Minecraft, But It's Only 1 Water Block... 

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Minecraft, But It's Only 1 Water Block...

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My Editor: saflmao

In todays Minecraft Challenge... Using only ONE custom water block, we have to survive by breaking 1 block! The twist is that we get custom modded items by breaking the block! Each block we break is random and gives us custom mobs, loot, and challenges! Can we survive with only ONE Water Block? Like and subscribe to help us get Trending #1!


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21. Stu 2021.



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TimeBucks Prije mjesec
he does make sense when shoveling water
Cyanpastaclan Prije mjesec
Fun fact: your a bot looking for likes and subscribers
Chicken nugget 300
Chicken nugget 300 Prije mjesec
No I think because it’s like a spoon he’s dying to use it 2 drink
rashid ra
rashid ra Prije mjesec
Yes he does make sense
Xx_Mochi_mochi Prije mjesec
It's called Minecraft logic.
NO_VISOR Prije mjesec
ya it does make sense u can hold water with the shovel
30mmidas Prije mjesec
Remember the one block skyblock days? That was when i first started watching you and loved that series. You need to start it again with this water.
Fayde Prije mjesec
"water leggings aren't as good as netherite tho" so you mean to tell me that a metal forged from the depths of the nether which is also super rare, is worse than a pair of pants hardened from a liquid you can find almost anywhere? Fair enough
Jelly Thomas
Jelly Thomas Prije mjesec
wow ok that is 1000000000000IQ thinkin
Cassie Prije mjesec
These mods are getting better every video, keep going bonc-san.
mr.chatki. Prije mjesec
Bionic: *Throws Chestplate in void* Also Bionic: Finds One Iron ore *Oh* I could’ve used that
lux123 Prije mjesec
ahah yes
Elitemagic Prije mjesec
Can we just appreciate how much effort he puts into his videos
I know!
Axmat Capilitan
Axmat Capilitan Prije mjesec
ハクチョウ SWAN
69 likes nice
junjun palma
junjun palma Prije mjesec
junjun palma
junjun palma Prije mjesec
Kejsjsjensu From roblox
Imagine enchanted water leggings, the enchantment being „water resistance”
Galaxy warrior wc
Galaxy warrior wc Prije mjesec
wtf also you havw million of likes and not even a single comment
Dona De la Cruz
Dona De la Cruz Prije 7 dana
Lets just say that biomic makes the best videos like ever
Mr.bobo1 2 3 7
Mr.bobo1 2 3 7 Prije mjesec
Bionic: it’s so easy not to fall off Also bionic: almost falls off
Smartgamerxj Prije mjesec
does anyone see pepper from belgua? I like belgua hes cool!
Heckerfanpage Prije mjesec
I like how he casually ignored a netherite ingot at 4:27
Céline Plays
Céline Plays Prije mjesec
Interesting, brilliant and very creative way to participate in #teamseas, well done Bionic!
A lemon
A lemon Prije mjesec
Cayden Harris
Cayden Harris Prije mjesec
@🍿Popcorn_Pandah🐼 yeh let’s try to get a #teamseas chain here
Hailey Hansen
Hailey Hansen Prije mjesec
Let’s get a #teamseas chain on this comment
im inside your house START RUNNING.
#teamseas !
Gttt Cox
Gttt Cox Prije 18 dana
I love how bionic turns from sad because of the panda falling then turns to oh let me just keep mine
Dtlg12 roblox
Dtlg12 roblox Prije mjesec
Bionic: "im helping team sea's" Also bionic: puting random blocks around the water
Keily5plays Prije mjesec
Rochelle Scheepers
Rochelle Scheepers Prije mjesec
bionic:throws helmet in void also bionic:finds 200 dimond ore
Weird Emoji Man
Weird Emoji Man Prije mjesec
Just found out in mcpe (idk if it’s on Java too) that you can find blocks of raw iron in caves
[FRANKIE] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
Interesting, brilliant and very creative way to participate in #team_seas, well done Bionic!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Prije mjesec
breaking water is incredibly cursed but incredibly cool at the same time
Sunnyblox Prije mjesec
You’re tools don’t break from breaking water but it still takes pretty long to break water
joanna Law
joanna Law Prije mjesec
I love when he said how are they falling and then he almost fall🤣
Simba's Scar
Simba's Scar Prije mjesec
"Can we appreciate the Jet Set Radio Soundtracks"👌🏿
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Prije mjesec
Bionic: “Wait, how are they falling of? It’s so easy not to- *gasp*” 7:34
notJonno Prije mjesec
Bionic never fails to impress 🤜🤛✊✊
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Prije mjesec
Bionic: look at the water sword me: what so cool it’s just enchanted
misolou fout
misolou fout Prije mjesec
Bionic:it’s so easy not to fall. Also Bionic: almost fallls into void
petrica paraschiv
petrica paraschiv Prije mjesec
Imagine flying with a trash boat in the void, oh me god wooow!
juice boxes with bro's
Bionic:sad about his panda falling 2 seconds later. Bionic:WERE HALFWAY DONE WITH ARE PROGRESS
Matrixity Prije mjesec
I like how he said it was so hard to fall and falls
Yashuj Kansal
Yashuj Kansal Prije mjesec
can we all agree that Bionic never fails to entertain us
jelly bean
jelly bean Prije mjesec
Animated XOOL
Animated XOOL Prije mjesec
@Ryan Wahlstrom it really doesn't matter There are many kinds of contents on HRburn for everyone
Animated XOOL
Animated XOOL Prije mjesec
@Ryan Wahlstrom no We are bonc minded I enjoy everything except cringey tiktoks
Brandon solomon
Brandon solomon Prije mjesec
get rickrolled in exactly 1 year from now / futureneverlands
Brandon solomon
Brandon solomon Prije mjesec
Ur right yashuj
•~◇Shadow Spreads◇~•
the Grim Reaper Bem
the Grim Reaper Bem Prije mjesec
Hi bionic I wish you could do the moded series where you added all of those modes like a 1000 Each day
asser amr
asser amr Prije mjesec
Fun fact: The pig spawner is one of the most rarest things in minecraft
Amazing Iken
Amazing Iken Prije mjesec
Fun fact: you can mine a beacon with your fist in the beginning of the video
Amazing Iken
Amazing Iken Prije mjesec
Did bionic did not lose any hunger bars in the whole video
senni bgon
senni bgon Prije mjesec
"how cursed do you want this to be?" Bionic: "YES"
FinnDevlin11 Prije mjesec
Like the profile pic
Noah Frais
Noah Frais Prije mjesec
when he was breaking the water block with the shovel my brain died
Dream Prije mjesec
breaking the water is cursed enough mr bonc
aldiinfinity Prije mjesec
12:06 That is literally 2b2t Flooded End.
Anthony Antezana
Anthony Antezana Prije mjesec
Bionic: “Wait, how are they falling of? It’s so easy not to- *gasp*” 7:34
Noraji Williams
Noraji Williams Prije mjesec
@Toasted Marshmallow *it was a joke*
Toasted Marshmallow
Toasted Marshmallow Prije mjesec
@AGNEZ SERENA,,,,😍 wtf is that
Toasted Marshmallow
Toasted Marshmallow Prije mjesec
@Zencas Aw same
SacrUum Prije mjesec
Hey guys I haven’t uploaded in 8 months!!! I finally back! Subscribe to join me and my viewers to become the top minecraft channel!!!
13993-Fares Mohamed Fares Mostafa Ibrahim
@Bala The settai same
Ella Miranda
Ella Miranda Prije mjesec
Its the same as the one lava block but i still love it🥴
Cytee Prije mjesec
everything i watch bionic video fells me good
Eric Furtah
Eric Furtah Prije mjesec
Bionic: *crying over the Panda* *1 second later* Bionic: YESSSS
Thegamer133 Hi
Thegamer133 Hi Prije mjesec
Bionic please what mods do you use for this video tell us thank you
Rubysocks Prije mjesec
I’m so happy that so many youtubers are coming together to help clean our beautiful oceans! Thank you for making my day bionic ❤️
Fifi R
Fifi R Prije mjesec
@Jess💘 ayo why s*x
Voipy Prije mjesec
in minecraft of course lol
bisha53 Prije mjesec
yes #teamseas!
Su zen
Su zen Prije mjesec
Congrats! We are almost at 5m! I've been subbed since we're 168k! Cyborg gang forever!
Fppd47 Prije mjesec
**clicks on the video** "Today we're stuck on a water block, and if we break the water block-" **clicks off the video**
Yeetster2.0 Prije mjesec
Bionic: How can you even fa- Also Bionic: * falls *
René Rodrigues
René Rodrigues Prije mjesec
He calls one block “the ocean”
Gavin Martin
Gavin Martin Prije mjesec
I like how bionic does the dumbest things that are just for content
•⭐️ GO LIL R O C K S T A R⭐️•
He speaks so clearly but he dosent knows that his fans make our day for all to him!!! :D
Evan Boi
Evan Boi Prije mjesec
Bionic:it’s so easy not to fall. Also Bionic: almost fallls into void
Adrian Munoz
Adrian Munoz Prije mjesec
how to get stuff from water to help clean the ocean! step 1: hit water
Aaron Hughes
Aaron Hughes Prije mjesec
Bionic: Bro, how did they just fall, its so easy to not fall- Also Bionic: Omg i almost just fell
MrRizzy Prije mjesec
He didn’t fall tho
Dangerdogs Prije mjesec
Yeah lo
Zeyad Salim
Zeyad Salim Prije mjesec
Notthebest02 Prije mjesec
Strawberry 🍓
Strawberry 🍓 Prije mjesec
Shoveling water and breaking water that makes so much sense 🖐😩
Peachy bun bun
Peachy bun bun Prije mjesec
I check his channel every 5 mins ❤️😊🦋
TigerSpikeRBLX_YT Prije mjesec
6:40 Wait, I didn't know bionic was a cat?? Illuminati confirmed??
XxM&M 4 days yt #helpmeget #to200
Imagine water block mlg 😂
DerpySandwich Prije mjesec
"how cursed do you want this to be?" Bionic: "YES"
Dark Noob
Dark Noob Prije mjesec
@AGNEZ SERENA,,,,😍 Wtf is wrong with you
Dark Noob
Dark Noob Prije mjesec
These comments suck doo doo cheese
Shaista Pewekar
Shaista Pewekar Prije mjesec
@DON`T VISIT MY CHANNEL !! [ !!! WARNING !!! ] uhhhhh
DOGGO Prije mjesec
@FlaxGalax well yeah
DOGGO Prije mjesec
@FlaxGalax no it's not it's a video playing garena free fire I think
Max Mehl
Max Mehl Prije mjesec
Why the water pick look like the chunk miner 🤔 someone's getting lazy on there mods
Principal Prije mjesec
I just wished that I had a pc I've never touched it before, seeing bionic playing Minecraft made me wanted to buy a pc but we got no money
Blazing Master Fury
Blazing Master Fury Prije mjesec
BTW I subbed to you:) hope you feel better
Blazing Master Fury
Blazing Master Fury Prije mjesec
Hecker Cat
Hecker Cat Prije mjesec
Fun fact:subtitles are a whole different language :D
Daisha Creighton
Daisha Creighton Prije mjesec
Me: Bionic didnt even use his golden fish-
Synapse X Exploits
Synapse X Exploits Prije mjesec
These mods are getting better every video, keep going bonc-san.
Blueyyy Prije mjesec
@Youra 桜💋 whats up with this perverts
knixle plays2.0
knixle plays2.0 Prije mjesec
ayo? synapse
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Prije mjesec
Bionic: look at the water sword me: what so cool it’s just enchanted
Mary Grace Manio
Mary Grace Manio Prije mjesec
Omg she was mining fast she didn’t even realize that he mined netherite 🥲😂🥲
Doge Prije mjesec
man i want that different optifine the one bionic is using:/
Ister Prije 11 dana
For me when he killed the my head the panda was saying “all of my friends are toxic.”
Prismatic Arc
Prismatic Arc Prije mjesec
Nobody: Bionic: “Yes, a shovel, our first weapon”
*Sorbet cookie*
*Sorbet cookie* Prije mjesec
Actually nvm.
*Sorbet cookie*
*Sorbet cookie* Prije mjesec
*Sorbet cookie*
*Sorbet cookie* Prije mjesec
S p a m
Majadiya Biruar Mastura
Lucian Shepley
Lucian Shepley Prije mjesec
Bionic says:so easy not to fall. Then almost falls
Eggie Craft
Eggie Craft Prije mjesec
Bionic: Wow this golden fish is so good I’ll eat it later Fishy: Bruh you didn’t eat me that all don’t you p-p
FinnDevlin11 Prije mjesec
Bionic: how are they falling off it is so easy not to. Also bionic: oh crap I almost fell off.
GWAP DOLLAZ Prije mjesec
He could have had infinite food from the mooshroom cow boi
RosePlayz Prije mjesec
Hi bionic I haven’t watched your videos for a long time but I feel so bad I see all the videos I missed out on and I just realised your getting better and better and I love your new videos so much! Keep on the great work!
shreehan Bati
shreehan Bati Prije mjesec
and i love games
shreehan Bati
shreehan Bati Prije mjesec
i dont like prank vidoe and he never prank and post about games
Equizic Prije mjesec
FroyoYolerito22 Prije mjesec
wow bionic has so much iq that he kills the mushroom cow
cat face cat
cat face cat Prije mjesec
Bionic:how did they fall?? Also Bionic 5 seconds later:I almost fell
Eddie boy Channel
Eddie boy Channel Prije mjesec
I love that Mr Beast thinks to save the ocean and also Bionic. Because I love the ocean very much!
MagmacrystalTV Prije 21 dan
2:33 geting exposed. We can't see the word of the craft completly, we can just see water and not water rod and at 7:38, u just tp back to the water temple
Marty Journal
Marty Journal Prije mjesec
Never gonna miss ur vid when it first comes out, u make the best vids!
Your mum
Your mum Prije mjesec
Douglas Rivas
Douglas Rivas Prije mjesec
Bionic your videos are so cool ;)
Imagine enchanted water leggings, the enchantment being „water resistance”
The unknown person
The unknown person Prije 4 dana
I fell off my bed laughing when he said LETS GO IM MADE OF TRASH
Grass Block
Grass Block Prije mjesec
Me: Let’s hope this isn’t a cursed video Literally a few seconds in: Bionic: *breaks water block*
PBG Gaming YT
PBG Gaming YT Prije mjesec
@sexy Baby wait, your a baby? See your name .. your too young
Grass Block
Grass Block Prije mjesec
@Ashani Perera look at the comment thief
SH Phang
SH Phang Prije mjesec
what will the minecraft grass block do today minecraft grass block just wants to be like a nirmal minecraft grass block though (anyone get the reference)
clement chew
clement chew Prije mjesec
Geu Lumiguid
Geu Lumiguid Prije mjesec
Last time it was lava and now it's water 🤩
byron short
byron short Prije mjesec
Bionic: less go were made out of trash me: Ive know that for ages
Tracy Santo
Tracy Santo Prije mjesec
Bionic: how did they fall its LITTERIATELY so easy not to fall, also bionic: *falls*
Cobbleee Prije mjesec
Mom: Niothing is impossible, tell me something that is impossible? Me: *Bionic gaining braincells from his videos*
Tom Prije mjesec
Who else appreciates the fact that he uploads consistently? 💕
➪TheSkatingDuck` Prije mjesec
No je dosent-
C_zer1106 Prije mjesec
He doesn't
Mason Prije mjesec
Bro that "WE GOT A BEACON" gave me popularmmos vibes I miss his challenge games
Deku Prije mjesec
Gray still plays has even more cursed content
Brodes737 Prije mjesec
Bionic is so funny he makes my toilet laugh
Mystic- Wolf
Mystic- Wolf Prije mjesec
Omg love the fundraiser idea Bionic! BTW THIS VIDEO SO CURSED BUT ALSO SO OP XD
TheGenderBender Prije mjesec
Bionic: water end with mod Philza: look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power
Ahaha xD This was very wird and funny at the same time
ashumittal6 Prije mjesec
title- 1 water block- beside him- a lot of water and sea lanterns and spawners
Muckaroo Prije mjesec
He litterally got netherite and he haven't noticed🤣🤣🤣🤣
eva Prije mjesec
Hi so i was literally crying but when I saw this video I got better! (for real I stopped crying) ty Bionic! And what's the word that u made?
SergeantJoeMama Prije mjesec
I Swear, bonc comes up with the weirdest ideas, lmao...
SergeantJoeMama Prije 7 dana
@•ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴍᴏᴏɴɪᴇ• that was a month ago, lmao
•ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴍᴏᴏɴɪᴇ•
Eyy,My Idea Went On Ur Message Got Editted😆😆
Vincent's Channel
Vincent's Channel Prije 17 dana
you guys are bad at spelling it’s bionic
glizxy vr poo
glizxy vr poo Prije 24 dana
@•ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴍᴏᴏɴɪᴇ• bonc and bionic since he has two channel's
Pete! Prije 26 dana
ikr lol
Xvzwolf Prije mjesec
u Can kill a mushroom with a wooden sword critical hit by one shot. I hope this makes sense.
Jelly Bean Cult
Jelly Bean Cult Prije mjesec
OOOOH NICE, this video raised 17 million dollars already?
Hef Garcia
Hef Garcia Prije mjesec
Hello to everyone who's still watching this video. I know that this isn't related to the video but if you happened to stumble upon this comment, then feel free to watch this video as well: You should also check the description of the video to gain additional information. After watching the video, I wish you all good luck with all of your gameplays. Thank you and have a nice day!
Drake Hutchison
Drake Hutchison Prije mjesec
It angers me that he killed that mooshroom for food when it was infinite food