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Uncharted is one of the most iconic game franchises of the 2010's. Nathan Drake is at the heart of the franchise. The story of Nathan Drake was a rollercoaster ride, so let's unpack the Complete Uncharted timeline.

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The Uncharted series was a fantastic series of games from Naughty Dog. Uncharted had 5 games in the mainline story, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. So join The Leaderboard as we break down the rollercoaster of Nathan Drake, Sully, Elena Fisher, Chloe Frazer, and more in the complete Uncharted timeline.

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Credits for This Episode
Researched by: Robert Scarpinito
Written by: Robert Scarpinito
Hosted by: Dan McQuade
Edited by: Shawn Convery

Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert
Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Nicholas Fung
Head Writer: Casey Gonzalez
Production Assistant: Chantel Ikotidem
Writing & Talent Coordinator: Dan McQuade
Lead Graphic Designer: Alexandria Batchelor
Program Manager: Nick Jennings

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The Leaderboard
The Leaderboard Prije 2 godina
Hope yall are enjoying the video! What other series would you like to see timelines of? Let us know in the comments below.
Reda Desu
Reda Desu Prije 19 dana
Wonderful analysis ❤️
Kayvon Paymard
Kayvon Paymard Prije 2 mjeseci
@Krombopulos T Justin l do like his hand was in his face and he's just like he's feeling a lot of guilty check out the I mean just to see like he looks like he's very like yeah I think he was it was his movie like he was doing like a western movie called the rust I want I wish I would like to see that movie you know cuz he's a good so I don't know I don't know if they're going to finish the movie or what's going to happen they did finish well you're really fast with those labels
Florian Prije 3 mjeseci
Die letzten drei Wochen waren es drei Jahre und ich hab noch in der Nacht und wir können ja mal sehen ob wir es machen und ich hab das ganze
Florian Prije 3 mjeseci
Das wäre sehr sehr gut das wir das nicht machen und dann können ja noch nicht so lange Zeit zu haben uns ja auch noch nicht mal so lange
Florian Prije 3 mjeseci
Die letzten drei Jahre waren es auch nicht mal wieder mit der Stadt zu kommen aber wir sind gerade zu dir und wir können das mal mit euch machen
Rahim Aldemir
Rahim Aldemir Prije 2 godina
Uncharted is a legendary series. Nothing will ever take its place.
DANIEL RAIN Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol overrated franchise.
Iron Man
Iron Man Prije 3 mjeseci
are theese games all connected or all has different story?
It'sMeDone Prije 5 mjeseci
But then your profile is Rahim
Myles Broadbent
Myles Broadbent Prije 5 mjeseci
Obama The Banana
Obama The Banana Prije 6 mjeseci
@Ghost he said series not game
LEIGH Prije 2 godina
Anybody else's favorite game series of all time?
Aakash Thapa
Aakash Thapa Prije dan
After the gow🌝
Bob Bobberson
Bob Bobberson Prije 20 dana
Not my favorite game, but definitely my favorite campaign game
justdrawbad Prije 25 dana
Last of us 1 and infamous second son and this
Average Meme Enjoyer
Average Meme Enjoyer Prije 25 dana
sonic( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)
sonic( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°) Prije 29 dana
Drake's deception
TheRealElite Prije 2 godina
Let's be honest: nate has the strongest arm in the game he always holds on with one hand
SHAR kids
SHAR kids Prije 5 mjeseci
@Yuuji yeah how does he not fall and whenever he jump if a really high place he lives!
Sangeeth Prije 6 mjeseci
Ethan Winters is laughing....
JELLY⁴⁴⁴ Prije 7 mjeseci
I also tried it and BOOOOOM
Jaytai Lee
Jaytai Lee Prije godine
I always thought that too haha. Guy can also jump further and higher than anyone!!
Dusty Productions
Dusty Productions Prije godine
@Ultima Mic ur right
EMAR_MORA _EJ Prije 2 godina
This series is still underrated despite it being loved by millions of people.
EMAR_MORA _EJ Prije 2 mjeseci
@Wandering Miqo'te read the original comment carefully… I’m aware that the game isn’t actually underrated but compared to other games like tlou for example… yes it’s super underrated imo .
Wandering Miqo'te
Wandering Miqo'te Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm tired of seeing people call something underrated that is anything but underrated. Learn what underrated means dinguses
EMAR_MORA _EJ Prije 3 mjeseci
@Iron Man different story but there’s a always a bit of references
Iron Man
Iron Man Prije 3 mjeseci
are theese games all connected or all has different story?
PaddyPGaming 23
PaddyPGaming 23 Prije 7 mjeseci
@Richard Linter That would be RD2
Vinz Talan
Vinz Talan Prije 2 godina
I’m one of those people who grew up playing Uncharted and I still just can’t get over how beautiful and memorable this game is. Thank you so much for the experience Naughty Dog 😭❤️
CodSkilClanChannel Prije 2 mjeseci
@Chef Boyard same
Chef Boyard
Chef Boyard Prije 2 mjeseci
Looking at this video now reminiscing on my childhood playing this game.
CodSkilClanChannel Prije 3 mjeseci
Couldn’t have said it better
GhostHybridXVII Prije 5 mjeseci
It all started when my mom just decided to give me a game one day
Josh Prije 6 mjeseci
I still play it
Son Goku
Son Goku Prije 2 godina
Anyone still play Uncharted 4? Just curious.
Justin James
Justin James Prije dan
Just beat the game actually
Vegar Bergum
Vegar Bergum Prije 2 mjeseci
Finished it like 10 min ago haha
little rocker
little rocker Prije 2 mjeseci
I love the game
PJ Prije 2 mjeseci
I just completed it for the 2nd time
Alex Javier calderon
Alex Javier calderon Prije 3 mjeseci
Bro I lost the disk and know it’s like it was never in my ps4
ItsMrRogue Prije 2 godina
we need an uncharted trilogy about sully's adventures
Aakash Thapa
Aakash Thapa Prije dan
Perfect idea!
jak as
jak as Prije dan
@Alif Juliandoro sully mentioned meeting alcazar im pretty sure
Wandering Miqo'te
Wandering Miqo'te Prije 2 mjeseci
A trilogy of sully wont be good because his voice actor is retired
Cody Nonnemacher
Cody Nonnemacher Prije 3 mjeseci
Sully won't have much to say he dosen't care about history like Nate or Sam he only cared about the money that comes after
Embodiement of Soup
Embodiement of Soup Prije 3 mjeseci
Just play the whole series with the sully skin lol
Daniel Norman
Daniel Norman Prije 2 godina
In the words of nathan drake "it's not a crucifix, a crucifix has a depiction of jesus on it this isn't jesus. So it's just a cross.
Akram Akram
Akram Akram Prije 9 dana
As a Muslim I believe Jesus was never crucified, I believe he is still alive
Trinity_limeligh Prije 7 mjeseci
@Point5_ When it comes to the Crucifix, Nadine was incorrect because the cross of Saint Dismas is not a crucifix.
Point5_ Prije 7 mjeseci
@Trinity_limeligh I meant her, rate and shoreline caught them I think in Scotland at the end
Trinity_limeligh Prije 7 mjeseci
@Point5_ nadine had a gun but I’ve never seen her shot someone until in the Lost legacy
Point5_ Prije 7 mjeseci
@Trinity_limeligh no this was at the scene with the cross and the coins where they got shot by Nadine and there was a hole in the ground
rcshaggy 7
rcshaggy 7 Prije 2 godina
I love the Uncharted Series a lot and Nathan Drake is one of my favorite characters from that series... It brings so many good things to it, and it's really well made... I also love the relationship between Nathan and Elena, Sully is also a great character, and Sam was a good brother to Nathan... Highly recommend this series if you haven't played it, and I still need to get Uncharted Golden Abyss for my collection, and gonna play it soon...
Cristian S
Cristian S Prije godine
@Asmeen Radee Read my comment that you responded from, I said nothing about TLF being good.
Cristian S
Cristian S Prije godine
@Asmeen Radee I now TLF was bad thats the only spin off that was terrible, Im just saying the Daxter game is The one that came out great, Jeez.
Asmeen Radee
Asmeen Radee Prije godine
@Cristian S thats why we don't talk about the last frontier, That game was trash
Isa the Rebel
Isa the Rebel Prije godine
@Cristian S Bro the Jak series is my favourite, it's a badass franchise, Jak 2 is my favourite from the series, Jak develops and grows up as a character, and as the series takes on a grittier tone and into the third-person shooter genre
Cristian S
Cristian S Prije godine
@Abc321 But the game does go with the Naughty Dog's Uncharted story, just because it isn't made by naughty dog that doesn't mean it isn't good. For example, Naughty Dog let a company called ReadyAtDawn to make a semi-prequel for the Jak and Daxter Series called "Daxter" for the J&D story and it was canon (unlike the time they let a company named High Impact Games to make a non-canon trashy Jak and Daxter game called "Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier") So I'm sure that Golden Abyss is canon to The Uncharted Story as to Daxter being canon to J&D series. Edit: I recommended you guy to try the Jak and Daxter Series, that game was ahead of it's time especially the first one which was made in 2001(Its one of the first open world. Collect-A-Thon 3D platformer games without a single loading screens between levels). Btw the first game is called Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.( also the other Jak games have a defferent kind of gameplay than the first and a shift on the atmosphere).
Heffboom Konijn
Heffboom Konijn Prije 2 godina
That moment when Nate and Elena sit down in the living room, boot up the PS1 and play a level of crash bandicoot... I cried somewhat that level of meta nostalgia back to my days as a kid and the world was not so crazy
Khi Wave
Khi Wave Prije 3 mjeseci
tf you crying for lol
Omar El Tayar
Omar El Tayar Prije 9 mjeseci
MythicBrwl Prije 10 mjeseci
wait no one replied oof
MythicBrwl Prije 10 mjeseci
Jonathan Vella
Jonathan Vella Prije 2 godina
The lost legacy should have been mentioned before drake's daughter
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen Prije 6 mjeseci
@K1NG_of_ReVeNGe I do.
Yee Haw
Yee Haw Prije 8 mjeseci
@sharpemang Lost Legacy was fun, you just wanna be a perpetual victim.
Micycle the Bicycle
Micycle the Bicycle Prije godine
i mean it happened at pretty much the same time so it doesn’t make much of a difference
Ash Den Dekker
Ash Den Dekker Prije godine
@K1NG_of_ReVeNGe me
Drax the Destroyer
Drax the Destroyer Prije godine
@sharpemang Are you dumb?
CodSkilClanChannel Prije 3 mjeseci
This game series is amazing. The storytelling and overall settings/events are unmatched. If you’ve never played this game you are missing out. One of my favorite games of my childhood.
YaBigBoii II
YaBigBoii II Prije 2 godina
Need a game with Sam and Sully Sully and Young Nate Cutter and Chloe
Briny demon03
Briny demon03 Prije 3 mjeseci
Sam and Chloe
FireStarJutsu Prije 5 mjeseci
@PalmdalesAdonis Fylnn betrayed them, Cutter didn't. Maybe that's why.
ViolentMouth Productions
ViolentMouth Productions Prije 5 mjeseci
Give me two games of Sam and I'll be A-Okay!!!
Kidcuber101 Prije 6 mjeseci
PARADICE GAMING Prije 6 mjeseci
i bet uncharted 5 will be sam and sully
Spicy Peach Boy
Spicy Peach Boy Prije 6 mjeseci
Among Thieves has the best beginning, it's tense and very cinematic, my favorite beginning in the series. However, replaying it mid-game was really disappointing, they should've skipped that part entirely because it lacks the tension it had in the opening sequence, which was the thing that made it so epic
Fresh_labz101 Prije 2 godina
Uncharted is literally my child-teenhood I always loved the taste of Adventure and it inspired me and my friends too, Thank you Naughty dog for creating everlasting memories
alican is lame
alican is lame Prije 2 godina
Fresh Heinrichs same fr. this game was one of the best things that ever happened to me no cap
Steven Jan Cadena
Steven Jan Cadena Prije godine
Seeing Nate's story from beginning to end does a bring a tear to my eye. After replaying the entire series again I have a deeper appreciation for the story they crafted.
Alma S
Alma S Prije 2 godina
Love this game. Character development and voicing throughout the whole series is phenomenal. Now I'm tempted to go play this series before the year is over.
price Prije godine
I absolutely love everything about Uncharted and I wish we could keep getting new games, but I guess all good things must come to an end... and Uncharted 4 was a good ending. We could have a new Uncharted with a different protagonist, but having played the whole series as Nate, it wouldn't feel right to have someone else as a protagonist. But I wouldn't mind a game in the same world as Uncharted but with a different name and characters..
Victor Meimaris
Victor Meimaris Prije 2 godina
Nathan Morgan, his mother studies gunslinging history and Nathan meets a person named Pinkerton.... RDR2Confirmed
When The
When The Prije godine
@Captain Spider-Man same surnames and everything
Solid Shiba
Solid Shiba Prije godine
Sadie Adler? Rafe Adler
Active Banans
Active Banans Prije godine
Lol the gold they hunting was from dutchs plan
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Prije godine
Coincidence ... I think not!
DROOG Prije godine
And Rafe's family name is Adler, like Sadie.
Life And Gaming
Life And Gaming Prije 2 godina
I'm gonna miss Uncharted. Among thieves was the best changed my experience with games. I keep on hearing about some new Uncharted game from some new studio who knows what will happen great timeline.😊
RedWyvernRising 2315
Among thieves was the best imo
Samuel Raji
Samuel Raji Prije godine
I hope they leave Nathan alone. I want him to have no role in the upcoming games.
huskytzu Prije godine
Life And Gaming i hope naughty dog is the one that continues the series. They have a certain magic that no one else can match
Firdaus B Nasri
Firdaus B Nasri Prije 2 godina
I hope natan kid gonna be a new protogsnist Let set game like this nathan and elena missing and tht kid gonna go and find elena and nathan Just amomen ago i play among thieve and now i know why among thieve is the best game in uncharted series
Andrew Esdaile
Andrew Esdaile Prije godine
Simply an amazing series of games. I’ve always enjoyed the third more than the others but all of them are great. Slightly worried about the casting of Tom Holland as Drake in the upcoming film but I live in hope.
Aaron Fannin
Aaron Fannin Prije 3 mjeseci
Uncharted 4's ending was probably the best I've ever seen in a game. Just perfect.
Capn Chemo
Capn Chemo Prije 10 dana
Rdr2 ending was better
Salty Prije godine
“It’s not a crucifix he is tied up...” Only advance gamers understand this
Lincoln Armstrong
Lincoln Armstrong Prije 3 mjeseci
That’s not how the line goes at all, a crucifix is a depiction of jesus
Lewis Garner
Lewis Garner Prije godine
It’s saint dismas
ASJ 478
ASJ 478 Prije godine
The whole uncharted series is so LEGENDARY
awesometacular Prije 2 godina
Nate's had one hell of a ride, but now it's time for him to kick back and spend time with his family.
amani styles
amani styles Prije 11 mjeseci
never. i think they should make a game about cassie exploring when she gets a bit older
Meow meow37
Meow meow37 Prije godine
@Joe Mama So he did get the pirate treasure? forgive me it's been a long time since I played uncharted.
MarcusGaming Prije godine
I hate that fact
AceVictory Prije godine
@Meow meow37 no, i would rather get a prequel. Let the old man retire
Meow meow37
Meow meow37 Prije godine
I'd like another game with Nathan in it, but it would be his last treasure hunt, but this time, he gets *loot*
Aj PlaysAlot
Aj PlaysAlot Prije 2 godina
This whole series was my childhood bro. I remember when my dad bought me the 1st game and i was hooked
Arjun Mamidala
Arjun Mamidala Prije godine
Aj PlaysAlot yes second is the best imo too
SkatingGaming Prije 2 godina
Me too. I played that one so many times it's not even funny
Aj PlaysAlot
Aj PlaysAlot Prije 2 godina
Which is ur favoritem for me its the 2nd
SkatingGaming Prije 2 godina
Literally same. Back in 2007 lol. I was only 7 and my dad let me play and I instantly got hooked. I beat the game before he did😂 my birthday is in November and from then forward he always got them for me for my birthday. Always had a blast
Rahul Ragoo
Rahul Ragoo Prije godine
let's be honest : there's no uncharted without nathan drake
Spaghetti Decoder
Spaghetti Decoder Prije 2 mjeseci
The Lost Legacy is without him.
Lana's Pepsi Pussy
Lana's Pepsi Pussy Prije 2 mjeseci
I'd agree with you if The Lost Legacy didn't exist. That spinoff is actually so good with Chloe and Nadine as the leads. They took a different approach. It was less linear, more explorative and open, and gun stealth kills were introduced. Still has the same great action sequences and graphical marvels like U4. It just felt kind of slow at some points, but was great when it really picked up. More puzzles as well if you liked them a lot in U4.
Spiderbotstudios Prije 5 mjeseci
@Eire YT well it makes sense lost legacy was short as it was originally being made as a DLC for Uncharted 4
Kenzo Romi
Kenzo Romi Prije 8 mjeseci
@VoltZ oh boy little did you know how disappointed you would be
Darius Farrel
Darius Farrel Prije 9 mjeseci
@Diego Paredes Ok how about this: There’s no Uncharted without Nathan Drake or any of the old characters nathan has met in previous games
Angel Pérez
Angel Pérez Prije 2 godina
I adore these timelines. You always do a great job guys
SvrlMoi Prije godine
I'm too young to have played the original trilogy, thanks to fate I was able to play it for the PS Plus and now I'm playing Uncharted 4 and I can't lie... It became one of my favorite videogame sagas in my hole time (Just for curiosity I have 16 years old, but I had a Wii and DS so that's why I have never played Uncharted saga before). I would really like a last adventure with Elena and Drake with the daughter... It would be so damn awesome! Naughty Dog just made me love every single character in a very special way and also... See that history thing isn't that boring at all. 😅 I don't how to say it, but... Uncharted is just so special for me :')
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Lopez Prije godine
This series still has so much more potential than it’s already given us 🔥
RedWyvernRising 2315
Uncharted 2, without a doubt. Nathan drake doesn’t have a big nose, good plot, skins were good (dragan was my fav), the guns were fun and all felt different in some way also you didn’t just have a load of reskinned guns in the weapons select ( Uncharted 3) it had the most satisfying ending its heroes were likeable, if at times not the best people, the villain was easy to hate and the puzzles were difficult enough that they were fun but not so difficult they were hair-pulling (unlike Uncharted 3) also it felt more like a world adventure rather than just one or 2 environments like 1 and 3. All in all, pretty good, 9.6/10. Points deducted for Nathan dropping down ledges when I’m trying to sneak.
Abc321 Prije godine
@RedWyvernRising 2315 It doesn't matter. Both of them are the best games I've ever played. They even beat Uncharted 4 imo.
RedWyvernRising 2315
Rainer Zufall Yes but for me they either felt too open and on my first play through I got lost in a lot of areas but other areas were too linear, I also found area too difficult to find small areas as they’re weren’t many contrasts
Abc321 Prije godine
Wtf?? Uncharted 3 had more locations than the second game.
Bill Kessel
Bill Kessel Prije godine
Thank you. So detailed and so very well done. Loved reliving the series.
Noah Piatt
Noah Piatt Prije godine
uncharted is my favorite game series EVER. and that is saying a lot since I've played a lot of games in my time. it all started in 2018 when i played uncharted 4 for the first time and beat it in a month on normal. fast forward to when PlayStation released the Nathan Drake collection aka uncharted 1, 2, and 3. I decided to beat all the games thinking there were only the 4 (I was wrong). i beat the 1st and 2nd games in 3 days and decided to beat the whole series again in a week. (this was during quarantine so i had a lot of spare time on my hands). i ended up beating the core 4 games on hard in 6 days. then i found out that there were MORE games. so about a week later, i purchased Lost Legacy and beat it on hard in 2 days (still have yet to purchase golden abyss). i quickly became an uncharted fan and searched for all the information i could find on this series, which led me to this timeline. thanks for the intel :) (also, Uncharted: Drake's Deception is my favorite game in the series.)
Captain SHAZAM!
Captain SHAZAM! Prije 2 godina
I love Nate! He is one of the best characters ever in a video game!
Juan David Cárdenas Leal
I grew up with naughty dog games, and Uncharted is one of my favorite franchises, It is full of memorable vistas, characters, action pieces, I hope to see another adventure maybe with other character but maintaining the same charm, great ending for one of the best action adventure games out there.
Jorge Marquez
Jorge Marquez Prije 2 godina
Uncharted is amazing. When I first played The Lost Legacy I didn’t expect to love it so much, definitely one of the best in the series.
Strats007STTS Prije 2 godina
That train mission was so damn good! 👌🏽
Chris Householder
Chris Householder Prije godine
Uncharted 4 the story and adventure is still amazing to this day it went out with a bang and they delivered the great game out of the series
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger Prije godine
Uncharted is a masterpiece and will always hold a special place in my heart
Lana's Pepsi Pussy
Lana's Pepsi Pussy Prije 2 mjeseci
They could totally introduce Uncharted to next gen if they wanted to. Sully could get his spinoff to see how he was in his younger years leading up to him meeting Nate for the first time. It would be badass and a more self contained story. It would be a game on an epic scale that pays homage to one of the most beloved Uncharted characters. Long overdue imo.
UMR navY
UMR navY Prije 2 godina
I really love this series ! 💖
mik curius
mik curius Prije godine
the series is of high quality of acting and cinematics..makes u to sympathise, to be involved with the charcters...creates feelings
Yuuji Prije 2 godina
Naughty Dog should build a game where they take all of the masterpieces that they have created and merge it into one whole game! Man imagine the size of that game!
Kristian Fischer
Kristian Fischer Prije 2 godina
Uncharted 2 was amazing. The train sequence, puzzles, car chase, Helicopter fights, and Temple escape were amazing.
Hikaro Prije godine
You forgot to mention the part where Cutter broke his leg so that he could film The Hobbit trilogy.
Light Prije godine
@PalmdalesAdonis yes,the voice actor needed to play as somebody at the movie set,so they made iz that Cutter broke his leg
PalmdalesAdonis Prije godine
Wait did that really happened. 😂😂
Henri Jänhi
Henri Jänhi Prije 8 mjeseci
Uncharted 4 a thief's end was one of the if not the best uncharted game in the series.
Lil makoto
Lil makoto Prije 3 mjeseci
Just ended the game rn the best scene for me is the part where saving Sam the truck scene and rafe and Nathan's battle just epic
John Murray
John Murray Prije godine
I really want a Sam Drake saga, you know how Sam and Sully we’re talking about a job in Portugal? Yeah that could be the start.
DaVinnyMode Prije godine
Séan Galante was thinking the same. Would be great to see that plus other adventures that may have also occurred. There’s room to create additional storylines
Sal Prije godine
The magic realism in this franchise is phenomenal! One of the best video game franchises of all time!
Kimm134Saya Prije godine
I just started and platinumed the 4 main games in almost 2 weeks! Great series!
Gamer Technology
Gamer Technology Prije godine
Just wondering, since this game and Tomb Raider are similar in multiple ways; are there any chances they may be in the same universe and timeline? Or what is the timeline of Lara Croft?
Uncharted 4 is forever my favorite game. Beautiful graphics. Brilliant story line... Have literally played the game probably over 20 times. Never gets old.
Mango Dango
Mango Dango Prije godine
I really wish eddie could have been a casual antagonist longer in the series he was so fun
aminta Prije 4 mjeseci
Yeah he was very memorable. I would've enjoyed seeing more of him.
Twigg4075 Prije 2 godina
I hoped that Golden Abyss was going to be included with the Nathan Drake Collection. Such an underrated game.
alittlebrownsmurph Prije godine
As someone looking into the history of Uncharted; THANK YOU. This was hard work, I see it, I greatly appreciate it.
Pepepoopoo Check
Pepepoopoo Check Prije 23 dana
Loved uncharted series, my favorite is uncharted 4 because of how beautiful the graphics were and the exploration and puzzles.
Javier Prije godine
I just complete the series yesterday, so glad i took the time to complete it. It will forever hold a special place in my heart. Like RDR2.
Mehedi Hasan Sizan
Mehedi Hasan Sizan Prije godine
What an epic masterpiece of a series and a video game character. Wow!
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez Prije godine
I want Sam to carry this series from now on cause he is Awesome and I'd definitely be down for him to carry on the mantle
john cereno
john cereno Prije 2 godina
I just finished uncharted 4 the game yesterday and it is phenomenal.
Daniel Prije 2 godina
Uncharted 4 is the best. I would love if they made another game with Nathan
Manny Cervantes
Manny Cervantes Prije 8 mjeseci
@huskytzu they’re talking about Nate. You can obviously see it’s talking about him because from the start of the game, he is done with that life. He starts looking for averys treasure again because he believed Sams story about Sam having to pay hector alcazar half of the treasure. Since it was a lie, he tries to find Sam to leave the rigged island. He retires at the end of the game because a thief’s end is Nathan’s end.
Brayden Payne
Brayden Payne Prije 9 mjeseci
Play uncharted 1 2 3
Nathan Alder
Nathan Alder Prije godine
@Daniel that’s the issue with many stories. Fans would like new games or movies and there’s always the one that was too much.
zweit account
zweit account Prije godine
@mor0ach I didn't even know that they wanted us to think that ;-;
The-Kingsmen Prije godine
Charted lost likes it it’s not Nathan but at least we know who it is
에릭Barnacle Prije 11 mjeseci
its amazing to see the graphics from part 1 to 4 improved so much
Luce With Love
Luce With Love Prije 8 mjeseci
Chloe is such an underrated character, personally I enjoyed playing as her more than playing as Nate!
John Schexnayder
John Schexnayder Prije 2 mjeseci
I liked 4 a lot. I loved the story and the characters and the happy opening ending
Chinmay Agarwal
Chinmay Agarwal Prije godine
I had almost completely forgotten about uncharted 3’s story Uncharted 2 has the best encounters and 4 has the best story if you ask me And 4 definitely looks the best😍😍
Tariq Mah boob
Tariq Mah boob Prije godine
The reason I like uncharted is when you think the game is letting you down with puzzles and all they make an insane fight and stunts. The main reason I love this game.
pintomendes Prije mjesec
uncharted will always be my favourite game series. I've played them all and I just don't get tired
Drakoon Prije godine
What can I say? Sully is one of the best characters in the game
Luke DAJ
Luke DAJ Prije 2 godina
This is a really interesting video on the series. Keep up the good work
SUREFIREPLAN Prije 2 godina
Such a great Series🔥
Canadianpressure Prije godine
Just played uncharted 4, on ps4, what a beautiful game!!!!!! I loved it. Really makes me wish I played all the older ones growing up.....
bleach Prije godine
I started on Uncharted 4 which to this day is one of my top 10 favorite single player games so going into the first 3 it felt so weird
David Lavoie
David Lavoie Prije godine
UNcharted:Drakes Fortune was a blast for me in 2007! i loved it and it still my number one game in my favorite game list!
JazzzyXD Prije 11 mjeseci
Uc3 has got to be my favorite, the first time I played it I was like 11, and I just loved the chasing parts, and the PLANE CRASH! And just the story behind it all, but I don’t know, I think Uc3 and Uc4 are tied for me, i of course love 1 and 2, but I just love the action.
Justus Martin
Justus Martin Prije 3 mjeseci
One of my favorite HRburn series of all time period. Like I haven't been able to keep up with games I would like to in years. But this keeps me up to date
Morphy Prije godine
Uncharted 2 was my favourite from the series....The story, banter everything!
Reedified Prije godine
This is so amazingly made. You earned a sub
Shadow Of Light
Shadow Of Light Prije godine
Just replayed Uncharted 4. I’ve only played 3 and 4 but I love both of them and the series.
Erika Konic
Erika Konic Prije 2 godina
I love them all, but I am going against the grain saying I love the dynamics between Chloe and Nate. Love they gave Chloe her own game and hope she gets another with Nadine and Sam. Maybe she finally snags herself another Drake as a love interest.
Eric Janvier
Eric Janvier Prije godine
I think a series set around an older Cassie with Sam almost like a Sully to her would be a great spinoff. Nate and Elena making cameos every so often.
Diabetes Prije godine
He has infinite grip strength, charming personality and most of all he’s the definition of luck
Swipe Prije 2 godina
Im so happy i never sold my ps4 when i started playing on PC.... Im now playing through all 4 uncharted games for the first time in years! Im loving it!!
Alexa Prije 2 godina
“They have a lovely beach house, oh! Also a teenager daughter.” When you care more about the house than the person
The Ape🦍
The Ape🦍 Prije 2 godina
@Lord H lmfao
Lord H
Lord H Prije 2 godina
Houses these days are super expensive
Keenan Myers
Keenan Myers Prije godine
uncharted 3 was the only game I played and it still felt like I knew the characters before that. such a great game
Atharva Gokhale
Atharva Gokhale Prije 2 godina
Love how you skipped Jeff the camera man and the shitshow that was ramesses' ship
Lucius Vorenus
Lucius Vorenus Prije 4 mjeseci
That section was extremely impressive on a technical level. It also emphasized how strong the bond between Nate and Sully is.
جعفر ِ
جعفر ِ Prije 6 mjeseci
I loved that part. One of my favorite parts, but it would be much better if Nate went back to somewhere other than the exact same place he was in.
Sam Drake
Sam Drake Prije 10 mjeseci
I hated that part.
Dhiren Tevatia
Dhiren Tevatia Prije 11 mjeseci
@Joel Miller Same here my man. Especially on harder difficulties.
Dennis Arazny
Dennis Arazny Prije godine
GamerDuram1344 Prije 8 mjeseci
My favorite Uncharted would be Uncharted 2, it's just so cool, Elena coming back, a heist in a museum, a fight in a train just makes it so epic
Le Marchand de Sable
The first thing that sold me on the Uncharted games was the dialogue. I just played through all for of them for the first time and I swear the dated graphics were overshadowed by how good and the story and the characters are. Nate’s my favorite of course, Sully is a gem and Elena, OMG what a delight.
A E I O You, sometimes Why?
Uncharted 3 was my childhood. The 2 player multilayer, (Not online, but split screen) was so much fun. I remember this one game mode that you had to cary this artifact. I would cover my friend when he would get the artifact to the safe point. Also there was abother one but I don't remember it as much. Also the story of the 3rd one was one of the best in my opinion.
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy Prije godine
All games are awesome, special uncharted 4 and lost legacy. The story and script is perfect. I hope one day watch another story on uncharted from daughter of Nathan and Elena.
Nugg Gaming
Nugg Gaming Prije godine
Best game series of all time, change my mind:
Shelby Patterson
Shelby Patterson Prije 2 godina
I think it would be cool for Naughty Dog to make another game with us playing as Cassie and Nathan being a support character like Sully was for him.
Ong's Jukebox
Ong's Jukebox Prije 2 godina
Wish their daughter would countinue Nate's journey. I mean, this game is beautiful. The scenery, the adventure, it's amazing.
Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain Prije godine
No one cares about his kid lol 😂
The Local Mustache Man
Literally nothing can beat this series. I like all of em.
Didit Martadi
Didit Martadi Prije godine
Treasure hunting and puzzle solving theme are already used for so many times in video games, but what I really love about Uncharted series are the dialogue (and monologue), interaction and emotional relationship between the characters. The relationship is not a tear-jerking like on Last of Us, but it was fun, hilarious, but intimate in it's own way, even with side characters such as Chloe or Tenzin (please give Tenzin a spinoff).
walkowcast Prije 2 godina
Is anyone else researching a lost city/treasure to be like Nathan Drake?
Munty LEGEND Prije 7 mjeseci
I met up with Saleems grandchildren, now we modern pirates of the Middle East
Chuckser Prije godine
Yep, barely made it out alive while hijacking a plane... now I’m stranded at the desert
Dwdwwdw Prije godine
Anyone had any luck
Yousef M
Yousef M Prije godine
Yup fighting wierd zombie things
Ballistic Companion
Ballistic Companion Prije godine
Hells yeah. Currently researching the Iram of the Pillars. Actually pretty interesting.
AIRIKSN Prije 2 godina
I have many fond memories of uncharted golden abyss. Back when I got a psvita at the age of 11 or 12, I played golden abyss countless times. Great game!
Lollo74ITA Prije godine
It truly is amazing
Espada Prije 2 godina
Nathan's ancestors is actually Arthur Morgan,and that American guy's ancestors is Milton
USMC .Anderson 05
USMC .Anderson 05 Prije 2 godina
After playing all of these games multiple times over collecting all treasures on the hardest difficulty I kinda miss it.
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed Prije 2 godina
I don’t remember much from my childhood, but I remember clearly my time getting the platinum for among thieves. I don’t think I’ll ever forget those days.
Fura Faolox
Fura Faolox Prije godine
Uncharted is one of the few video game series that has no bad games
Max Bunnell
Max Bunnell Prije 2 godina
Uncharted 4 was by far the most intense of the's been 3 years and I still miss the adventure!!! Thank you naughty dog
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