all other Christians believe. Just a thought. In many EU countries, it is illegal to teach young earth creationism, because let's face it, it is just dumb and outdated.
Ramen Prije dan
Big bang 😳
Sir Sir
Sir Sir Prije dan
It's crazy scientists can tell all this by the bones left and other things.
Meise Maria
Meise Maria Prije dan
This video is so beutiful! you guys have really come a long way with colors and movements, and it is a joy to watch. Thank you so much for sharing your imaginations with us!
McPeanut Prije dan
Damn, Christians must absolutely hate this channel lol
Mut Prije dan
Oh they do they do
Federico Jimbo Smithson
I'm a Christian but I do appreciate science. Trying to consolidate knowledge from the Bible & what science tells us.
Goddess Wang Feifei
Movie staffs still can't let those "correct versions" appear on movies or televisions - People love to watch quasi-dragons, they do not wish to watch a bunch of giant awkward-looking ostriches.
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