Minecraft, But It Gets More Realistic... 

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Minecraft, But It Gets More Realistic...
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31. Lis 2021.



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Jarvbrak Prije 2 mjeseci
The fact that his computer lagged less with all these mods on, than me without any mods and having lowest graphics settings on say a whole lot about my computer…
krabgass Prije 11 dana
Athmar Azfar
Athmar Azfar Prije 15 dana
He has nasa computer bruh
Zach zone Hazel-Fookes
Who are you?Mythic legion!?!?
number block 8.25
number block 8.25 Prije mjesec
Ghengis Dong
Ghengis Dong Prije mjesec
Flower blossom
Flower blossom Prije mjesec
Alternate title: XNestorio freaking out over the graphics of realistic Minecraft for 20:01 minutes straight .
SkiPi Prije 29 dana
I cannot handle his voice throughout the video. "OHH MY GOSH" ALWAYS YELLING. ALWAYS OUT OF BREATH.
Aaron Graham
Aaron Graham Prije mjesec
omaridre Prije mjesec
“How do I use a realistic torch?” RLcraft Fans : “First time?”
Dreamer0172 Prije mjesec
Can we respect that he pc still getting 90 fps while using 100 mods+
• f a i r y s k u l l z •
I love how he gets a achievement and the realism doesn’t go up lol
General Roxas
General Roxas Prije mjesec
Right ice bucket lr whatever for mining obsidian
Jojo Tully
Jojo Tully Prije 2 mjeseci
I would say the realism makes sense except the falling apart stuff. A structure wouldn't entirely break apart because you mined a piece of it nor would someone break apart like Lego upon their death.
Oak bongo
Oak bongo Prije 7 dana
@Alessandro Mazzacani same lol😅
Lonely_playzbg Prije 12 dana
𓅂ʟᴇмoɴ & мᴀɴԍo𓅂
Yes, if you break like string can't it just split or something?
Alessandro Mazzacani
Alessandro Mazzacani Prije 2 mjeseci
Especially if you break a cobweb. When I saw the mineshaft falling I facepalmed so hard
Tomás Prije 2 mjeseci
This litterally hurts my eyes. It's fun. But it hurts. Also... modded stronghold looks AWESOME.
Epic Legends
Epic Legends Prije mjesec
Nestor is really good at pretending that he does not know what is happening
Belal Alzidy
Belal Alzidy Prije 2 mjeseci
12:11 "physics is a thing in minecraft now" 1 second later: starts birdging
SlyIGizmo Prije 2 mjeseci
Nestor and I getting 30 FPS have very different reactions lmao
Agamerdoesthings Prije 2 mjeseci
This looks awesome! Could you provide a mod list, for all those who want to try it themselves?
TheTreeofThalia Prije 18 dana
@The Hacker how do you know he might make a mod list. Anyway it's not up to you to say that it's up to xNesterio!?!?!?! 😂🤣😅
The Hacker
The Hacker Prije mjesec
@SuperZ ha
SuperZ Prije mjesec
@The Hacker shut up you dont even know
Agamerdoesthings Prije mjesec
@The Hacker what?
The Hacker
The Hacker Prije mjesec
@Agamerdoesthings plus its not that real
YuXia Shi
YuXia Shi Prije 2 mjeseci
What mod did you use for this? It’s so cool
WnnR Music
WnnR Music Prije mjesec
xNestorio: "My frames running at 30 frames per/s!! OMG!!" Me: *used to 5 frames per/s* "It's almost like you are adding more content then minecraft is supposed to have..."
Marina Bustamante
Marina Bustamante Prije mjesec
Man I'm onmobile
Amalthea Duffy
Amalthea Duffy Prije mjesec
honestly I'm on a laptop so like after the 2nd upgrade my laptop would be dead
TheTiredKittens Prije 5 dana
I think I could run that on my computer for a while, probably not for the more realistic ones lol.
Just_an_Observer Prije mjesec
"That Dragon's HD!" Me: Ascends to the skies as I laugh my soul from my body
lord lem
lord lem Prije 29 dana
The fact that his computer lagged less with all these mods on, than me without any mods and having lowest graphics settings on say a whole lot about my computer…
Leslie Payne
Leslie Payne Prije mjesec
This is so crazy I wish I could try this myself😂
Yoshpai Prije mjesec
“The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released” Terraria players: *painful flashbacks*
astronaut594 Prije 16 dana
"Impending doom approaches" ml flashbacks
fishy's memes
fishy's memes Prije mjesec
7:27 i love that texture pack i have been using it on bedrock and java for about 5-9 months now
aastha mini
aastha mini Prije 2 mjeseci
I absolutely love the video and all the hard work put in it for the editing and the mods , this channel has grown a long way , keep it up xNestorio !
Levi Prije 2 mjeseci
Shlok_gamer Prije 2 mjeseci
Dominic Bradley
Dominic Bradley Prije 2 mjeseci
I like how it's just "my PC is dying" yet doesn't turn down chunks to help it any
Mercedes Stuckey
Mercedes Stuckey Prije mjesec
i love xnestorio when he does mods
Xavier hurt
Xavier hurt Prije 2 mjeseci
There’s him that says oh no it’s getting super laggy at 30 FPS, and then there’s me who has a 12 year old computer that takes two hours to even boot up the game
No you.
No you. Prije 25 dana
The phrase “the ancient spirits of light and dark have been released” is a phrase that the mod oppied from terraria when you enter hard mode.
Mikko Aldred Dilig
Mikko Aldred Dilig Prije 2 mjeseci
Nestorio: We need a torch Also Nestorio: *Has infinite nightvision"
Masked Redstoner Pro Z
yeah but mobs are still gonna spawn, so he needs torches
Some Person On The Internet
*Yeah, this is big brain time.*
ellakatekitty Prije 2 mjeseci
rocaxl Prije 2 mjeseci
Luck Hunters091
Luck Hunters091 Prije 2 mjeseci
Kyle Lyon
Kyle Lyon Prije 2 mjeseci
honeymochilemon Prije 2 mjeseci
i don't know why but your voice would be perfect in voice acting for some reason
Meghan and Rock Mackay
Alternate title: Xnestorio holds his computer hostage
Alec Dougherty
Alec Dougherty Prije mjesec
4:11 it looks like he’s in VR
Sam The Battleshipp
Sam The Battleshipp Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how much work has gone into some of the shaders; that obsidian in the end and the overworld with the beautiful water. Great video, as always!
Zay Thebest
Zay Thebest Prije mjesec
Alternate title: Minecraft , but every time I get an achievement my computer starts breaking
TOKA TICK Prije mjesec
"Ancient spirits of light and dark are released" I am pretty sure this is from terraria when u kill wall of flesh and enter hardmode
GuyfiveYT Prije 2 mjeseci
Him with 30 fps saying it's his lagging video ever, when i am praising God when I have 30 fps on a regular world with no mods and lowest settings
Anticupiid Prije mjesec
12:10 "physics is a thing in minecraft..." *proceeds to bridge with blocks which makes them float*
Mexican Prije 2 mjeseci
Can we just appreciate how much time and effort Nestor puts in to his videos? The intro is SICKKK
lilly watson
lilly watson Prije 27 dana
the intro is ok to me but his vids are awsome
Emu9x Prije 28 dana
Skrilli Prije 2 mjeseci
How much your account costed
MORNALDOKAKU Prije 2 mjeseci
Repent or you will likewise perish.
Repent to Jesus Christ! “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭42:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
cantthinkofagoodname Prije 2 mjeseci
12 core ryzen 9 paired up with a 2080 ti, yea there definitely no way my pc can run this
CosmicMoon Prije 2 mjeseci
That Minecraft was GORGEOUS!
Brobgonal Prije 29 dana
It's not a mistake, ✨IT'S A MASTERPEICE✨
zucchabar zucchie
zucchabar zucchie Prije mjesec
9:32 it looks like the old version of minecraft
Marley Fitzpatrick
Marley Fitzpatrick Prije 2 mjeseci
anyone remember the old days when Nestor only had 150k subs and now he's on his way to 4 mil. what an achievement. love the work
Malek and Adam the gamers
Realsm unlocked he now has 4 mil
Mr35diamonds Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nicholas Garrett 4.3m? It says 3.6mil for me
Nicholas Garner
Nicholas Garner Prije 2 mjeseci
That's an ACHIEVEMENT?? Now he is more realistic too!
Nicholas Garrett
Nicholas Garrett Prije 2 mjeseci
your comment is only 5 days old and he's already at 4.3 Million lol xD
"Minecraft, But My Computer Has a Higher Percent to Break Every Time I Get an Achievement..."
njegos jankovic
njegos jankovic Prije 7 dana
Man he has a GOD tier PC dude he litarly gets 100 mods on and it doesent lag while if i did it on mine my WHOLE ENTIRE HOUSE WOULD BURN DOWN
arandomcryingfrog Prije 11 dana
Alternative title: Guy destroy his pc by a realistic game
moonie Prije mjesec
7:39 it's all realistic and all but the fact that the skeleton has red stuff that can be blood or meat is weird af
Uncanny Squid game player
is nobody gonna talk how there was a terraria reference when he reached the nether?
Gacha um
Gacha um Prije mjesec
The fact my computer can barely even handle Minecraft with no mods
Eposk Prije mjesec
Him being amazed at 30 frames while my PC runs at 17 frames at the lowest graphics and no mods or resource pack.
TASHINGA league Prije mjesec
Did you notice when he got diamonds he didn't get an achievement
juicyyy Prije 2 mjeseci
This is just amazing, these videos are my favourite. Great job with the editing and recording my man.
Vishal Shedge
Vishal Shedge Prije 2 mjeseci
Best line ever “realistic cow because realistic cow”😀🤣💐
Ozkalego Prije 23 dana
Wow look at that amazing and such convient cut right when he fell into the lava at 6:48
HiddenStar8 Prije mjesec
He got diamonds at 4:46 and just decided to not acknowledge he already got the achievement?
Ebony tv
Ebony tv Prije 17 dana
If you played this in VR you might think your literally doing this in real life
NotHalo_ Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how in the final stages of realism all the blocks look so real while his inventory is default
BlueSonic Prije 2 mjeseci
GH lll lol pi👻👻👻💫🌟🕳️
Someone Prije 2 mjeseci
drinking game:one shot every time nestorio say realistic
Ms. Dexter Lover
Ms. Dexter Lover Prije 2 mjeseci
Who else fell for it when he mined obsidian instantly?
Arozz Prije 19 dana
Anybody notice his walking style in this video😂
1921 Ruíz Ramos Patricio Gerardo
10:14 holy god he talked in Spanish am proud greeting from mexico buddy
MrYeast Prije 2 mjeseci
These videos are so amazing. Keep up the effort!
Zary_cris Prije 2 mjeseci
Alternate title: Minecraft but i torment my PC for 20 minutes straight
WINGHERO. Prije mjesec
Take a sip everytime he says "crazy".
Yohannes Ajie
Yohannes Ajie Prije mjesec
Can you use the mod on a launcher?
Daniel Porshnev
Daniel Porshnev Prije mjesec
“I should really make some torches” *Has unlimited nightvision*
Taco Army
Taco Army Prije 2 mjeseci
Thus video is amazing as always xNestorio! Keep up the good content
Sir Animosity
Sir Animosity Prije mjesec
Take a shot every time he says “realistic”
JustRando Prije 17 sati
“Minecraft but I’m breaking my computer” that’s the new title
TheTreeofThalia Prije 18 dana
1. If I ever play that I will genuinely get a heart attack 2. I literally closed my eyes when the realistic spiders 🕷came onscreen. 3. It was literally too realistic that it didn't look realistic
Arrick Graff
Arrick Graff Prije mjesec
19:27 Moon Lord has awoken!
Anthony Beam
Anthony Beam Prije mjesec
The ender dragon looks so cool
Rafal Czaja
Rafal Czaja Prije mjesec
xNestorio: gets more realistic world... xNestorio's pc: starts to dying
AERIS Prije mjesec
yk, he found so many diamonds it's kinda suspicious, and also, diamonds usually spawn near or under lava... so that's suspicious he found so many diamonds and there's always so many cuts when he finds/digs diamonds
Marx Wanderlei Clancy Tabor
You get an achievement by getting diamonds and you didn't get one! I like how the enderman smashes you like the animations😂.
ThatBigFlacoTaco Prije 2 mjeseci
for those who dont know, the texts "the spirits of light and dark" and "impending doom aproaches" are references to terraria, for when herdmode was unlocked and when moon lord (the final boss) is summoned
iAmFishBoi Prije mjesec
Mr bsc
Mr bsc Prije mjesec
I say too
toni vlahov
toni vlahov Prije 2 mjeseci
I know,im still having nightmares from the hard ode mimics
phanphan(GD-O-TR) Prije 2 mjeseci
@Vepin same
phanphan(GD-O-TR) Prije 2 mjeseci
moonlord is sommuned by celestial sigil or defeating all 4 pillars
Joanna Grace De Luna
looks like pocket edition when he had dim helmet
Pacifist Minigun
Pacifist Minigun Prije mjesec
6:15 that bucket is also emitting light 10:51 Terraria fans know where this is going....
Goldsmith Studio
Goldsmith Studio Prije mjesec
No one; Me: I wonder what breeding looks like
EvanPlayz Prije 2 mjeseci
"The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released" ? Theres terraria references?
help me to 200!!!
help me to 200!!! Prije 2 mjeseci
This render is so realistic, my computer is breaking down into chunks, watching it.
Flygamer1001 Prije mjesec
14:30 am I the only one that recognises that blaze that is powerful? The blaze lord that didn’t get added in a vote
AQATIK 3 Prije 2 mjeseci
Does anyone know what that crafting table mod is ?
Matthew Koepp
Matthew Koepp Prije mjesec
That enderman had some ninja moves.
Rosella :O
Rosella :O Prije mjesec
My computer gets EXTREMELY loud whenever I play Minecraft Imagine how loud it would be with this. (It's usually not laggy at all it's just loud)
Victor Valente
Victor Valente Prije 28 dana
Got 18 bits
Questerix Prije 2 mjeseci
The graphics are going of the charts after each upgrade
Patrik Fako
Patrik Fako Prije mjesec
I could run this on 200 fps no prob
Dan Prije mjesec
Diamond achievement? Welp now editing and cutting, i'm getting really tired of edited videos to hide some stuff so i'm heading to end lol.
Watermelon yt
Watermelon yt Prije mjesec
me:*looks outside then looks at this* this is realer than real life
alisha Kyte
alisha Kyte Prije 2 mjeseci
Every treatment I get my computer gets louder and louder.
JellyKitMitinit Prije 2 mjeseci
I love the animated start :) good job xNestorio!
Yahia gaming
Yahia gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
Did anyone see that when he got diamonds he didn’t get a achievement
Matthew - KN4TPU - Hunter
Just FYI that giant tree was a Giant Sequoa
RAGE Prije 6 dana
It hurts me to see him miss all these DIAMONDS
Brobgonal Prije mjesec
It's not a mistake, ✨IT'S A MASTERPEICE✨
Brobgonal Prije mjesec
i have come to raid your comments
Gavin Guzman
Gavin Guzman Prije 2 mjeseci
me waiting for the no cubes mod
KaiGamerWolf Prije 29 dana
I need this pack in my life
Annabella Patton
Annabella Patton Prije 6 dana
10:40 pov: you miss an achievement
guinea pig girl
guinea pig girl Prije mjesec
alternate title: Nestorio breaks his computer by realistic minecraft
The real Speedwagon
The real Speedwagon Prije 2 mjeseci
I like how there are hidden Terraria references like “the ancient spirits of light and dark have been released” and “impending doom approached” does that mean the Moon Lord is in Minecraft?
Asa Gillespie
Asa Gillespie Prije mjesec
Outer!Dust Sans 111
Outer!Dust Sans 111 Prije mjesec
How someone broke time and space, beating terraria in minecraft.
Spidermanfan72 Prije 2 mjeseci
Speedwagon, the real waifu
NOBINHO GYT Prije 2 mjeseci
Mani Nazari
Mani Nazari Prije 9 dana
He didn't actually get the achievement 'isn't it iron pick'
GoodAtVideoGame Prije 14 sati
If I sit through this entire video I think I might become a vegetable
Rodalyn Villanueva
Rodalyn Villanueva Prije 28 dana
18:43 xNestorio: THE DRAGON'S HD!